Food Diversion Therapy

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I never thought that much about food until it became a restricted item. Now, like a little kid, I see cookies and stuff I never really cared about before EVERYWHERE…I never realized we had an ice cream man…..apparently he’s been rolling through for 10+ years.

The diabetes diagnosis for both my husband and me came as a double blow because his hobby is cooking fine cuisine.

We have taken up gardening…. (I lured him in with a shiny red riding lawnmower and now somehow we have two) Which to my long time friends must seem as funny as me saying I‘ve taken up housecleaning (My only domestic quality is that I live in a husband is the domestic God.) as I used to have all the leaves fall off my fake plants my thumb was so brown and thus proof one can overcome almost anything.

It started with those tulips you buy at Costco that just grow in a jar with water…but I tend to go after everything with a passion so this transformed into 100+ daylilies, dahlias, sunflowers, hops, clematis, many varieties of tomatoes, apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, pine trees, mint ,of all sorts, mint, pineapple mint, orange mint, spearmint etc.. (who knew there were so many varieties of mint?) strawberries, thyme and lavender (many varieties also of both), gladiolas and many more. Trader Joe’s has the best price and variety of Orchids….who knew? Now I can’t get past the front door to the food.

I started something special with roses. Anytime I go somewhere for a special event good or bad (last two have been on the sad side so was nice to see something living) I find a local nursery and buy a rosebush. I used to go find the best wine bar/restaurant. Now I am learning to propagate roses.

More side benefits have been that now I take walks wherever I go. I want to see what is growing in the area and how people are using them. I recognize some things just by the smell in the air. At my house, now that I have planted so much there are lots of birds and butterflies. I am more into yard sales for pots & plants than I am brunch. Headed to Lowe’s instead of IHOP. Also, our yard used to be neglected borderline white trash looking and now it’s looking lovely! (I refrained from making a toilet into a planter but it was tough).

For Christmas my husband bought me a digital SLR (the one I had been drooling over for years) and now I find myself tromping around the flora at the Olive Garden taking macro shots of bugs and flowers while everyone else is being seated. (That’s where the bee on the French lavender photo in “my photos “was taken).

My life has expanded greatly in many directions. I used to sit on the couch, play poker, eat and drink beer (or wine). Now after a nice day in the garden, garden show, shopping for flowers or picture taking, or several of the aforementioned, I sit under my new arbor that my husband and I built together, play poker, drink N/A beer (yes there are a few decent ones) or talking rain with a touch of wine and watch the birds and butterflies.

Football season could pose a challenge… but wait. I have DVR…as long as no one tells me who won the game I’ll be ok!

What do you do for food diversion therapy?

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