Talking things over with my doctor

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I really enjoy talking things over with my doctor. She enlightens me about most things we discuss. Discussion, I find, opens doors to life and answers to my so many questions. I encourage you, if you don't already, talk things over with your doctor.

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Beca1 2014-12-10 02:49:56 -0600 Report

I went to a new dr about three months ago for B12 shots he was closer than my other dr to get them each month. He, however, wanted his own blood work so he did it, my pre diabetes showed up and he took it very seriously, did a 3 hr glucose test and checked my A1c it was 6.5 immediately wanted me on Metformin and Statins, Glucose Monitoring and Baby aspirin even though my treadmill test was perfect a year before. I hate taking meds and told him so, I told him no on the stations, I did start on metformin and it made me sick and have the runs so I stopped it. Went bk to him and he said take a Calcium test if it is good u will not have to take statins, I did, it was ZERO, he still insisted I take statins. So I said, no I will speak with my Heart Dr about this. She said NO statins and knew I could take care of this with diet and lifestyle changes. I am not on anything right now. I listen to my drs and I consider what they "all" say including my own investigation on the subjects. We have to take control over our health for no one cares more about us then Us. Though my new dr felt dejected because of me not taking his advice to start on drugs, I did think him for making me take this seriously and check my glucose after meals because now I have something solid to work with and toward.

apanda 2009-08-21 08:01:32 -0500 Report

I have a great doctor that is there for me whenever I have questions. He really goes the extra mile to make himself available to his regular patients and that is so important.
I agree with Turtle, relationships are important now matter where you are in life. It's always good to have others to bounce ideas off of.

Beca1 2014-12-10 02:55:21 -0600 Report

I also have a dietician who is helping me with my diabetes and weight loss. We have a team to help us. Our Gen. Pract, Our Diatician, Our Eye Dr, Our Podiatrist, Our Dentist, Our Dermatologist. When you have Diabetes, it affects many areas of your life so we need to keep up on our health matters and also things like this Diabetic Group. Do all you can to help yourself there are many ways to do this.

Turtle 2009-08-21 04:35:48 -0500 Report

How do I do this? I want to reply to everyone here but cannot sit here that long. I agree that diabetic centers are great but I think you get more 1:1 with a personal doctor. Relationships are important where ever you go. I want to begin by asking each of you to be my friend.

mamaoak 2009-08-20 18:49:48 -0500 Report

well i like my specilis his assistant is good we have agood realation ship. he is very proud of my accomplishment.

hbkunkel 2009-08-20 13:02:47 -0500 Report

I moved a year ago and had to find a new doctor which was not easy. But I have a bright, young man that is willing to work with me and as result we have been working well together. Keep you the good work:).

beadmom 2009-08-20 12:16:02 -0500 Report

My hometown doctor is awesome. Unfortunately I now work 135 miles away and am gone all week and can never see him…so I finally had to get a new doctor in the town where I work. What a dissaster. I have had 3 doctors in my almost 50 years so I am not a doctor shopper.

The first one I found in my work town was unfriendly and unhelpful. I got so frustrated (I am a corp. troubleshooter so not much frustrates me)I almost just said oh well.. I'll live until I die because I am NOT doing this…

I regrouped and decided I needed to find a doctor that would actually tell me what In needed to know. I got recommendations from real people not referral companies and found a great one. Really he spent a whole hour with me (that's like a year in doctor time)and I was ready to tackle my diabetes full on after that.

I highly recommend that if your doctor is not someone you can talk to, find one that you can talk to. It could save your life.


lisah - 55368
lisah - 55368 2009-08-20 09:06:56 -0500 Report

I don't feel that I can talk things over with my doctor, as she's just a resident and still learning. I like her alot, but wonder if I should go see an internal medicine doctor. I've been on Metformin (2000mg daily) and was suppose to be on lantus, but she decided we'll try the oral meds first and then see if you still need insulin. My BS range from high 200's to almost 500. the only time metformin brought my bs down was the friday after I started taking it. I slept all day, ate nothing, and it was 157. guess for my BS to be control I have to go without food LOL

Beca1 2014-12-10 03:05:58 -0600 Report

Everything affects our blood sugars, if we are sick it goes up, if we are in pain it goes up, if there is inflammation in our body they go up, if we over eat, or under eat they go up, if we are stressed it goes up, and if we don't get enough sleep it goes up too. Find those things that help it come down, like exercise, going to bed at a decent hour and sleeping thru the night. Change your lifestyle and it would be good idea to keep a journal and monitor your blood glucose levels, experiment and see what works for YOU . For example, for me, I can not have any alcohol or any colas my BG goes up Big time. Skipping meals is bad for me, eating large meals is really bad. You are Unique, believe it or not, do your homework and find out what works for your body and what does not.

2009-08-20 05:57:38 -0500 Report

It's great that you have such a wonderful relationship with your doctor. I also have such a relationship with mine. Unfortunately, there are those out there who don't.

2009-08-20 15:20:52 -0500 Report

I have a great relationship with my doctor and can talk with her about anything. That hasn't been the case with past doctor's I've had. I feel really comfortable with the doctor I have now. She is wonderful.

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