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Started 2009-08-20 02:37:56 -0500

I have had pretty healthy feet since I was diagnosed. Now I have some neuropathy and pealing soals. I put lotion on my feet almost every night and keep my feet clean and dry. I do not understand why all of a sudden I am having so much trouble. Ideas?

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Beca1 2014-12-10 02:39:56 -0600 Report

Take very good care of your feet and do not go to non-traditional pedicure places. I recently went and ended up getting a in-grown-toe nail due to them cuting the nail too short and on top of that they gave me fungus. I had to go to the podiatrist and he had to remove a sliver of my toe nail from the top to the root an it bled horribly. He shot me with 6 shots in my toe. Now it is healing and started peeling, was red, swollen, infected and OH WHAT A MESS! This is the first time I have had Any problems with my feet and slow healing, peeling, ect. and I have been pre diabetic for 4 yrs now. Possibly my diabetes is getting worse? I am not sure. But, I will never go to a non-traditional pedicure place ever again.

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