Do you want to increase your life span up to 30%?

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Do you want to live up to 125yo?
Do you want to increase your life span up to 30%?
Do you want to reverse your chronic illnesses?

Try our newest product from Nature's Way!
Restorlyf Longevity Formula

It has the combined power of
Grape Seed Extract: 95% Longevity Polyphenols
Japanese Knotweed: 50% Longevity Polyphenols
Red Wine Extract: 30% Longevity Polyphenols
Concentrated Red Wine: All the Longevity without alcohol

What are Longevity Polyphenols?

1. They are found to have a continued positive impact on obesity.

* Hindered fat storage
* Reduces Levels of Inflamatory compounds
* Increase Levels of Adiponectin

> Hormone that regulates fatty acid catabolism
> promotes sensitivity to insulin
2. Modulates pathomechanisms of debilitating neurological disorders, such as strokes, ischemia, and Huntington's and Alziemer's diseases. (Brain Res Rev. 2006 Sep;52(2):316-26)

3. This prevents the following:

* Cigarette smoke stress and inflamation
* DNA damage/modification
* Dysfunction of carotid arteries
* Smoking-induced cell death in the arteries and mitochondrial loss.

Safety precautions:

* Persons taking blood thinning medications should use with caution
* Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advise to avoid use due to theoretical phytoesterogenic activities.

1 to 2 vcaps per day

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