Link Between Type 2 Diabetes & Depression

By ncnurse1459 Latest Reply 2011-09-17 11:18:18 -0500
Started 2008-06-25 15:49:40 -0500

There is a discussion section about this topic at webMD. Go to this link to read more.

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rayvera 2011-09-17 11:18:18 -0500 Report

Depression is a tricky one, and since I get hooked on anything quickly, I said no to the Prozac. Took about 3-4 years to finally beat it, but I lost those years because I can't remember much.

DonnaAnn 2008-08-27 01:49:46 -0500 Report

I will have to give this link a looksy. due to lifes situations right now, I am very depressed. It affects my eating. I can hear the Hood ice Cream calling me from the store shelves while I am sulking in bedroom.

butterfly_8 2008-07-19 05:34:09 -0500 Report

I read the article. I believe that it depends on the overall attitude of the person involved. I for one was never depressed.Diabetes just reminded me to take better care of myself than I had in the past.If I had been doing thaat I would have listened when told I was borderline.I know that people live very well with diabetes. I remember Mary Tyler Moore.