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Hello. I have been told I am pre diabetic,I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. my feet and legs swell,also tingling. I ate a bagel about 45 min. ago,feel heart pounding,little headache and feel tired. A friend took my glucose level and it was 174,she took it this morning and it was 121…is this normal? Also have high cholesterol and feel tingling in hands.Thank you!

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When my blood sugar goes up, I sometimes get headaches. That's one way I can tell that my levels are high. Swelling and tingling in your feet could be caused by many things, however, you need to be watchful of neuropathy. I would be asking my doctor about this problems you are having. You may need to go on some kind of meds. At least find out what is causing these symptoms. You also need to get something for your high cholesterol. If you don't, that could lead to heart attack or stroke. I don't mean to scare you, but that is serious. Your high cholesterol could also be the cause of your headaches. I would be calling the doctor if I were you. That's just my opinion, though. Just trying to help, not trying to be bossy. lol

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Your not sounding bossy at all. I have no insurance right now. It has been an over an hr. since I ate the bagel,it is now 176,still feel the same,I guess you would say I feel "sick" and tired,like I could easily take a nap. Thank you for your advice,you are very kind.

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When my levels get up to around that point, I, too, tend to get sleepy and feel tired. I usually end up laying down and taking a nap. I know it's hard to go to a dr. when you don't have insurance, but you might try going to your local County Health Department. They would be able to help you alot and you don't need to have insurance. You would be checked out by a nurse and doctor, and get alot of other services. It's worth a try.

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thanks Mary! I had to go lay down for an hour,was very tired,felt You have good advice.My friend had me stay till she checked at 2 hrs.,then at 3hrs. so,it was 176 after 1 hr.,then 158 after 2 hrs.,finally down to 117 after 3 hrs. whew!!! that was just from a bagel,hadn't eaten before hand,level was 107 at 2:35 today,

. Weird I guess,my friend said that a pre diabetic would not go that high from a bagel. I am just tired of feeling like this,tired of peeing all the time (lol). I shouldn't complain as a lot of you are a lot worse off than I am as I can see. Have a good day.

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Mary,do you mean go to the local health department at town or city hall? I would go to ER but afraid of being turned away,plus you wait about 6-7 hrs. to be seen.

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Yes, the local Health Department. They should be of some assistance. Good luck!

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This is true. Hospitals CANNOT turn away patients for any reason. Also, alot of hospitals have some sort of policy set up where if you are low income, you can apply for aid. I had to do that at one time when I had to stay in the hospital and had no insurance. My entire hospital bill was paid for. The hospital should have some sort of Social Services Dept. where they take care of this type of thing.