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Good Morning all,hope you are all feeling good this am!…I have been monitoring my glucose levels for my therapist to document for when I see my new Dr. sometime next month. She is also a RN/NP. I am also going for a urine test today to check for protein,ketones (?) in my urine as I have been urinating a lot and last test showed traces of protein & ketones,that was about 8-9 months ago. I started the glucose monitoring Tuesday afternoon. My first test was 2 hrs. after lunch, it was 151.,7 pm it was 100,bedtime 144… Wednesday, am reading was 157 after 3 sips of coffee. 2 hrs. after finishing cup of coffee 142. after lunch,153, 2 hrs. after supper,153,bedtime,126. Thursday…138 in am,took random at 2:00, 117,bedtime 133. This morning was 120…
I have been losing weight also,so far 3 lbs,maybe more now as my jeans that fit me well are now falling down some on me. My BMI is normal, Wednesday my shin was hurting on my right leg, I went to rub it & it was quite warm,same yesterday, also past 2 days legs,feet have been really swollen,and cold. it is very noticeable,especially on my feet. My legs and feet do turn red/purple and leave white marks when touched. My vision is even more blurry than a month ago, had to get stronger reading glasses,I need to get an eye appointment to see about it.

Thank you all for your kindness & advice,help! I hope you all have a great day & feel good!


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Overall, not too bad on the levels I think, and great job loosing the weight too!! But yeah keep up on getting your eyes checked and things like that, be safe k? Hugs! Sheila

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