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It appears all the pill junkies have made it impossible to get pain medication for those who really need it. I have type 1 diabetes and also had a 3 tier spinal fusion. I have no insurance so I cant afford the 250.00 office visit to the Leatherman Spine Institute. Also dont have the 5 hrs it takes to drive to Louisville, sit and wait to see the dr and then drive home. I need a good dr, that will actually prescribe lortab, prefer the 7.5, I only need about 60 a month max, I work in retail and stand on concrete 9 hrs a day, my knees need replaced but 1 I cant afford it and 2 they said I was too young, so what do I do, any suggestions. If I take much more advil I wont have a stomach left. Thanks and best of luck to you all.

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Oh do I feel what you are saying TOTALLY!! I also have pain problems with my back, mainly my knee right now..it also needs replaced but I am too heavy for the replacement surgery..so I am checking into weight loss surgery again..I go on the 31st..we'll see. Anyhow, now a days it's hard as hell finding a good doctor to treat you, understand your pain, REAL pain…they giving hard times ugh..and want you to stay active..or in your case you have to work, which I wish I could do, but until I get out of pain and lose weight I can't work at all. Anyhow, I dunno what to say…are you going to a out of town pain clinic or something now? Some regular doctors will prescrible narcotics, just finding time, money to shop around and find one to help you..wish I had a answer to help, I am in the same boat…sorta of…long story…maybe I will explain private sometime if you want..msg me if so. Anytime ya wanna chat..I am here, sorry I am no help though…just wanted to say you're not alone, and I am sorry to hear of you difficulties. Darn them pill poppers!! argh!!!! Sheila

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Not sure how far it is for you - but my doctor is in Paducah KY. Dr Danny Butler - he is awesome! My sister n law who is a nurse practioner recommended him to me over 10 yrs ago. I had spinal fusion in 1997 and have had good results. I keep active by riding horses and working around the farm. Always have to remember to bend at my knees. I notice if I lay around when I don't feel good - I end up feeling worse. Good Luck to you!

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