I don't know what to do.

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I was diagnosed with Diabetes about 8 years ago. I have a very bad focus problem and can not stick to a diet and have a very short attention span. Hence no diet,sometimes diabetes meds and heart meds etc. I simply don't accept Diabetes as a reality and it is not at all a priority. I do not have any side effects but sugars are very high. Fasting one morning was 490, dizzy and very tired but I heal fine when I get injured or operated on etc. so it does not seem real or important. I am a Nurses
Aide so I know it is not good but it does not seem to penetrate my brain. I try to fix a meal but can not focus to finish it. I end up somewhere else in the house doing something else than back to the kitchen , then over to the phone. Supper burns because I forgot all about it and so on. It is impossible for me to help myself I feel. Have others been in this spot mentally and emotionally. I also take care of a Diabetic Father.Also I have congestive heart failure so they took away my salt making it impossible to balance low sugar and 0 salt. I can not afford a dietician (Had one I loved) as Blue Cross only allows a few visits for Diabetes but with my learning problem and focus problem I lose all motivation after the first 10 days.Any suggestions?Please do not bawl me out. I take care of that myself .

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Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-11-26 00:10:19 -0600 Report

Hi, Nan! Long time no talkie! I just skimmed this site again—and have more positive info to add!!!

This is ALMOST FUNNY!!! You know I WONDERED if something else was going on besides my exhaustion, depression, poor left lung quality, no Dr believing me etc—-Well, sadly, I was right—-I get so tired of being RIGHT as it usually means another dilema unfolds, but this time the timing was RIGHT as I fell apart one day at the receptionist's office window, whining, and crying and shaking, saying over and over, "I am sick, I don't know what is wrong, but something is, I can NOT take this anymore!!!" Meaning alot of things, actually!!

Well, to make a long story short, the Drs LISTENED, was hard NOT TO , I guess—hah—sigh—-they did a cat scan of that left lung and found that I do TRULY have a problem with it and am now on o2 a lot of the time, off and on, depending on how EXHAUSTED I FEEL! I had wondered if the last 10 years of struggling with sinusitis and breathing, asthma, might be taking its tole, it was, and does——but now I have my O2 tanks!

Then the biggy was, in the cat scan of my left lung, they FOUND a tumor on my left kidney, it had already destroyed my kidney so on Sept 15th, after they had built me back up some—-I had the mass, which was 10 1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide, removed!!!! So guess what, I can VOUCH that OTHER things can take its tole on our bodies and we don't know it unless we persist on finding out some answers!! As we are all so different, I am NOT saying that everyone who is tired has cancer—-BUT a person can have something else wrong without it always being the enemy, depression!! I hate that word as it usually sidetracks perfectly good Drs., otherwise, to NOT really listen to us until we begin to doubt oursleves!! A HORRIBLE place to be—-

So as I read over my posts on this site, Nan, I found that, yes, the aching in my left side, up under my rib cage and along my whole left side, was the kidney and cancer at work!!!!! Hmmm———-Now don't color me stupid, as I KNOW that such can sure play games with your mind when it is already overloaded with fatigue of caring for others, no time to care for ones self, I KNOW THEY tell you to take care of yourself, BUT I am afraid that I have found that only means to NOT BOTHER THEM!! They probably feel overwhelmed too, one often wondrs—-maybe we all need to slow down and help each other!! We all seemed to have been in a big hurry to get SOMEWHERE! So now that we are THERE, was it worth our souls and spirits in always being there for others??!! Oh, it sounds good, to OTHERS but as for me, I am so thankful that those days are over, I wouldn't give a million dollars for my experiences, they have made me the woman I am, nor would I give a nickle to go thru them again!!

SO< Happy Thanksgiving, dear Friends! and do take care of yourself ———-as most others really don't care—-they just try to be polite, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty—-it is just you and God!! Amen!! Love and hugs, to ALL! Pat Roth

luis buentello
luis buentello 2009-08-08 22:32:13 -0500 Report

Hi i am writing as a person who at one time and every so often get a bit confused and have to really concentrate on what im doing .this is a suggestion about eating .dont do this too often but for a while until you get your bearings back buy yourself some good low carb low fat tv dinners and eat some fruits and salads .make it simple till you get your blood sugars under control,and when your sugars are under control youll be able to concentrate and focus on taking care of yourself small steps will get you there. take care luis

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-08 22:38:37 -0500 Report

Thank you, Luis!! Once more I am surprised at the similar thoughts and feelings of Diabetic's numbers, and my own tesion, nerves, etc, I had the other first, then the diabetis hit harder, as an afterthought, i thought—made me so MAD!! I had tried so HARD to do things correctly—-and I was to be rewarded one more time with the very disease that I THOUGHT that I could not live with? Well, news flash, I have it, have learned better habits and now it is second nature!
But if God doesn't mind my saying, May I have some peace and quiet for awhile?? May I please have enough time to get BORED once more?? Then the energy to fill my time with things that I enjoy>>!! Good Night, I am tired!! PR

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-09 20:37:00 -0500 Report

Hi Pat, You are a riot the way you express yourself. You asre so correct though. I would love even a few minutes to be bored or read a magazine like a normal person would or discuss stupid things like the color of my curtains or the big problem of does my couch match those curtains and other normal things in a day. I am trying to build an internet business, send clothing to the Philippines. etc. etc.. I am in a rush because retirement is right around the corner and my husband retires in December! So add poor health and the time and energy it takes to care for yourself not to mention a father (91 years old) and a husband (66 yrs. old) and all of us having heart disease and diabetes etc.. I absolutely do not feel sorry for myself but I do have to admit to being very tired with sleep apnea a problem also. I am so glad to know all of you beautiful and kind people. You bring me joy every day now that I have found you all. God bless and keep you.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-09 20:29:32 -0500 Report

Wow, great idea. I have such a problem organizing myself a I have so many others to care for so that sure would be a great idea. Thank you ever so much.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-09 20:37:57 -0500 Report

I did too, while I was caring for my mom! Then OTHERS would ask me if I wanted her to DIE??!!! Heavens NO-NO—I don't know if I will ever get over some of the crude, rude words hurled at me when I so desparately needed kind support!! I WAS EXHAUSTED, was past making a list—I just could NOT get things written down, it was as tho my brain was so tired, it would SHORT OUT! But the worst thing for me, was that NO ONE BELIEVED ANYTHING I SAID, TILL I DIDN"T EITHER! I would try and make a note for one day at a time, and let tomorrow go—(put on the fridge—)sometimes I would miss early morning appts, but tried to make them after dinner, giving me some recoup time. Then I made mom's appts on Tues, mine on Wed—-if at all possible, at the same times so I didn't always have to struggle with that part of remembering the many appts! Hugs, PR

promaster 2009-08-10 06:36:37 -0500 Report

This sounds just like me! Your symtoms are like mine. I already take abilify, I cannot concentrate, focus, remember, etc. I am a diabetic 2 and take 500 grams of metformin.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-10 22:16:21 -0500 Report

Oh, MY!! That makes me both, relieved, yet sad! I wouldn't wish those feelings and uncertainities on ANYONE!! May I share my present concern——I feel like my temp is coming up again, and my throat is getting sore again, and I have REMEMBERED to take my 2 antibiotics today! I hate this—-but I think maybe I have finally found a DR who will listen to the REAL ME! I am afraid that I am entering another trial of faith in God—turn it over to HIM, I am almost too tired to care anymore! Nighty—night!!! PR

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-11 10:17:07 -0500 Report

Pat, I hope you are feeling a little better now. Have you been taking your antibiotics long? I ahve the same problem. I reallyjust can't get it organized in life. Yesterdasy I was being shown how to do a simple task on the computer. She showed me 3 times how to do a simple entry and then let me try it. It is like I had heard nothing she had said and she was getting very intense with me. Now this lady really will be my reason for success on the internet but try as I might it took me 3 more times before I got it. One problem turned out to be the computer program its-self but that didn't matter to me because she made the comment that the reason I couldn't do it was because I wanted to do it my own way! I felt like running from life. How do you explain to perfectly healthy people, they just do not understand. I got off the line and literally shook and was mega depressed until I called a friend. She was surprised by the ladies behavior as that is unusual for her and reassured me that she was there for me and she also understands my struggle so then the depression lifted.
]I do have a huge streak of humor in my personality though and I started to laugh. My husband said "What is so funny?" I replied "Me". He asked why and I said because most normal people would just give it up and I am so stubborn that even if I have to drive people crazy, get depressed etc. I will never give up the internet. I love it.But I can not help but top laugh at my stubborness.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-11 18:20:34 -0500 Report

Oh, Nan!! Me too! hah I keep telling myself that I USED to catch on quickly, made almost straight A's in school—but this STUFF, for lack of a better word, robs you of any intellect and memory! I have kept INSISTING to MYSELF and OTHERS that if I could get some quality sleep, and support, I might come out of it, and I seem to be!!! As this site is the only thing different in my life, except since I am becoming more confident in myself, others seem to be friendlier too, more relaxed—me too!
I give you folks here, a lot of the credit!!

Don't worry about this computer stuff—-I took a college course 2 years ago on Computer Allications, I just could NOT quite get my mine wrapped around it! so I took shortcuts, thinking that the professor wouldn't be able to notice that I had not followed the correct protocol of a ledger, columns of figures——so I just added them up on a piece of paper, then typed the numbers into the correct columns! Well, the answers were right, but the method was wrong—-and how she could tell, beats me! But I was pressed for time, and although I pretty well understoodher way—mine was faster! hah—I got a C and was happy, diappointed, but that is a safe grade! ha

Your instructor might have been having an off day herself, and short of patience, but that kind of attitude does nothing to help one absorb new, foreign material!! When I get tense, even as a youngster, my mind would just FREEZE until I was removed from the tense atmosphere!

So hang in there and we will relax together, and without falling apart! Yeah, for US!! haha—PR

Elrond 2009-11-25 23:38:09 -0600 Report

I've noticed similar problems but never associated them with diabetes. I'm easily distracted and frequently start a task only to find myself doing something else while the original task goes unfinished. This often causes me to be late for appointments and I'm sure this is much worse in recent years. Since beginning this new insulin regimen, my bg levels have been much better although the A1C jury is still out. It's fortunate I'm not being paid by the hour at a job; I'm a novelist and only work when I feel like it.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 17:46:13 -0500 Report

Hello, Nancy here again. I am looking for any and all receipes that are healthy diabetic ones with a very, very low salt content . If you have any on hand could you share a copy with me. Last time I tried the two diets together I became hungry and ornery and gave up to save my marriage. LOL

SusanJ 2009-08-08 10:20:23 -0500 Report

Hi Nan
You have come to the right place for support. Yes I have been to the point were it seems like a struggle to make something to eat or remember my meds. All of the ideas that the others gave here sound like great ideas. I may try a few of those myself. One of the things I do with my meds is make a check list. Because of the number of meds I am on I would forget if I took one or not. That help me with my meds. On my days off I still struggle with remembing to eat thou. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 17:41:42 -0500 Report

Hi Susan, You were so kind to send me a comment. Yesw, the members of this site are awesome including yourself. How long have you been diabetic Susan and what did you find was the easiest and healthiest to eat that was also low salt?

Fifty50 Julie
Fifty50 Julie 2009-08-07 23:21:15 -0500 Report


Just had one more thought to add to all the great suggestions here… perhaps some sort of attention deficit disorder is plaguing you as well. If/when you see a doctor, you can find out if there might be some specific meds for this that may also be able to help you focus/concentrate. I know people whose children are on such meds and they help them tremendously.

Best of luck,

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 03:55:16 -0500 Report

I just wrote you a lengthly reply but hit the wrong button and need to get back to work but I want you to know I really appreciate you for taking time to help. Nan

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 04:00:37 -0500 Report

One additional comment - I have always been distracted easily but it is far worse in the last year or so so I absolutely need to do something. I can not even sort mail. I start and then keep placing it in a different pile than it belongs in even when I am trying very hard to concentrate with no distractions around me. It used to be I could do some organizing then but not now. Even silence does not help. I have an increased white matter issue in my brain also. When we get older we all have an increase but mine is progressing a lot faster and they do not have an answer as to why it is happening ahead of schedule like this.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-08 14:40:13 -0500 Report

You may have something else going on, Nan, I do not know of brain test, white matter etc, and probably Diabetis may be a part too. You see, I was having issues with my mind, BEFORE I was dx with diabetis!! Frankly , it is scary as to how similar that my forgetfullness is similar to where my own mind has been. For me, I think that it is partly TENSION—a LARGE part of TRYING SO HARD TO REMEMBER, seems to make it worse—-I would make notes or try to, but just could NOT remember how to make letters form into words!! Horrible—I was so embarrassed I seldom left my home—-hard telling what would come out of my mouth!!

Well, as you can tell by reading my posts, I have come out of THAT and am now Miss Gabby herself!! haha—It is great to be able to laugh once more, maybe inappropriately, but—who cares??!! Hugs to you!!

Yes, feel free to use anything that I have written as I so want, yes, NEED to help others through some of these painful pitfalls!! If only I could have found this site sooner, but maybe I was NOT ready yet to receive kindess without screaming''GET AWAY FROM ME!! I HURT TOO BADLY__DO NOT EVEN COME CLOSE!!
But this is fading as I VENT—-clean out my spirit and soul, accept— and now—share ,kindness with others !!

I THINK that my dx of diabetis, just found a weak spot and settled in, but now feel that I can cope with it too, knowing of others who are worse, yet they are doing it!!
Hugs, Pat R

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 17:39:24 -0500 Report

Hello my new and wonderful friend,
May I ask if you drank Diet coke then and now do not often drink it?

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-07 21:45:09 -0500 Report

Hi, Nan! I too was a nurses aide for 30 years, 20 spent as a ward clerk and also know what happens to Brittle Diabetics, etc as that is when we got them. But for everything that goes on BEFORE that time, I have relied heavily on the kind, good, knowledgeable folks on this site. John looks after our site and guides us all in a better direction so I would go with whatever he says.

I am GUESSING, but my own mind issues were NOT my Diabetis, as I was still in the Borderline catagory at that time—-BUT I was caring for my aging mother, she died 2 years ago at 98 yrs.—so MUCH emotional baggage—I was EXHAUSTED to the extreme!! A word of warning, when you are caring for OTHERS, be sure and take time out for yourself and genuinely, REST—RELAX! I can not describe the weird places my mind was—-couldn't remember anything, just stayed at home and slept for 4 years—mostly—of course that was AFTER mom died. I so wanted to stay STRONG FOR HER!!!! It hurt me to the core, when OTHERS still didn't think that I was doining enough!!

With therapy and meds, I FINALLY got to the core of my emotional problems, learning better coping skills, and with support from this site, after 3 years I now am on a better diet, exercise, and more RESTED and my MIND IS CLEARING!! I can THINK better, connect my thoughts better—almost make sense most of the time now!

Have you always had this problem with your thought proccesses or is it something relatively new? The apron idea sounds great, and other things that some might think shouldn't be necessary, do HELP, and you are the one living with yourself, so REST, to me it cures so many problems! I can now add figures in my check book (It NEVEer did balance!!) can write out checks, then actually PLAN on doing something simple, time to cook a meal, washing dishes comes SOMETIME after that, depending on how I can breathe and function!! I also have an oxygen shortage and when I get tired, I could care less about anything, because I can't think of anything!! It is weird and hard to explain, but it is TRUE!!

Best of Wishes in your own search for your personal keys to good health!! hugs, PR

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-07 21:53:46 -0500 Report

Wow Pat, I can tell you have been there already. I just came home from vivsiting my Dad. He had to go to a nursing home very short term to build up his strength and I wouldn't do anything different than I have now with him. Love,nurturing and many other needs and when you are on the road all week going from appointment to appointment.
I do get tired. Very tired but on the other hand I never sleep a normal hour. I went to bed at 6:30 a.m. and slept off and on until 12 then up and the race starts again. I have sleep apnea and they have ordered a machine for me. I hope it helps. I tried to reply on the friendship request but it would not go to your site but I just want to say thank you very much for your help.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-07 22:16:58 -0500 Report

Oh, Nan, I FEEL for you! I would not have done anything differently either! It would have HELPed if I had had some family or friend support, but not——our son said, when I was so exhausted, got chest pains when I had to take her to so many appts—"But WE can take better care of grandma than a nursing home!" haha—Ironic laughter, excuse me—-BUT he had not even traveled the one hour it took to drive down here to even SEE HER for THREE YEARS!!! AND WE CAN TAKE BETTER CARE OF HER???!!!

It was the hardest thing I had to do—almost—-yet, she was happier, as happy as she would permit herself to be—the interaction with other folks helped to distract her from her growing dementia and "I can HEAR people talking about me!!! Listen, they are calling me a WHORE!!" Well mother was Far from being THAT and when she was at home it really got out of hand, nearly tore me up!!! SO HARD!!! I stayed 3 weeks trying desperately to get thru to her, NOT, she wasn't eating the food we took up, REFUSED to let Home Health in to help her with her meds, said that she would get a shotgun and set on the front porch and shoot anyone who came close—-all she wanted was ME!! This little, normally sweet woman was then 97 yrs.

I HAD to ignore others, told her quietly what our plans were, the "What will happen to my home? what will happen to my organ?" that she loved to play so well—-still haunt me, BUT
She made the move, did better emotionally and GAINED 30# which put her up out of the "skin and bones" category!!! It was the BESTyet HARDEST thing I ever had to do, but she lived 10 more months ina happier state, while I had to have 2 new knees, etc—so THAT helped me out too. When I had to have my 2 ft colon removed I was on oxygen for 3 months in trying to keep up with her ever increasing needs!

If I had had an understanding and supportive Dr. that would have helped immensely—he just did NOT get the exhaustion and poor concentration part, thought I was insane, and I was—-didn't know up from down but afraid to admit it as I was the ONLY one to care for her!! Bad or good, I HAD TO DO MY BEST!!

BUT if your own DR is aware of your own lack of restful sleep and can help you out with it, whatever they do, I don't know, I am NOW on heavy meds for depression plus sleeping meds—-which I don't think that I could have handled earlier as I HAD TO KEEP ONE EAR OPEN__CONSTANTLY< or so I thought,she did nOT want another person in her home——I am SURE that you KNOW what i mean!

Others on this site are also fighting their own battles, you are NOT ALONE!!!! Best of Wishes and chat whenever you feel like it, I have and am now thinking and writing more clearly with each passing day!!! hugs, PR

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 03:43:38 -0500 Report

Pat, what an article you just wrote. Want to help me with something? I want to start a club for care givers. Most of us are now over 60 and taking care of and giving our very lives up for elderly parents. Your article4 is totally awesome and may I ask to keep it? You put into words what I feel inside and I will be eternally grateful for your reply. People do not know what we suffer. They do not know how hard we work asnd like you said, You can not even get a really good sleep because you need to keep an ear to the ground. My
Dad is in a Nursing Home for just a short visit but it feels so good to sleep late in the Morning. I go to bed as I said around 5 or 6 a.m. but when he was home I would have to get up around 10:00 to care for him as he is a late sleeper also. Yesterdasy I was late getting to him. Usually I am there asround 1:00 but due to changing his environment he became very disoriented and cried when I did get to him. He thought I hadn't been there for days and was frightened that something happened to me. I get absolutely no help except when my husband gets home at night he will fix a quick supper (Always something I can not have my diet is so strict) So that is when I can work on my computer, try to build a business etc. I was serious about building a care-givers club. I want one section like this on this site but because I also need to combine it with a business I would like to offer products and books to help the caregivers. I do not want to sell walkers etc. just the little things that make life easier for us. I guess mostly tapes and books of encouragement and information as well as free articles to lift their spirits. Let me know if that sounds interesting to you. Nothing too tiring just something enjoyable for all.
If not maybe you have some suggestions. Today I will actually take my blood test like I am supposed to. I do not know how to get a fasting sugar as it is almost 5:00 a.m. and I have not gone to bed. I will now get a snack as it has been probably 6 hrs. since I have eaten anything and I am hungry. They say not to eat after a certain hour but I do not think they were planning on me being up at that hour. UI can not go all that time with no food and then go to bed for 4 or 5 hours and still not have food. These are the things that confuse me so much. I need to work all night but every plan is set up for people with normal sleep hours. P.S. I love my knee replacement,. How do you like yours?

Jipwhip 2009-08-07 13:37:16 -0500 Report

I think you should contact your regular Doctor as soon as possible and tell them what is going on with you, don't wait too long, January is a long time to wait. I agree with Harlen, you need to write everything down. It will help you and the doctor to see how you do and handle things.

Like John said use the discussion boards here as a way to keep yourself focused. We are all here to help each other.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-07 21:25:02 -0500 Report

Thank you Jipwhip. I appreciate that you cared enough to reply. I wonder how oo9ng you have been diabetic and how many of your famioly members are in a similar situation. All of my Fathers brothers and sisters had Diabetes. 7 It did not miss one of them. His Mom was from Ireland and actually brought it with you. Thank God there was no juvenile Diabetes in the family.

Jipwhip 2009-08-08 01:07:25 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago. But according to the blood work the doctors did I was diabetic for at least 15 years and did not know it. I am also the first one in my family to have diabetes. However my husband's parents and step-father are all diabetic also, all diagnosed with-in the last four years.

I know how you feel, because we have to look after my mother-in-law and her husband. My father-in-law is doing just fine with his wife, so we don't have look after him to much. However he does have cancer on top of the diabetes.

Caring is the type of person I am. My adopted mom taught me that. Because my real parents didn't want anything to do with me. But I am not bitter about that, because God found me the right person to teach me about caring for others.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 04:12:12 -0500 Report

As life continues God gives us wonderful gifts at just the right time. I have met many wonderful friends and business /internet friends on line as I would not have the chance now due to staying at home with my
Dad. So conversations like this are priceless. I have had a very difficult life also but now I have 8 wonderful grandchildren that love me to pieces. It feels so good. And now I am with people that realize my many gifts in spite of my memory issues. They build me up and accentuate what I am gifted at and like you, it is caring and loving others. That is what brings me such joy many times when I am discouraged. At that point I just do something to help someone and I feel better on the days I want to just quit. I have always had a troubled marriage, raised with a pedophile in my home but with an awesome Christian Mother. Very confusing childhood. Ended up with no self-worth and suffering from post-traumatic for life time I am afraid but I have a joy that does not quit and it soon wins over all. I am so glad you had excellent parents no matter where they came from. It is so terribly important to your worth. Your new friend, Nan

Harlen 2009-08-07 11:23:19 -0500 Report

I was that way till I was told to write every thing down as I go . What a differents now I am able to keep my BS on a short leash.I steal eat what I like I just cover for it.And I eat a lot LOT less snacks!!!!I wish you luck

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-07 21:22:39 -0500 Report

Hi Harlen,
Today I felt more like trying than I did the other day thanks to the kindness of my new family. However, it was not a successful day except that at least I was aware of every bad mouthful that went in my mouth. Tomorrow I will take your suggestion and write things down including blood sugar. Thank you.

Harlen 2009-08-09 09:05:58 -0500 Report

It is a start, It is a long trip we are on lets take it one step at a time.you are the only you you have.
Life is to short to give up
fight fight fight
Just a little step is all it takes to start

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-09 10:19:57 -0500 Report

Amen!! I lacked the energy and desire to keep on trying with another diagnosis, that of diabetis, but as i have shared with others, and read THEIR stories, it so helps me too not feel PICKED ON! No, no one that I know of, gets it on the first day of trying, BUT when you can gradually feel that little ray of HOPE starting to shine, when you are amongst true friends, like we on this site are—it is getting easier! And helps to put my own little case in a better perspective and what surprises ME about MYSELF, is that I can now turn down most of what I recognize is not in my best interests!!

Yeah, for oUR SIDE!! Hugs, PR

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-07 11:13:55 -0500 Report

Wow, wonderful ideas. I wish I had known about this group before now. But now I do know and I will sure be here everyday and I so appreciate your help. John, I love the apron idea. I think that would work great. I have an appointment in January. Unfortunately that is the only one I could get with a specialist and he is testing me for They already put me through some tests and discovered a mental shifting serious problem. The average score is 50. I was average on everything except the mental shifting. My score was only a 2 so that should explain why I have so much trouble with focus as well. However, I have a totally awesome family. 8 Grandchildren and 3 grown children of my own. I live with my husband and my Dad. All three of us have heart issues and Diabetes.
Kdroberts, love that baby you are holding. How rich you are!!! Thank you so much for your imput. I will go test my sugar now. I will try 1 day at a time and then try again tomorrow.Antique, I had forgotten about internal damage. My main worry has been the knee replacement I had 2 years ago. Lately it has occasionally been a little tender and I never had an issue with it. That is probably the biggest reason I have reached out to you guys. Just a thought for you to think about - I love humor and found this the other day. Women are like tea. The hotter the water the stronger the stronger we get! So true and I am in hot water now so I appreciate your input.

Vicrgreen 2009-08-08 17:56:42 -0500 Report

Is there any possibility that there is an ADHD component to your problems concentrating. When you were describing your problem it sounded a great deal like a friend of mine who is ADHD she never finishes anything and frequently causes problems for her friends trying to "help"them by doing things which get started along with about 20 other things, and none get fnished. You might want to ask your doctor about that when you are talking to him/her about the rest of it.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-08 22:20:33 -0500 Report

Chee, Vicki, that sounds like a good friend of mine—she drives everyone NUTS as she never finishes her sentences, can't make a decision, they think nothing of driving from southern Ks. to Iowa to see their son and his family 2 or 3 times in a few days, to see their grandkids in some little program or such! Then bring the 2 little ones clear back down to ?Tulsa, Okl, to see the other 3, then back to Iowa in 3 or 4 days—-WHEW I am tired!! ha They must have more gas money that we have.

She is an ex-teacher, always offers to HELP OUT, then when you depend on her to show up, most of the time she doesn't show up. She was checked out and was NORMAL! But I try to not hang around her too much as it is a nerve wracking habit!! PR

Vicrgreen 2009-08-08 23:46:36 -0500 Report

My friend lived in Tok, AK, a very small town 200 miles from Fairbanks. Her water froze up and she asked one of her friends if she could come to her house for a shower. The friend said that she could. She explained that she had just finished cleaning the house and had to go to Fairbanks to pick up her husband who was flying in that night. It was their anniversary so she wanted the house to be spic N span. So she said, I'm trusting you not to mess anything up and she left.

Well, my friend took her shower and decided that as a favor for a favor she would give her friend's dogs a bath (the friend had 2 huskys). She started. She got side tracked. The bathroom was a mess and the dogs were wet, fortunately it wasn't too cold that night so they didn't freeze to death when she put them back outside wet.

The people had just put down a new hardwood floor and had not returned the sander they had used to finish it. You guessed it, she thought it was a buffer and turned it on. Tore a big swath through the newly finished floor.

Then she decided to clean up the kitchen cabinets and reorganize the kitchen. When the people got home, now remember we are talking about 400 miles of driving not to mention waiting at the airport for a plane to come in and stopping for a meal on the way back, my friend was sitting at the kitchen table with everything from all the cabinets scattered all over the area.

So, she had wet dogs, the bathroom a mess, wet towels all over, splatters on the walls where the dogs had shaken when they got out of the bath; a big gouge in the new floor put there by a commercial sanding machine, and everything in the kitchen displaced.

The woman threw my friend out and told her never to come back. With good reason, I might add. My friend goes around complaining to everyone that the other gal "just threw me away." She doesn't feel she did anything wrong. I was only trying to help, she keeps saying. I won't tell you what she did to my place, it almost led to divorce.

A few years later I was taking care of my Mother in OR and I got a call from a friend here in AK, wanting to know if the friend could stay with me for 2 weeks. She had finished one "program" and had that long before her next one started and the 2nd one was in CA, so I was the closest.

I agreed with the proviso that, "If she touches anything that belongs to me or my mother I'll put her and her stuff out in the street and she can go from there." She came and she didn't touch. But I had to be really strict. I did find a frying pan all put away with the clean ones with a piece of cooked ham and filled with grease, but that I could live with.

ADHD can be very serious and the people who suffer with it can be incredibly aggravating with the best intensions in the world. A lot of the time they don't even know they have a problem, they just think people are being "mean" to them.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-09 10:15:14 -0500 Report

Do you really think that all of these stories are from just not remembering, or poor concentration?? But for them to NOT even be aware that they had done anything wrong—blows what is left of my mind! WOW! Good lessons to monitor our lives with! Hugs, PR

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-08-07 10:02:07 -0500 Report

As a nurse's aide, you certainly have seen the major complications that come from constant high blood sugars. I understand how sometimes we can deceive ourselves into thinking that somehow we're the exception or just got "lucky." But unfortunately, diabetes is very unforgiving. And like kdroberts said, the heart trouble and memory problems probably are complications from the high blood sugars.

I understand that you have a difficult time with focusing. Perhaps you can create routines for yourself that can help you with remembering. Keeping your medications in a particular spot where you're going to "bump" into them each morning. Like next to your toothbrush or on the kitchen counter.

When you're cooking, perhaps you could put on music (maybe even a particular CD) and you only keep the music on while you're cooking. Then if you wander away, the music playing can help you remember that you're supposed to be in the kitchen. Or even putting on an apron while you cook can be a visual reminder to help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Also, you can use these discussion boards as a way to keep focused. You might choose to report to us each day how you did with your meals and meds.

But most importantly, I think you need to see your doctor right away and get his/her help. Explain the difficulties you're having. Maybe there is a medical reason for some of these difficulties.

Antique-Dave 2009-08-07 09:38:29 -0500 Report


I'm very concerned with what you posted, I agree with KD that your high BGL is probably contributing to your confusion, before dx I was having a lot of trouble getting through the day and feeling like I was in a fog most of the time.

the high BGL is also doing damage to your heart, blood vessels, other organs etc. A lot of damage can occur that you do not feel. You have to get your numbers under control you will feel so much better when you do.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-08 04:21:21 -0500 Report

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that you even bothered to answer my post. I have noticed a soreness on the bottoms of my feet I did not have before and my eyes are very blurry. I went to the eye doctor but he could not do much of an eye exam because my blood sugar was380 the day I went and he said there was water behind my eyes causing my blurry vision so I guess now I have to get busy and do what I should. It is 5:30 a.m. est. so I am going to get a snack before retiring and will be up probably by 10 a.m. I am not sure when to take my blood sugars as I do not have a regular meal time so that makes it difficult to test. Also, I end up eating at a variety of times like I just said (5:30 a.m.) I will get a bowl of cereal and sleep for 4 or 5 hours. Maybe I should take my sugar test now as I have not eaten for almost 6 or 7 hours. That is probably as close to fasting as I can get right? Thanks again, Nan

kdroberts 2009-08-08 06:01:53 -0500 Report

Look at the link above, especially the section on blood sugar testing. It should give you all the information you need to be able to test your blood sugar to get useful information and also what to do with that information when you get it.

The pain in the feet and eye problems are almost certainly from the high blood sugars. Not to scare you but if your blood sugars continue to remain very high then it won't be a huge amount of time before you can' t walk because of the pain on your feet and legs, amputations are a very real possibility and the vision will get worse and worse until it eventually goes. It wont happen overnight or even in weeks or months but it will happen eventually. The good news is that by getting your blood sugars under control you can reverse them to a point and stop them progressing.

Regarding the distraction and not being able to focus, try looking up support groups and information about ADHD. It's probably not the same problem you have but a lot of the techniques used to help control it revolve around small things to keep you focused like writing lists, organizing space, helping you remember stuff and things like that. Here are a couple to get you started.


Jipwhip 2009-08-10 10:18:08 -0500 Report

Nan I think that the lack of a good nights sleep is part of your problem, I know you said you had sleep apnea and the machine is on order. When you get it you will have some trouble getting used to it, but don't stop using it. My husband has sleep apnea too. It took him awhile to get used to the machine. He uses it most nights, the only time when he doesn't is when he is really tired and forgets to put it on. Then I have to wake him up and tell him to put it on. We have noticed a big difference in him since he has been using his machine. He is no longer cranky and tired all the time. Before he got his machine he would fall asleep at the drop of a hat, now he doesn't do that any more. It won't happen overnight but over a period of time. And it does work just give it sometime. Your friend, Johnna

kdroberts 2009-08-07 07:24:06 -0500 Report

Sugar is not what you need to be concerned about, carbs are. That includes sugar but also starch and other carbohydrates. Rice, pasta, potatoes, milk and bread are just as bad for blood sugar as candy, honey, and cookies. You have to find the right balance for you, low salt should not be a factor because it's very easy to eat meals that are very good for blood sugar and also very low in salt.

The congestive heart failure could be related to the long term high blood sugar and almost certainly the focus problems are not helped by the high blood sugar either.

Have a read of this site http://loraldiabetes.blogspot.com/2006/10/d-d... and see what simple things you can do to get started. If you have problems with focus and finishing things, take it one meal at a time until it becomes a routine and you don't think about it. Then switch to a different meal. Remembering to take medications and test and log blood sugar should be a top priority and after that, start with breakfast and go from there.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-09 23:27:45 -0500 Report

Hi kroberts,
Nancy here. I did not realize how many carbs I was eating and not good carbs either. I had breakfast this morning and discovered that could be the worst meal of your day. I went out to eat with my husband. I ordered my usual 2 eggs,2 toast,home fries and 2 very small slices of Canadian bacon Then I had just a little orange juice. So after I sized up that meal I asked my husband what I should eat for breakfast and we came out with oatmeal. That does not sound exciting at all to me.I do not mind it with raisins though but I can not have raisins either. I can see this is going to take a while to get used to as I love my Sunday breakfast at a restaurant.

Nan 1
Nan 1 2009-08-09 23:29:43 -0500 Report

However, I do not like that breakfast as well as my eyes and legs. I have to think that way now I guess.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-09 23:43:26 -0500 Report

It is hard at first, but each time you do the sensible thing, it gets easier! And when we are thinking challenged, a simple menu is best. Your breakfast does sound delightful, BUT needs to be one of those fond memories—-Hugs PR

kdroberts 2009-08-10 07:31:47 -0500 Report

Most diabetics have trouble with breakfast. When you wake up there is less insulin circulating, more insulin resistance going on and your body is still releasing some of the hormones that raise your blood sugar. Some diabetics can't eat any carb at breakfast, some maybe 5-10g, some more. You will have to find out what works for you by testing at your peak after eating to see what works and what doesn't. The breakfast you ate could have been as high as 100g of carb but I would doubt it was any lower than 60g. Almost any diabetic would have major problems with that unless they were able to take a dose of insulin big enough to cover all the carbs.

The breakfast you ate out would probably have been fine if you had eliminated the orange juice and either the home fries or the toast, maybe home the home fires and 1 slice of toast.

The biggest thing is to keep all meals and snacks balanced, that means fat and protein with any carb. Oatmeal is not bad but it's still carb and on it's own will raise your blood sugar. Remember that breakfast is a meal like any other, you can eat whatever you want, not just traditional breakfast food. I had some steak this morning, sometimes I have grilled chicken, sometimes fish, anything I have left over from the night before. Eggs are good as well.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-10 09:57:01 -0500 Report

Me too, I get on this site before I eat breakfast, then it is dinner time—-Always been lazy in the morns—but I do have a boiled egg in the fridg, waiting-so better stop this a bit and go eat it! PR

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-11 10:22:51 -0500 Report

I haven't been too hungry so an egg, a piece of fruit, this morn a pear, and a few bites of Raisin Bran with 1/4 c 2% milk. then my water, which I seem to be craving. Does that sound balanced? I really need to take the time and energy to check out some of these diabetic meal sites, to have something to go by—just not quite up to it yet, so am relying on word of mouth from others. Thanks, PR

kdroberts 2009-08-11 11:20:59 -0500 Report

How did you test after that?

A medium size pear is about 30g carb, roughly 2/3 of that is sugar, milk is about 12g per cup and raisin bran is 45g per cup, again about 2/3 of that is sugar. I would estimate that you ate about 40-50g of carb, maybe more depending on the amount of raisin bran. An egg is about 4g fat and 5g protein, there is also about 1g carb, maybe less. Very roughly (assuming 45g carb) you ate 236 calories, 180 from carb, 20 from protein and 36 from fat. That equates to about 75% carb, 9% protein and 16% fat. As you can see, that's pretty carb heavy.

Toma, who I haven't seen post recently, advocates a ratio of 50% low GI carb, 20% lean protein and 30% unsaturated fat. Personally I aim lower with the carbs and higher in the protein and fat. That would mean if you are eating the same carb load (45g) and followed Toma you would need to eat 12g of fat and 18g of protein, so roughly 3 eggs.

Balance means different things to different people and you will need to take other medical conditions into account. For instance if you have low kidney function then a high protein diet is unwise. Toma's explanation of his PCF ratio can be found here. http://www.diabetic-diet-secrets.com/pcf-rati...

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-11 13:01:40 -0500 Report

Thanks so much, Robert,I will write these things down and check the link provided. Take care—PR

Cynda 2009-08-21 09:05:10 -0500 Report

There isn't anything wrong with that breakfast as long as it is a treat not the norm. Oatmeal is easy to dress up. Raisen are good nutritionally in small quanities. Berries are very good for our diabetes, heart and brain health. Cinnamon is another good additive. Some like to add a packet of hot chocolate mix to favorite.(no sugar added kind is probably best)

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