reply on my results from dr. app.

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happy an I off pills all Ac 1 was 5. now the task of watch watch watch it is a bit nerveing i think i am still a diabetic but have to control it with diet and exersise. Thanks for all your help could not have done it with out your advice.

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Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2010-07-21 18:59:35 -0500 Report

After one year of THINKING that I could get off of my pills, Glipizide, with exercise and diet, I can't. I have been swimming for 6 weeks, it really WORKED last year, but this year, my A1C has gone up from 6.1 to 6.4, still not too bad, but it seems OK most of the day, BUT at bedtime it can jump to 200, so then take my Glipizde, only 1/2 or such as it hits me so hard, but my hi for fasting has been 125 to 130 more or less,lately—- NOT good, so need to still TEST in the evening, and stay on TOP of it!!!——PS, I see an earlier response from me from last year, feel I have learned a lot, but NEVER feel totally in control, I still vary!!!! 2010, July, 21

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-09-11 09:24:48 -0500 Report

In all of my flurry—-I forgot to report that my AIc was 5.8, one week before they discovered my mass, so I have done something right!! And following a better diet as I wait for surgery WITHOUT any diabetic meds, is hanging in there, not over 185, that I have found. Great luck to ALL on your own NUMBERS!! It can be hard in getting there, but so worth it once you have "arrived" Hugs, Pat R

tholz 2009-08-08 18:29:24 -0500 Report

That is great. Wish I could lose some weight. It is hard. I try but not doing to good at it.

mamaoak 2009-08-08 18:36:44 -0500 Report

try 30 to 50 carbs a meal .you can do it. dont give up i know it is not easy. but with perserverane you will win the battel.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-08-08 07:02:05 -0500 Report

How amazing is that. With all the weight loss and good eating habits you are one person that shows it could be done. Congrats!!!…Debe

mamaoak 2009-08-08 18:14:07 -0500 Report

thanks deb it is still going to be tough with no back up really will have to watch those carbs .

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-08-08 18:23:10 -0500 Report

We all your "friends" here will be your backup. You are an inspiration to me…

mamaoak 2009-08-08 18:33:39 -0500 Report

thanks deb i could not have done it with out this site and people like you. i wanted to give up and was angery at my self for thinking i could avoid this thought i would skip my gener ation they say it does but no luck i got the curve ball noe it is time to deal with it all the wiman in my fafily have had it. but they lived a long time my mom 89 my aunt died twoo weeks befor her 100 birthday. take care hugs.

Darly 2009-08-07 14:08:23 -0500 Report

Great new's!! I am so happy for you,good work also. That is a lil bit lower than mine and I have no idea if I should be here or not…keep up the good work!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-07 14:16:18 -0500 Report

I wondered too, USED to be Borderline, then it went up to 171 after a knee relpacement, still not too high, but my Dr was concerned, so stay on this site as there is so much to learn in order to PREVENT getting way up HIGH!! I hear that isn't a purty picture!! So for three years, even tho it was stubborn for the first 2 yrs, it is now coming down with better food choices and exercise and knowledge to dispell the fear.We all try to help each other, emotions and facts, too! I am pleased to say that my BS has been under 130 for one week!! And I have lost 27 # too. (I NEEDED TO!!) PR

Darly 2009-08-07 15:11:11 -0500 Report

Are you pre diabetic or have type 2 diabetes? I have been feeling so tired,worn out,irritable,getting the sweats,being shaky. I have also lost 3 lbs (good) but I was not trying, just no appetite. Sometimes when I do eat i feel nausea,sweaty,heart pounding, and don't know why. Its not all the time. I was driving to my sons earlier,felt real shaky,weak, a few chest pains, I took a glucose tablet to see if it would help, it did after a bit.

mamaoak 2009-08-07 18:35:44 -0500 Report

keep applel juice the little boxes you dont want to go in to a cima. when you feel that way apple juce work fast.

mamaoak 2009-08-07 18:31:14 -0500 Report

darly of coares you should it will help you learn you can become a full fledge diabetic if yoou dont controll it. good luck.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-07 19:07:52 -0500 Report

My sentiments too!! Hang in there, be wise in food choices, and to ME—remember I don't know much—am new here, BUT it sounds like you really need some professional guidance as it seems that you have too many phsical problems going on. I don't have anything like that—-

I am not a good one to go by tho, as I am coming out of a breakdown, was too weak to walk much for 4 years, so when i get so tired, I figure it is that nervous exhaustion rearing its ugly head again. I have had LITTLE guidance throughout my own problems so am just guessing and trying to read other's posts and take care of myself.

But I am gaining and ready to try and communicate with Drs once more! TAKE CARE!!! PR

Darly 2009-08-08 19:30:38 -0500 Report

Pat, I too have been a victim of being overlooked as I go to behavioral health for depression,anxiety,ADD, and to deal with the everyday pains of Fibromyalgia…It is sad that you are labeled for being in mental health treatment…I am about to give up myself, I will wait to see this next Dr. as my therapist said he is great and specializes in pain!!…Keeping my fingers crossed, and my eyes,legs etc..LOL

Darly 2009-08-08 19:26:49 -0500 Report

Thank you for your friendship and help Mama, thanks to Harlen I will be able to test myself to see what the levels are as I wait to get penciled in to see a Doc. sometime next month!..You are all so great on here,so many caring helping people all in on place, I love it!!!


mamaoak 2009-08-08 19:54:15 -0500 Report

it is ok glad to help.and yes they are realy great people i have found so much support her love them all

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-07 09:00:02 -0500 Report

I am so proud of YOU!! We all know how difficult it is to get on track! We will all pray that you have the strength to carry on. Probably the more you strenghten your new habits, the easier it will become! Pr

roger 2009-08-06 21:27:14 -0500 Report

you go mama good job. my next a1c is in sept i can only hope to be so good any thing under 8 i will be happy

mamaoak 2009-08-07 18:24:47 -0500 Report

you just keep trying it will work don"t get discouraged. good luck with your next A1C as well let us all know.

Avera 2009-08-06 21:05:31 -0500 Report

That is awesome news! Now that just shows exactly how hard work and eating right can get one great results. I am so impressed by all the weight that you lost also. What kind of diet did you use?

mamaoak 2009-08-07 18:21:58 -0500 Report

just diabetic carbs info if you want to lose weight they said 30 to 50 carbs per meal.walking 1hr a day then dowen to half an hr. two low carb i i also did the carb exchange if i had bread at lunch and breakfast none at supper choose good vegies as well that where low in carbs. exchanged one glass of milk for 4 oz off cottage chees and 4 oz of yougart all low fat. hope this helps everyone.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-07 19:02:11 -0500 Report

Hey, thanks for the specific good suggestions, it has helped me as I still flounder amongst WHAT TO EAT! When I was sick I didn't want to eat so had no problem! Well, the old gal is feeling better and appetite is returning. For supper I had a boiled egg, 1 2in chunk of Sharp cheese, half slice of mild onion,1 sl of WWbread—-had none earlier—-does that sound OK?


mamaoak 2009-08-08 18:20:48 -0500 Report

you have to watch the cheese oh how i love it your protien the kidneys have a hard time with protien. got to have some vegies and a small amount of fruit if you can handle it after being sick.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-08 22:00:25 -0500 Report

Thanks, I just eat what SEEMS to fit close to what I REALLY WANT—not always balanced, I guess— When I plan to eat, so many things still seem not worth the effort of chewing them—like to SLIDE food down—juices—I KNOW, one of my downfalls! I also LOVE PUNCHES!! Ones with that sherbert, ginger Ale etc—don't worry , I haven't had any for ages!! sigh—PR

Ms.B2 2009-08-06 18:24:41 -0500 Report

You are an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations you must have worked really hard to get there, how wonderful for you :)

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-06 15:48:33 -0500 Report

Congratulations!!! Maybe, I too can be off of pills someday as I continue to WATCH and EXERCISE a healthier life style. I am even beginning to feel stronger myself as my BS have stayed in range these past days, even with pneummonia and an antibiotic—was a bit skeptical that the ——would hit the fan as so many things have gone wrong these past few years over NOTHING! But, MAYBE, I am on the good road too!!!! Keep us posted, and we will do also!!! PR

mamaoak 2009-08-06 17:07:47 -0500 Report

yes pat you can do it . it is a new life style but we know what we can have and what not to just have to make good choices for our selves . good luck to you keep up the good work.

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