Quick Poll: You and the holidays. How you holding up?

Dr Gary
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So here we are, in the midst of the holiday season. Yes, we're here. There's no backing out!

Just wondered how everybody is doing. I am seeing some posts about the challenges of eating healthy. I am having a few of those challenges myself. But I couldn't get my hands on peppermint stick ice cream (my holiday weakness) this year, I've decided to call that just as well, and maybe even a blessing.

I hope you are doing okay with all the cooking and managing and running around — and hopefully even smiling — that goes along with the holidays. And feeling blessed!

How you holding up? Are you smiling?

Whatever you are doing for the holidays — celebrating, not celebrating, in the middle of everything, or just watching everybody else and shaking your head in amazement and amusement, I hope you are celebrating yourself as the year comes to an end.

Sending you all my best wishes!


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Mewella1 2015-12-30 11:35:45 -0600 Report

I decided this Christmas that I did not want to tempt myself with all the goodies everywhere I went and instead, decided to nibble around the goodies and concentrate on the friends and family who celebrated with me. I found this to be so satisfying to me at the end of the day when I thought of all the possibilities I had to get into trouble with all the sweets and goodies around. But the best thing I thoroughly enjoyed all the friends and family and made lots of happy memories to relive throughout the coming months instead of the weight I could have gained.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-30 19:48:05 -0600 Report

Hi Mewella! It's great to see you. Wow, it's been a long time since we have been in touch. Good job of keeping those temptations from overcoming your willpower. That's not easy! Yes, a whole lot of possibilities to get into trouble. So glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! And think of how much better you feel. Thanks for sharing this.

PacnorwestT2D 2015-12-29 17:54:19 -0600 Report

Christmas was angry around here. Son decided to run off chasing a girl he met online across the country at last minute making his Mother upset.Christmas dinner was same as my family doesn't really get along probably because it's only time of the year we get together or talk with each other. Besides, all that its been peachy!!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-30 19:41:08 -0600 Report

Hey pac! Great to meet you. And thanks for checking in. Wow, I am really sorry to hear this. Sounds like lots of tension to sit with, and not a whole lot of joy. That's a shame. I hope you were able to find some time to enjoy yourself! Keep in touch with us!

granniesophie 2015-12-29 15:19:30 -0600 Report

Lovely Christmas holiday. Got norovirus and was sick for almost 10 days! Ate nothing but steamed white rice (brown has too much fiber) and ginger ale for 8 days. My BS level was wonderful, no lows, no highs, was the only part of the whole thing that was positive, that and losing 7 pounds (which will come back any old time!) I am looking forward to 2016!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-29 17:20:09 -0600 Report

HI granniesophie! Wow, so sorry you were sick! You certainly have a positive attitude about this. Glad you are feeling better. I konw what you mean about how easily that weight comes back. Frustrating, I know. I am looking forward to 2016, too!

Krystalillith 2015-12-28 23:05:16 -0600 Report

Not too well. Would like better control of my diabetes, tired of going into DKA everytime I get a little infection. It is very frustraiting, I understand what I need to do sometimes i can't because its very hard to afford.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-29 17:18:48 -0600 Report

HI Krystalillity, nice to meet you. Thanks for checking in with us. Really sorry to hear your holidays haven't been going that well. It's sad to hear you can't afford everything you need to manage your diabetes. Just wondering if you have looked into patient assistance programs that many of the pharmaceutical companies offer. It might be worth asking your doctor about this. I am glad you are here. And I hope you will stay in touch with us. Lots of great information and support here.

Anonymous 2015-12-28 07:33:25 -0600 Report

Thank-You Dr. Gary I hope your Holiday was a good one .
As for me it was depressing worked all night Christmas Eve and slept most of Christmas did manage to make it to a friends for dinner but wow did I eat . Needless to say had to do a few bolus .
It is hard when I live in Indiana and my daughter lives in VA and my son lives in NY and we cant seem to connect on the same days for vacation or Holiday's . NY Eve looks just like my Christmas . At least I am not alone like I have been in the past .
So Happy New Year a couple of day's early .

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-28 20:25:04 -0600 Report

Hi Anonymous! So sorry your Christmas was depressing. I always especially appreciate people like you who are working over Christmas, often in jobs that make life safer or better in some way for those of us who are at home enjoying the holiday. So thank you! Glad to see you were able to have dinner with friends. And I know it's hard when your children are spread out, so many families are these days, mine included. Makes getting together at the same time a real challenge. Nice to know you are not alone. And Happy 2016 to you, too! Thanks for checking in.

Homely54 2015-12-24 17:40:06 -0600 Report

Thank you Dr. Gary, I wish you and your family happiest and healthiest of holidays and always.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-24 19:18:00 -0600 Report

Hey Joanne, thank you so much. And I wish you the same. Happy 2016! Looking forward to staying in touch with you!

debcox 2015-12-23 01:49:34 -0600 Report

Good question: We went today for my hubby's first chemo appointment only to find out that it was a meet and greet to get to know our new doctor and find out about the treatment that he will be starting my hubby on in 2 weeks. On the positive side, my hubby liked him and told him the semi-truth about his pain level. The doctor was watching and listening and told my hubby that he felt that my hubby was in more pain than he was stating. My hubby smiled and told the doctor the truth so the doctor started him on a medication to help the pain decrease. Hurrah!!! It is very difficult for me to see my hubby in pain and not be able to do anything.

As for me, I am sad and disappointed that the chemo treatment was not started today. I am happy that they have a 85-95 percent success rate on the meds that he will be starting on 1/05. I am upset that I just got my tree up tonight, that all my shopping is not done, that I have a sick grandson (not his fault I know), and I don't know what to do about our tree decorations. I can't get them as I am afraid of heights and my husband can not as he can't lift the boxes. My grandsons want to decorate the tree tomorrow night so I guess I will see who I can get to bring the decorations down while my hubby is at work tomorrow.

My blood sugar is fine, I've been able to keep up my eating but have had a decrease in exercise so I've gained 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks. Monday night I was beyond stressed and ate 3 gluten free chocolate/peanut butter truffles. They were great and somewhat satisfied me but I knew that I was eating because I was upset. Thankfully, my blood sugar was not affected the next morning.

I am all over the place emotionally. Somewhat depressed because I am overwhelmed, tearing up and a bit short with my grandsons. The grandsons are leaving this Saturday to spend the week after Christmas with their dad. I'm pretty sure that I will be dropping into bed as soon as they leave. I am so tired. I usually take off for a bit by myself for a walk but my hubby & boys are being clingy and either don't want me to take off by myself or want to go with me.

I am feeling a temper tantrum coming on. I'm pretty sure that it will not be good for a 60 year old to have one. I really need a long walk!!!

cmr55 2015-12-23 19:10:42 -0600 Report

Big hug Deb. I understand how stressful this is for you and your family. Here any time you need to talk etc. I took care of my brother with neck cancer 11 years ago. I found long walks helped me when I needed to destress. Prayers are with my friend. Love and Light Carol

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 11:06:29 -0600 Report

Hey debcox,

I realy appreciate that you checked in here and let us know what's going on with you.

I am so sorry to hear about your husband and the slow-going on getting the treatment started. I know that has to be hard on you when you want to get it underway. It does sound like he has a doctor who not only listens but is observant. So glad he got your husband started on pain meds. I hope that helps both of you to enjoy the holiday a little more.

I am glad you will have grandsons around. Kids have a way of bringing happiness into the house. I have a very nice image of them going to town on your tree and getting it up and decorated for you. Very nice.

Sounds like you are keeping your blood sugar levels under control, no small accomplishment this time of year.

Not surprised to hear about your emotions. The holidays have a way of doing that to us, and you have lots of additional stress on top of the normal holiday stuff. i hope you will get lots of support during this time. Get rest, take care of yourself, enjoy your time with your grandsons and your husband.

Do things that make you feel happy and relaxed, when you can. And vent when you need to. I find in these situations that helps to articulate to myself, and to others, what I am grateful for, to focus on the blessings. That can hlep you to cope during a rough spot.

Merry Christmas, my friend. Please keep me posted on how your're doing.


ecm2008 2015-12-22 11:00:05 -0600 Report

Not well…This is my least favorite time of the year…Sugar reading have been high 200+ since Thanksgiving…Hope I can get things better once the holidays are over…

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:58:44 -0600 Report

HI ecm, nice to meet you. I am glad you checked in. I think you are in good company on that one, lots of people with the same struggle over the holidays. Take good care of yourself, my friend.

calayx 2015-12-22 02:32:56 -0600 Report

Depressed !

Homely54 2015-12-24 17:46:17 -0600 Report

I hope you find happiness, I find that my cat keeps me in tuned. Maybe a pet will help you too. :)

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:55:37 -0600 Report

Hey calayx, so sorry to hear this, my friend. I hope you will stay in touch with us. You are not alone.

Consueloj 2015-12-21 21:36:35 -0600 Report

First Christmas our father is not at home. Had to move him to a designated memory care facility in November. We are all though very grateful that he seems to be adjusting and that our mother has regained her health, physically and emotionally. My siblings and I were overwhelmed and exhausted trying to care for them both. It got pretty scary there for a while.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:55:03 -0600 Report

Hi Consuelo, so nice to meet you. I have also been a caregiver and I know how hard it is on everybody, and a hrd decision to make the move to a facility. It sounds like everything is going well for all of you, and that's a lot to be thankful for this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Lentyl 2015-12-21 19:31:23 -0600 Report

Christmas is very quiet. I have no family. Hubby died close to 10 years ago. BUT - I count blessings and this makes me happy. I admit to missing pot luck dinners because I consider them to be a minefield. Christmas Eve church services are lovely and that, too, makes me happy.

May all of you have a very Merry Christmas and an equally Happy New Year. God Bless you all.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:49:07 -0600 Report

Lentyl, you have a really great attitude. You are an inspiration! I hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve services. The reason for the season. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!

Dayfly 2015-12-22 08:22:10 -0600 Report

Hugs. I do not have much family left neither. I find getting involved with volunteer things involving people that have much less than I do is rewarding.

Pegsy 2015-12-21 19:15:00 -0600 Report

I've cut way back on my expectations for Christmas. I don't decorate much and that actually reduces my stress. We haven't put up a tree in years and we're both OK with that. Since I was diagnosed I have quit baking. Due to family conflicts and deaths in the family the last 4 or 5 Christmases have been pretty miserable. This year is different. I actually feel like celebrating. We plan to go to a Christmas Eve service and then visit our son & family on Christmas day. We might also go to a movie. We aren't planning a big holiday meal. Just having breakfast with family. Not a "dangerous" meal, LOL. I bought my husband a pecan cobbler to enjoy. Something he loves and something I hate so there's no temptation for me. I'm going to make myself a tiny, sugar free, chocolate cheesecake to enjoy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I just want to relax and enjoy the meaning of the day.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:41:25 -0600 Report

Hey Pegsy, great to hear from you. I am sorry to know your last few Christmases haven't been good. As you said, we have so many expectations for how the holidays should go, and those expectations can end up making us unhappy when they don't true. And what can be bittersweet about the holidays is remembering people who are no longer with us, and relationships that were once happy but aren't so happy this year. Time can heal family conflicts, I hope it does for your family. Sounds like you are making this Chistmas a merrier one, in your own special way. That's really great. Merry Christmas!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-12-22 13:25:42 -0600 Report

Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me…my favorite part of Christmas is watching the children open their gifts in the morning…until my daughter moved down here with my two grand children 2 years ago…that had not been a part of my Christmas for YEARS…this year I am blessed the grand children are spending Christmas eve with me…so I don't have to go anywhere Christmas morning…just wake up and enjoy the magic…but for years Christmas was just church and a nice family dinner…no kids in the house…I didn't even put up a tree for years until last year…again for the grand kids…the adults in my family don't even exchange gifts…never have really…maybe small tokens as Christmas approaches…if we saw something during a great sale we thought the other would appreciate…I saw cookie baking sheets at an insane price..and knew my daughter needed them…so I picked her up two and dropped them off with her last week…but gifts exchanged on Christmas eve..or Christmas morning…nope…so for the adults…it is about God…family and reflection…

sweetslover 2015-12-21 18:57:29 -0600 Report

Not doing well at all. I have found that I cannot even nibble on any forbidden goodies without my BG spiking. We have gone to several dinners that have been torture for me. Add tremendous family stress to the mixture along with health problems and I am an emotional mess. Trying so hard to keep smiling and be pleasant for everyone else.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:03:24 -0600 Report

HI sweetslover, I am so sorry to hear you are struggling this year. I know how hard the holidays can be, with the food temptations and the family issues that can come up. Not a time of joy for everyone. Take good care of yourself, enjoy what you can. Fake it til you make it can be a good way to get through the holidays. Please keep us posted on how you're doing.

Pegsy 2015-12-21 19:03:58 -0600 Report

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've had many Christmases like that. Hang in there. I think eventually it does get better. Try to spend some quiet time of reflecting and finding things you can be grateful for. That helps me a lot.

Meredith B
Meredith B 2015-12-21 12:32:31 -0600 Report

I was doing pretty well - eating pretty healthy, not gaining any weight, not too stressed - but that's changing now. I baked all weekend and am dropping off cookies to the appropriate people, but it's really not the best thing for me - lots of emotions. I skipped the baking last year when I was newly diagnosed. The house is not in order, the tree is up but not decorated, I still have a few things to wrap, at least two Christmas Eve services to go to (with "kids" - adult ones - singing, so who cares how much time it takes) and 35 people descending on my house for Christmas dinner. And I'm self employed, so have to watch that I don't slack off too much or we'll start the new year with a bank account on life support. In short, starting to feel the stress. But also looking forward to the music, church, family, and friends.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 10:01:24 -0600 Report

Hey Meredith, thanks a lot for sharing what's going on with you. YOu are balancing a lot of balls here, it sounds like to me. I know what you mean about the holiday activities bringing up a lot of emotions, I think a lot of us experience a lot of feelings this time of year, me included. But it also looks like you have a lot of fun stuff ahead of you. I hope you have lots of fun! Enjoy your holiday!

WASHED OUT 2015-12-21 14:13:56 -0600 Report

Just keep in mind what you have to be thankful of. That keeps me in line even during troubles. This holiday I have disowned by one of my children who caused hurt and resentment to her brothers and sisters. She seems to do this regularly on any holiday that doesn't center on her. She hurt her brother so much he doesn't want to even be around her any longer. She hurt her sister just about the same, and has had her mother crying many times when hurting her. So this Holiday I am heartbroken that I cannot have my only wish, which is to have all my children under one roof again loving one and other and getting along. We all think she may have Narcissistic Personality Disorder and confronting her just causes more anger and seclusion. We fixed our Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone was there except her brother, which earlier last holiday she had hurt causing a ruckus. Neither my daughter nor her husband would come to our set table with everyone else until after everyone else had eaten. Later that night after she went home she cursed her mother causing her to cry, that cause me who had kept quiet to text back. Now both myself and her mother are unfriended even on facebook and are not to have contact with her or our grandchild. I don't know how to fix this one, but again I still have much to be thankful for. They are all alive, well, and hearts can change. Will be spending my Christmas with the rest of my children and grandchildren, and will pray for my daughters return and healing.

cmr55 2015-12-22 09:19:35 -0600 Report

My prayers are with that in the future that things will be mended I experience something like this last year with my son and his girl friend. Since he seems to have drank the coffee and woke up/ No longer with the girlfriend. Things are a lot better. Never give up. Carol

Meredith B
Meredith B 2015-12-21 16:43:39 -0600 Report

I hope your family can heal. We do truly have a lot to be thankful for, not least that all of my kids will be home tomorrow night. Can't wait!

Dayfly 2015-12-21 07:11:18 -0600 Report

Quiet Xmas for me as not much family left. No children. Will go and spend day with hubs who is in a locked ward from war injuries.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 09:50:41 -0600 Report

HI Dayfly, nice to see you. I am sure your husband will appreciate your presence with him. Merry Christmas to you both!

Pegsy 2015-12-21 19:05:59 -0600 Report

A big Christmas hug to you. I hope your time with your husband will be pleasant and meaningful.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-12-21 06:42:13 -0600 Report

I am fine…( but if you are talking about polls..grin)…my poll is slightly bent…things happen…life is hard..but it doesn't change the reason we celebrate…and THAT trumps all else..

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 09:49:39 -0600 Report

Hey JIbber Jabber, that's a very good attitude. The reason for the season, as the saying goes. Thanks for the reminder. :))

Knitting Bubbie
Knitting Bubbie 2015-12-21 06:11:51 -0600 Report

I am with a new endocrinologist and trying a new med regime so I am doing everything I can to see if this will actually work.
Happy holidays to all.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 09:48:47 -0600 Report

HI Knitting Bubbie, wishing you the best with your new endo. A good way to start the year. Happy holidays to you!

cmr55 2015-12-21 04:35:44 -0600 Report

I am doing great BS are in normal range. I made healthy goodie trays to hubby's workers. He has two diabetics that work for him one is type 1 other type two. Have not gained any weight. Will only have my son, grandson and maybe grandsons girl friend along with hubby and I for Xmas. I feel very relaxed compared to last year. I am in a great place. You all have a Merry Xmas

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 09:47:37 -0600 Report

Hi cmr55, this is really good news! Fantastic! Sonds like you have all the important bases covered this year -- good health, healthy eating, and family around. Merry Christmas to you!

Sally926 2015-12-21 01:43:50 -0600 Report

Sorry to hear about your hubby, especially right now when things are so hectic. Will keep you in prayer & God bless!

Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil 2015-12-21 00:45:17 -0600 Report

I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I hope everything goes well for you and your family. My prayers are with you during this time.

GabbyPA 2015-12-21 00:14:08 -0600 Report

I was doing okay until today when my husband is headed back to the hospital. I am not in a good place right now in many ways....lots of ugly emotions going on.

calayx 2015-12-22 02:40:00 -0600 Report

I'm so sorry that you both have to deal with this especially during the Christmas Season.
Your family will be in my prayers !

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-21 19:57:52 -0600 Report

Gabby, I am SO sorry to hear that. I really am. I hope you are getting lots of support. Don't hold those feelings in. Please keep us posted. Sending prayers your way.

GabbyPA 2015-12-22 07:14:45 -0600 Report

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. They are working already.

I tell you, stress can be so bad...I had a 422 this morning. OMG....really. Went swimming, took the doggies for their walk and enjoyed some quiet and fun conversations with my step daughter. I'm out of insulin...so that didn't help either.

Anyway, he was admitted but at least no infection, which is his usual MO. So now we are waiting to see if his pump (pain pump, not insulin) is not working properly and if a surgery will be required to replace it. It's not anything we have not faced before, but the timing certainly is rough. He tends to be depressed a lot and this can make it harder for him. At least this is only his second trip to the ER this year. The year before last, we were there about 5 times. So there is my silver lining. LOL

Thanks again everyone...you are all so awesome!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-23 09:45:59 -0600 Report

Gabby, thanks so much for the update. Wow, you are dealing with a lot here. Bad timing is right. I hope you are feeling better, and that your husband's doctors are able to get this figured out and help him get back home. It's just like you to look for the silver lining. :)) Please keep us posted, my friend.

GabbyPA 2015-12-23 14:10:17 -0600 Report

It has been the perfect storm of mishaps for sure. We finally got him discharged to his doctor's office where his refill for his pump was supposed to come in today...it is stuck in transit with bad weather, so now we have to wait until Monday....kind of a bummer, but at least we have figured out what happened. That again, is another perfect storm of mishaps....so we all just had to laugh and wish each other a merry christmas and just deal with it. At least he's home...

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-12-24 19:20:20 -0600 Report

Hey Gabby, really glad to hear your husband is back home. That's great. Perfect storm is right. At least you know what's going on. I hope that pump gets there on Monday. I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas together!

GabbyPA 2015-12-25 07:47:02 -0600 Report

I think we are going to save our gift exchanges until after he is better so he can enjoy it.

suecsdy 2015-12-23 15:38:30 -0600 Report

So glad you have had some better news with your Sweetie. Knowing the cause must be a big relief. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

cmr55 2015-12-21 04:27:40 -0600 Report

my prayers are with you

GabbyPA 2015-12-21 05:02:57 -0600 Report

Thank you. The EMT's just left and he is on his way to the hospital. These make for long hard nights and huge stress levels. Our EMT's know us now...good and sad at the same time.

Consueloj 2015-12-21 21:32:20 -0600 Report

Gabby I hope you have some good news soon. You always seem so incredibly strong but if you are running a little low - Im sending mine.

cmr55 2015-12-21 06:46:50 -0600 Report

I know its such a stressful time for you. I have some idea what you are going through. Hubby passed out at work 15 years ago two days before xmas at 3 am. I got to the hospital before the EMT's because they had to stabilize him before bringing him in. So I am here any time and understand. he had to have three front teeth pulled, broke his nose. Had a virus

GabbyPA 2015-12-22 07:18:47 -0600 Report

That has to be worse. At least I can prepare for what happened. It usually starts about 1-2 days before he ends up going in. I would hate to get a call like that at 3:00 am. Those phone calls are the worst.

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