Tired and ready to give up

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Started 2009-07-31 21:04:13 -0500

I am so tired. I have been having so much pain in my legs. About two weeks ago I found a lump in my right leg. It is in the shine area. It is very sore to the touch. I did not injury it in any way. When I found it I was sick in bed that weekend. I showed my doctor and he said that I need to see a vasular surgen. I went to see one and he did a ultra sound. He said that it was not the blood vesals. There was nothing he could do for me. So I am still having the pain. The pain is in both of my legs and they swell up around my ankles. I would like to start walking but it hurts to even walk. Any ideas would be a big help. There are times when I am ready to give up.

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GODSANGEL41309 2009-10-20 01:10:12 -0500 Report


Please don't give up! I know how you feel. I have made every effort to get well and have had no success but I put my faith in GOD and not the doctors. I have similar problems like yourself and sometimes find myself feeling extremely SAD that the healthcare system is so bad they would allow individuals to suffer as we do. I make myself get up, get dressed and get going with what use to be my normal routine regardless of the pain. I notice that when I choose not to move I feel worse. All I can really say is PLEASE DON't GIVE UP…God created perfection in us..its a hard road getting there. I will keep you in my prayers!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-19 22:24:50 -0500 Report

Susan, Are you feeling better?? Sure do hope so, all of us are still praying for YOU and all others who have to endure this PAIN!!! Hugs, PR

Ms.B2 2009-08-14 22:27:08 -0500 Report

Don't give up Susan, you seem like such a nice devoted member to your family and I might also add that you are a very valued member of this conection, You have made us laugh and even cry when you share your stories, Please don't ever give up hope.It sounds like you had a relly arrogent vas, Surg.Please keep trying until you make the right connection with the doctor who is right for you, God bless you darlin, keep your faith and stay after them until you have a ligitment reason for the pain you are suffering with, Take Care Always Lucie

P2putt 2009-08-14 08:10:33 -0500 Report

My dear friend,I'm sorry to hear of your experience. You have so many people concerned about you and lifting you up to the Lord.Please message me anytime with whatever is on your mind or in your heart.I wish and pray for the very best for you. Your dear friend,Pete

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-04 13:54:56 -0500 Report

It was so WONDERFUL to read all of the comments on this discussion, it also helped confirm my growing feelings of taking care of myself, to NOT get down because you FEEL so ALONE I think the venting or sharing with others, with different perspectives, helps lift us up! When I was REALLY down, I day-dreamed of the baby monkey who survived the loss of his mother, by being given a rag doll, or such, to hug warmly to! I even curled up with a warm, fuzzy blanket for warmth and comfort, PRETENDED that I was loved, found God in my heart as still caring and providing love through the soft blanket. When your core being feels warmed, then it helps to take baby steps outside of that comfort zone, as the blanket of love, from God is still there!

maybe that is an extreme, but it worked for me until I found this site of REAL, warm and caring folks, and even Pared with those who are cutting, it does breed strength—just look at your own heart and ask yourself, is THAT REALLY TRUE??!! Usually it is not, but is their own warped perception, based on their own past experiences which have NOTHING to do with you, so they are just cutting others up in order to TRY and make themselves feel better!! But I bet that it doesn't work, that being hateful just makes them feel worse, so they are to be pitied and PRayed for too!!

Love to ALL, Pr

Avera 2009-08-01 22:00:48 -0500 Report


One more thing that I forgot. Anytime that I feel down, I watch this.

Please, do yourself a favor and click on this link. It will take you to a short video that is quite incredible. I wouldn't want you to miss it


GabbyPA 2009-08-02 08:02:34 -0500 Report

You can't watch him and not be inspired. This guy is fantastic.

SusanJ 2009-08-02 10:09:55 -0500 Report

Thank you so much. That vido was great. I do have sleep apena. I also have fibromyolgia. I am not going to give up. I want to be around to watch my grandchild grow up. You all have been such a big help.

Avera 2009-08-01 21:26:42 -0500 Report


If it is not anything that the vascular surgeon can take care of, you might want to ask your doctor to send you for a test to see if you have neuropathy. I went to Duke University Hospital here in North Carolina to have mine.

They test all the nerves in your legs or any place else you are having pain. When the results come back, you will know if you have it, where exactly you have it, and how much damage has already been done. The doctor that gives you the test can prescribe medicine for you that will be needed for pain and your regular doctor can be brought up to speed.

There is one other thing that you might want to check. Most people have no idea that they might have a sleep disorder. If you have been having problems sleeping, this can cause swelling of the legs below the knees. Just thought I would add that. Lack of a good night's sleep can cause major problems in many areas of your health.

Hope that you find out what your problem is. It can be very disheartening to be in pain and have no idea what the problem is. Just don't give up. Make a list to take to the doctor with you of each and every symptom you have experienced. You are the one in charge of your body. Don't be afraid to suggest tests you might need.

And as others have suggested, change doctors if you feel that this is needed.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need some online sources concerning either of the problems I have mentioned. You can send me a message and I will mail them to you here on the site.


SusanJ 2009-08-01 15:40:20 -0500 Report

Thank you all for the great advice. And you are all correct I do did to keep on my doctor about this. If he will not help me then maybe it is time I find a new one. My spirits are up more today. Just being able to talk to friends like all of you helps. I also have my faith in God. I started to do some research on this. That way when I call my doctor next week to go see him I will have some information to take with me. Hugs to all of you.

mamaoak 2009-08-01 12:09:14 -0500 Report

Oh suasn i feel so sorry about your pain. don't give up . iknow of your pain i could hardly walk for two years. ihad physo therapy and withe the right treat ment you can to. i am now walking some days not with out a limp they say keep walking or your joint will freez up. with the right dr you will get help.good luck.

GabbyPA 2009-08-01 09:45:50 -0500 Report

I know there are times when we all want to quite. It is a 24/7 deal we never asked for. Doctors get to go home and forget about it, we live with it. So as others have said, make him help you. Keep bugging him and giving you options. I am also a HUGE advocate of doing your own research. You might come to incorrect conclusions, but you might help them think outside the box. Don't just accept what they say, they don't know everything. Even if they act like they do. LOL
I kind of like to go in with an "I told you so" once in a while. I am never mean about it, but the more I participate in my treatment, the more I learn from all sources. And in the end, it is really up to me....so hang in there.

Avera 2009-08-01 21:36:53 -0500 Report

Excellent advice Gabby! Even if I had not seen your name beside this post I would have known it was you. You remind us all to stand up for ourselves and learn as we do through our own research. Thanks for always doing this.

GabbyPA 2009-08-01 21:55:48 -0500 Report

Thank you Avera,
I know what a feeling of empowerment fills me when I take charge and I want to inspire that in others. There is nothing like that gratification of knowing what is happening or what to do.

Sometimes we are just so beaten down because we give up or we just don't know where to turn. That is why I love this site. I get the support I need to push thru that and get back to business.

Mkc 2009-08-01 08:57:02 -0500 Report

I am so sorry you are suffering so and the doc said he couldn't help! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

lipsie 2009-08-01 07:30:12 -0500 Report

I know how you are feeling, I was there last week. I had police here cuz my friend thought I was gonna commit suicide I sounded so bad to her on the phone. Anyhow, I dunno if you have a higher power…I am not sure whom mine is but I did reach to God and asked for help, each day for a few days got a little better…I am still hurting but my spirit is here again.just hang in there…I just got a new MD too, hard to find a good one. Keep up no em'!! You need answers!!! Good luck! Hugs! Sheila

SusanJ 2009-08-01 06:59:23 -0500 Report

Thank you both. I am going to keep on my doctor about it. I know that I am not alone on this site that is why I asked for help on here. My famiy and other friends do not understand. This just seems to be one more thing in a long list of health problems of the last 9 years. I have made it this far. With the help of God I will keep making it.

GODSANGEL41309 2009-07-31 22:44:11 -0500 Report

I know exactly how you feel…it has been happening to me for a week now. I was sure it was a blood clot..could feel it moving up my leg…boy was I scared…my partner suggested that maybe it was a pinched nerve…I'm not a doctor…what do I know??? I took his advice which was to go see our Chiropractor (which we see monthly for a spine alignment) and guess what? Within 4-5 hours later..the burning sensation and my fear all disappeared. Its very important that you have a chiropractor that you trust 100%. My chiropractor has been a God Send to me! Hope this helps!!