Beat Sugar Cravings

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The trick or treaters are gone, but now comes Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. All times of family, friends, fun and food. Often we are faced with hard choices when we accept an invitation to a party or family gathering. I found this little gem to help you now, so maybe you won't have to face withdraw later.

This is a simple but direct article on ways to help overcome sugar cravings. It is not geared to diabetics only, so be aware, but there are some good ideas in here we can adapt to our way of living and come out in the New Year with one less resolution to add to our list.

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I get a craving once in a while, but I try to stick with yogurt, chips, or pumpkin pie during the holiday season. There is some good information here. I don't have enough money to get food some times and this makes it tough. But I am going to budget a little better and see if I can overcome this obstacle this coming year.

GabbyPA 2015-11-13 15:02:19 -0600 Report

My crave for sweet is almost all gone. Like you, Jibber I get some for certain things I have attachments to. But I don't make it, I won't get any.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-11-13 13:21:37 -0600 Report

I eat all those foods regularly..and I really don't crave sweets…I mean I have an emotional attachment to certain foods…that make me want to eat them…like spice cookies…good lord…YUM…and they are always around during the holidays…my mom is still in NYC…but darn if my daughter doesn't bake them…I may have to play with that recipe…try to make it Catherine Friendly…but yeah…emotional cravings get me…memories attached to foods…making me want the foods…but I just let it pass..

camerashy 2015-11-13 13:15:34 -0600 Report

Except for brazil nuts and oysters, the suggestions contained almost ALL of my favorite foods. Maybe that's why I don't crave sugar. I once tried some of the glucerna drinks, but they were sweet enough to choke a horse! Yuk!