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Here's the scoop.. I used to hustle. Like - I was a major distrubuter of various illicit substances(many of which can be taken intraveniously). I'm not ashamed and I don't lie about anything. So believe when I say I used to shoot up. But now I have a diabetic so who gets 4 shots every single day. I don't have the background I have because of bad parenting.. I just did what I wanted to do. I don't care what you say you can't stop a determined teen from doing what they want. Now comes my concern. What happens when my baby boy gets old enough that he wants to start experimenting.. I've seen needles destroy many lives. And now my son will have full access to as many as he needs for the rest of his life. I think you know where I'm going… Any comments?

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Dancehawk 2008-06-24 12:11:11 -0500 Report

I think if you talk to him and make him part of your life he will understand, and as he gets older keep the education going.
Children catch on fast and want to be part of everything we do when they are young, but teens ohh my they give us the grey hair,
but a well educated child to teen is more stale and will be there for you.
My ex sister in law got both of her daughters involved with her diabetic needs , they are both grown up now they both know when there moms not doing well and what she needs to help her.
So talk to your children and get them involved.


Anonymous 2008-06-24 09:31:11 -0500 Report

My question is how can you possibly streer your child to the right path when you don't even think that doing drugs is the wrong one? If you're not ashamed of what you did, then you think it was right. So you can't give what you don't have. Get yourself right and then take care of your child.

gabrg 2008-06-26 05:27:10 -0500 Report

I think you're still misreading me.. I'm not saying what I did was good. I'm not saying I'm proud. I'm not saying I'm still in it. I'm stating a concern. My life isn't the issue here.. I'm living right, as was my mother when I was raised(didn't help). It was just to open a discussion.. Not to have fingers pointed. :-)

morris.js 2008-06-26 05:44:14 -0500 Report

Personaly, I am pretty proud of you for being so open and honest about your past, and your concerns for your son. Do not take offense to anyone who misunderstands why you started this discussion.
I'm a single parent of a soon to be 16 year old son, and I've been fortunate to have been able to have very open and free discussions with him about everything including drugs. We are both very active in Tae Kwon Do along with his 3 best friends. We all ride together to our class, and paricipate together so it gives me a change to be a part of their group. All of the kids, including my son have had first hand experience of the problems that arise from using rugs and alcohol. (My ex was a user, and the others had family members that were also). Because of all the negative things that they saw, they have no interest in either. Staying open and honest, and being involved with my son has made it much easier for me when it comes to these issues.
I truly wish the best for you and your family. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

GabbyPA 2008-06-24 09:06:35 -0500 Report

Your honesty is rough and brave. It is not the tool(needles) I would fear, but the attitude toward life.
I say the first question is going to be if you are now setting an example for him that will keep him from going down the same path you did?
Next questions is if you trust your young child to have the sense to do better with his life than maybe you did durring those turbulent years? Kids will amaze you when you offer them opportunity insead of denying them "fun".
If he is taking care of his diabetes as he grows, he is going to be growing up with a lot of reponsibility that maybe you didn't have and knowing how his body works might help him steer clear.
One thing that kept me from experimenting was that I just didn't get why people did that just to be sick later. I didn't get into the "good feeling" part of drugs, so the "sick feeling" part was a great deturrent for me.
I would not make it a focus in his growing up. Focus on the good things, on living healthy to support his diabetes, and have lots and lots of fun. Worry will just sap your joy.
One of the best things is just keeping an open communication and watching for signs. You are right, kids will test you. Your love for them will keep a vigelent eye on them. You will know better than maybe your parents did because you have been down that road.
Now, you have to trust yourself to know that you will do what you can to keep him healthy. This desiese will make you stronger too.

gabrg 2008-06-26 05:32:49 -0500 Report

Right.. And he is still a little young to be doing much hisself; he's almost 4 and I'm teaching him how to take his bloodsugar and such. So yeah I still have a while until that's a primary concern. I think you're right. Instead of trying to raise my son by telling him what to think - I believe that if you just influence his attitude and show him the fun things in clean life can be, it'll help.

GabbyPA 2008-06-26 09:34:38 -0500 Report

You have a great attitude about it and that is key. I have never raised any kids of my own, but I raised the village.LOL I loved my years as a nanny and I learned a lot. I love kids and they always taught me a lot about myself. Your son is in good hands as long as your hands are involved in his life. You are going to make mistakes, so is he. We all do. The important thing is to LOVE him no matter what.

Anonymous 2008-06-24 08:09:51 -0500 Report

He could get them at any drug store anyway & I think they hand out clean needels to junkies…

gabrg 2008-06-24 08:18:33 -0500 Report

That's true.. Some places do hand out free needles (Not anywhere near where I live, thank God). My concern is not necessarily that he would have access to them.. The concern is that once it _is_ about that time when his curiousity is peaking. Now he'll already by comfortable with needles.. Like I said I've been there I know about the accessibility. I just want help steering him out away from the ideal of misusing them. Even if he does choose to use. I just don't want those things that are meant to save his life..also to help ruin it.

leon - 14226
leon - 14226 2008-06-26 08:09:57 -0500 Report

the fact that needles are readily avaiable to him will not affect his decide to shoot illict drugs but other factors will be.