Bursitis :inflammation is part of diabetes.

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Since past 7-10 days I have bursitis.I am sharing this so that any friends would be able to use this information as preffered useful.I was very depressed as at my work I was excellent and my supervisor had recommeded my name for CNA tution free education and I cannot lift the patients for right now.To solve the problem I logged in the website for the terminology and when I was reading I figured out some suggestions to handle it.Bursitis is an inflammation of the cushion like ligament that helps the joints to be in place.It develops due to over use of that particular area like the carpel tunnelsyndrome.They had suggestions to use a ridged pillow with curves.I had the pillow from the tempurepedic mattress that we had purchased long time back but I never used it effeciently.It was very useful. I believe you are supposed to rest on the high side of the curved pillow next to your neck and the lower side facing your bed headboard this way your body will lie in a straight plane and you will stop folding your arms in square while going to sleep in the night time or due to exhaustion or breathlessness. I also place regular shaped pillows one on my right hand side and one on my left hand side and rest my hand over it for faster recovery.Now adays when I wake up I can remember everything and I do not get the Diabetic shock.I have progressed so far. I am taking medication.By God's support I will be allright and hoepfully i willjoin the CNA course. weeks time.
Any suggestions welcome!
Thanks friends
Usha K.

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I have a suggestion for you.

I was having trouble with both arthritis and bursitis. In the "News & Articles" section of this site, I read about the medicine "Salsalate."

I didn't read about it because I had the problem with arthritis and bursitis, but because there are some studies being done right now for its potential to *lower blood glucose levels in adults* with type 2 diabetes, a massive chronic problem for older people.

So, I asked my doctor for it to help my bursitis and arthritis. Well, it really helped very much AND over the past 4 months, my A1C has dropped 2 whole points without me doing anything different other than taking this pill.

"*Salsalate* relieves the mild to moderate pain caused by a variety of conditions including arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, headaches, menstrual cramps or pain, minor injuries, and others."

This medicine has been around for over 15 years and you can get it both at Wal-mart and K-mart at their reduced prices on generic drugs.


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