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This is the coolist website! It has so many restaurants listed.

If you know you're eating dinner out, look at the restaurant's menu guide at this website and pick the entrees that have the least amounts of fats, carbs, calories BEFORE hand! Go to your dinner educated! This site lists all the nutritional information.

Here is the link! Enjoy!

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mamaoak 2009-07-25 19:48:49 -0500 Report

Good one thanks for the information, i sure can use this . great post avera hugs take care

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-07-26 20:58:23 -0500 Report

There is lots of good information in that site that I have put it in my favorites file so I can check it out when the neve arises. thanks for the info. Dan

Pauline B
Pauline B 2009-07-25 11:36:25 -0500 Report

As a food service administrator I have to add my comments. More and more restuarants are required to provide nutritional assessments on their menus, based on the standardized recipes the chefs are supposed to follow. But chefs have egos, there are leftovers to use, ingredients change, and no one measures much of anything (just watch the food channel). In other words, the nutritional analysis is a ball park figure.

We compared the nutritional analysis of menu items for major Seattle resturants recently (as part of a diabetic research project in which I volunteer) from the main-stream steak houses, to Red Robin, to Applebees. One can count on most "wholesome" entrees to contain 1000 Kcalories, 40 grams fat, 122 grams carbs, and 37 grams protein. Anything fried, bloomin', pasta, or sauced will be higher.

What to do? I select a protein salad with dressing on the side, shrimp cocktails, don't butter the bread, and enjoy the company I am with.

Usha K
Usha K 2009-07-23 12:21:30 -0500 Report

Oh Good Lord ! This is such a tremendous job! I am glad somebody has the motivation, brain and skills to put together everything!I think there are ways one can choose even if the kids have diabetes. It 's the way we live with it that makes a difference!

Good networking!
Usha Kommuru

kdroberts 2009-07-23 07:50:47 -0500 Report

One thing you have to remember about eating out is that what the nutrition info was based on is not what you're eating and can be significantly off.

It's a good guide to have, especially for planning, but it's still important to evaluate what you actually get on the plate rather than think "great, all that food and the nutritional info said it's only x carbs!"

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