Swelling, Fluids,FootPain,ColorChangeon Legs

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I,Roger,have had some serious trouble with my legs with them swelling up,then started hurting under the back of the left knee.This started in April and then took fluid pills,cut back on salt products and putting salt on my foods.Also,cut back on sodas,drank more water to help my kidneys,but legs still keep swelling up.Then my feet started hurting alittle,then started getting a lot of pain on my ankles and feet.My Dr.said she wasn't sure what was happening to me to retain so much fluids on my legs. So,finally after two and ahalf months of she's not sure what it is and increased my fluids pills,she started having tests run on my heart and lungs for fluid retention.oooooonadanothing was found.Like all Drs.say ,lose weight and maybe that will help and exercise,which I do everyday.Then she said walk more often and I told her with 5 acres of land I think I do alot of walking.She never refered me to a urologist,cause she thought I didn't need to see one.Well,now after seeing her again last week,and I was really swollen and my feet were really hurting and also my ankles have started changing color,then she set an appointment with a urologist to check me out.Does anyone have any ideas on how to ease the pain on legs,feet,left knee,ankles,and I already take pain pills.Also,to stop the swelling.Help me out with advice. Flores.P.S,let you know what happens when I see the urologists on tuesday.

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MarineMomX2 2009-07-21 02:26:56 -0500 Report

Don't give up on the doctor. I watched my mom swell so many times and all her's did was give her water pills. When my legs and ankles started doing this last month I did the very same things you did..no salt, no soda, etc..but, it never improved, just kept getting worse. By the time I'd get home from work it looked like I had club feet they were so badly swollen. Needless to say by the time I got in to see my doc my BP had gone sky high and he put me on a BP med/duretic and added another med to the list when he said my metaphormin wasn't doing what I needed. Added to that was a bladder infection I didn't even know I had, so it could very well be some type of urinary infection adding to your complications. Hopefully the urologist can find a reason for the swelling. When it hurts so bad to even walk, you do wonder what your supposed to do to get better. Good luck and take care of yourself.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-21 09:45:47 -0500 Report

I know when it hurts so bad you can hardly walk—I would try to work as a nurse aide, but by the end of the day they had to wheel me out in a wheel chair as I hurt too badly to walk. If one can stand firm with their Dr. be sure of yourself, I think they take us more seriously, one of my friends always overstates her problems, but she gets attention! ha But somehow I could Never to that—I have a tendency to try and "take it" as long as I can in order to avoid that stigma of "hypochondriac" only to be questioned later, "why did you wait so long?!" Boy—-you get my drift! Try to not take things personally, but that is easier said than done, when you really don't know!

Your friend, pat roth

flores 2009-08-16 14:24:05 -0500 Report

Hello Marinemomx2,how are you doing today.I hope that you're swelling has gone down some and the dr. has given you some fluid pills for it or something else to ease your swelling.My swelling has started to become nominal but if I overdo it then I start to swell again.My leg still hurts a whole lot behind my left knee snd down tomy ankle.The pain gets so bad to a 9 I FEEL LIKE A HUGE NERVE IS PULLING ON MY LEGG.My bp is okay and my bg is reading ok too. I'm getting checked for a bladder infection and will know the results when I go see my urologists this week.I will let you know what the dr. says about my bladder. Talk to ;you soon,Flores

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-20 22:48:34 -0500 Report

Oh, dear, another example of a Dr not taking warning signs seriously. I think that most are overworked and tired!

Let me dig into my brain—I was a ward clerk, sitting at the nurses station and listening to Drs visit for 30 years—-too bad when you can't get professional ideas from ones own Dr.!
I am NOT a Dr., but these are some of the things that I have tried, and that helped. I don't even pretend to know it all, but have picked up a few clues in my life time.

Feet elevated above the heart

apply cool compresses, towels rung out in cold water
sometimes drinking too much water works the kidneys too much so just drink what you FEEL like you need, dont stuff it in—
purple lower legs and ankles= poor circulation, too much pressure on your veins and arteries—
sometimes blood vessels retain water—causing swelling, discoloration
elastic hose (I HATE—BUT)they do help—

maybe your heart isn't pumping adequately to keep the fluids balanced in your body.

But MAINLY WE ARE ALL PRAYING for you and I am so thankful that you are seeing a Dr. Tues. I know that the situation is so miserable, so try the cool clothes on legs and feet, and legs elevated tonight for some comfort! I have had similar problems but for different reasons, I was pregnant and retaining too much fluid, kidneys were not acting properly—- Keep us posted as we ALL CARE!! PR

flores 2009-08-16 14:35:19 -0500 Report

Hello Pat,I am doing ok so far because the swelling on my leg has gone down a lot and I don't get swollen unless I start to overdue it.Then my knee and all the way down to my ankle start to hurt like a vein pulling on me real hard.I have to lay down and put pillows under my leggs and take a pain pill, rest a while which I don't like to do.Besides I can't walk on my feet when I hurt real bad anyway.I hope all your symptoms are doing better and their not stuffing you with a lot of meds. May God help you to get better and Iwill keep in touch take care Flores.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-16 17:05:27 -0500 Report

Thank you, Flores! You are a sweetheart! Those painful legs and feet can really get to you, regardless of the cause! My prayers continue to be with you!!! Love and hugs, Pat R

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