Type II, FMS & Myofasical Pain

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This is the first time I've ever started a discussion.. So please forgive if I say something wrong or mess this up.

The common thing we all have is being diabetic..But does anyone out there have Fibromyalgia and or Myfasical Pain?

I was diagnosed w/ fibro & myfascial in Jan 2000..
Diagnosed w/ Type II diabetes in Jul 07

Thank you & Have a Great Day :)

PS: sorry I don't know what the "tags" are for..

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Babs341 2008-06-24 11:36:18 -0500 Report

Hiya Bluerose,

I know so well how your feeling. We share such a common bond in both things. Also did u know that the CFS is one of the normal side symptoms of Fibro, as are so "many" others that attach itself. That's one of the reasons why it's so hard for some doctors to find out what you have.

For me my CFS goes both ways - I will not beable to sleep (insomnia) for 3-4 days, then in about 2-3 weeks later I will be so tired I can't stay awake but for an hour at a time. Of course this will then cause a flare up (such fun).

I love this site, but when having flare ups it's so hard to even get on the computer for days or even weeks at a time.

Thank you for replying :)) Hang in there hun… there are days when we may not be able to get out of bed, but know that you have "friends" out there willing & ready to help in any way we can.


bluerose2 2008-06-24 15:25:11 -0500 Report

Tonight is one of those nights that I am UP to wee hours of the morning. And I kinda had plans ( never know for sure if you will be able to follow thru with the plans depending on the fibro/cfs ) tomorrow morning with my son. I heard that fibro and cfs are different conditions, are the same condition, and / or that one causes the other ! I don't know which theory is correct - all i know that the tiredness that goes with it is unbelievable and the pain - well some days its all i can do to get from bed to couch!

Hope you are experiencing a good day !

Babs341 2008-06-24 16:10:43 -0500 Report

I so understand what you are going through. So many times that I have made plans only to have them go right out the door.

My most recent & most devasating upset was because of my diabetes & fibro combined. I missed my son's high school graduation. I was so depressed! This just happened recently so it still brings tears to my eyes.

Between the fibro, diabetes & other medical problems if feels like breathing can cause something to go wrong. My best advice is to make sure you give yourself plenty of time to rest, keep w/ your meds & diet. If you have any meds that help you sleep please make sure that you take them. Follow through with what you know works whenever you can.

Please forgive me if I sound so harsh or bumbed.. sorry but the pain of what happened is still so very fresh. It's not to make you feel upset or bad in any way.

Sometimes when I hurt really bad I have to take a hot bath & soake for at least 20 mts so help me relax.. I guess you can say we will try & do anything to get through the hard times.

I have 2 kids & they are so very helpful & understanding. They know that I will do anything w/ them & for them when I can, but that there are some days that it isn't possible. It helps when the kids are old enough to understand what is going on. I don't know how old your son is, but even kids that are young as 4-5 do know when Mommy or Daddy isn't feeling good. My kids still give "Mom" a hug & kiss everynite before bed, & anytime that they or I have to go out somewhere. Yep, even to the corner grocery store. Gotta love those hugs & kisses from the kids :)

Sweetie my heart goes out to you & your family.. Sending you great big XXXX - OOOO's..

Now you need to get some sleep.. It's way past your bedtime (lol). :))


bluerose2 2008-06-24 01:55:35 -0500 Report

Hi Babs. I am also new to this , so please be patient with me also in finding my way around ! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1991, also Chronic Fatique Syndrome in 1989 and Type II Diabetes in 1997. I am finding that one affects the other - Fibro is worse so is my blood sugar. I get tired and hurt so it is hard to prepare or shop for the right foods , so my blood sugar gets worse ! Having Fibro makes dealing with being diabetic all the more difficult for me. I do not have a whole lot of answers right now, but do know that I am here for you to let out your frustrations or to share new ideas with each other.

Have a good day !

GabbyPA 2008-06-23 23:52:54 -0500 Report

Hi Babs,
These conditions are just becoming aware to me. If you seek out JP in the community, she has a lot of experience with these things. She is really helpful and fun to chat with.

Babs341 2008-06-24 11:41:20 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby,

Thanks hun for the replay & info about JP. I searched for her & requested a friends invite.


JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-06-28 12:15:06 -0500 Report

Here is my post from another discussion about my experiences with Fibromyalgia. After 4 years of pain and suffering everyday mine was finally diagnosed as Aspartame poisoning. I know of a doctor in Michigan that has been studying aspartame side effects for 15 years and he has proof that it is poison for 'some' people. There are 100's of other studies too. I myself as you probably have read on here was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and they weren't convinced that I didn't have
Multiple Sclerosis and now since I stopped consuming Aspartame 2.5 - 3 months ago, all my symptoms are gone. The thing to remember is that it doesn't affect
all people this way. Most people can eat or drink food with it in and have no issues, which is why the FDA won't ban it. They won't ban it until a certain number of people actually die from it. I am one of the unlucky ones that has a sensitivity to it causing Neurological issues. From what I know now, I wouldn't say that you shouldn't use it but be careful because there isn't a test to tell who's sensitive to it and who's not…
I've read so much research on this in the last year and none of it is conflicting.
Update from today: I talked to my pharmacist about this today and she herself has been through detox recently just like me from aspartame poisoning and recommended that anyone with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, MS, or Lupus along with Diabetes should get off the Aspartame and see what happens. Can't hurt!! As Diabetics we try all kinds of things to make life seem more normal but for some of us, with the sensitivity to aspartame it's got to be another way. Please give this some thought and read the discussions on alternatives to it. Also read www. sweetpoison.com for more information. That is just one site of 1000's.
Welcome aboard and good luck !!!

Just my two cents
*Judy (JP)