Medtronic Recall on Quicksets, URGENT!

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Recently I received a thick envelope in the mail from Medtronic Diabetes, the company I get my pump supplies from. (I'm using a paradigm pump) It was marked "Urgent" so I opened it immediately.

I found out that there is a serious problem with some of Medtronics products, specifically a recent batch of QuickSet infusion sets. It has something to do with the "lubricant" process but the warning was rather vague. It assured the customers that the problem was only with "lot 8". These infusion sets can deliver too much or too little insulin to the body, especially if the wearer experiences sudden altitude changes. (Such as on an airplane or roller coaster ride)

Medtronic is recalling all "lot 8" Quicksets and sending new supplies to their customers. They wanted immediate feedback from their customers to ensure we got the message, in other words, its dangerous and they know it.

I'm just posting this in case any Medtronic pumpers didn't recieve the envelope, and to say that I am seriously considering switching to another pump. I've been hearing that Medtronic has gone down in quality lately - and this experience rather confirms it. Especially since it turns out that I've been using using "lot 8" for the last three months. That means it has taken Medtronic at least three months to discover the problem, a problem that could take lives. (My dietician was telling me a few weeks before this that there was a problem going on with Medtronic pumpers, at least eight people had died of unconfirmed causes - but probably an insulin overdose. Putting the two together makes me wonder…) Medtronic says NOT to use Lot 8 under any circumstances, discontinue immediatly even if you have to go on sots until the new supplies arrive. You can go to the following link to read more about the problem from Medtronic itself.

I would love to hear from other people on different pumps and your experiences. Do you have one you would recommend? I am very interested in the One Touch Ping…

Thanks and I hope this was helpful to other Medtronic Pumpers.

Lauren Ashley

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Nan H.
Nan H. 2009-07-17 21:27:23 -0500 Report

I was also affected by this recall, and had noticed problems with my control in the last few months. When I noticed I was having problems, I started talking. . .to myself, my doctor, and Minimed. I do not work for them, but I do work with them (our company them with materials used in some of their other products). I am not always a huge fan of them and their ways; the CGMS system had a lot of problems early on, which they worked very hard to keep people in the dark about. It still has issues, and the warnings on it are not all that clear how bad they can be.

But, Minimed has taken a responsible path with the data they have and voluntarily recalled their materials. Is this a problem? Yes, of course it is. It has hurt people in terms of care, cost, difficulty, and there are some who say that there have been lost lives. None of that is confirmed, but even the idea that it could have been caused by the supplies in unforgiveable. However, I know that they do the best they can with the information they are provided, and they have been nothing but helpful to me in getting the problem resolved.

When problems like this come in, the company has a responsibility to investigate if they have any responsibilty and/or liability in the cause. Unfortunately, this takes time unless the cause and effect relationship is very clear. Here, that relationship is not that clear, and so the investigation took time.

I am very sorry some of you have not had good experiences on the pump. As a 10 year Minimed pump user (I also had a Diesitronic), I understand that there have been both good and bad times for me. The pump is a tool; just one part of a many part team. If all the parts aren't there, or working well together, then pump therapy does not work. The pump has to be part of a plan of diet, exercise, education, and continual efforts to take care of yourself and your control. It doesn't allow you to eat whatever you want (although it makes it possible to do so from time to time once you know how to use it right), it doesn't make it so you don't have to monitor your blood sugar, and it doesn't make it so that you will always be in control. It takes a radical shift in thinking (at least it did for me), and a really good team.

Ultimately, if being on shots works better for you, then do that. Good control is all that really matters, and not everyone gets there the same way. In much the same way, different pumps work for different people. Not everyone likes the Minimed, and other pumps have features that the Minimed doesn't (like no tubing!) I sincerely hope that you can find a solution that works for you.

BLC 2009-07-14 19:00:03 -0500 Report

I recently got the same letter. I have been a Medtronic pumper for one year. For the past three months my blood sugars have been way out of control. When I got the letter I looked and I too have been using "lot 8" for the past three months. Less than a week ago I went back to shots. I will probably never go on the pump again. My experience with the pump has not been a good one. And the convenience of the pump is just not worth it to me.
Good luck in your search for a more reliable pump.

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