This site has scared me even more

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I was diagnosed in Mar this year. My A1C was 7.4 and Trigs were 484. My doctor put me on Metaformin 1000mgs 2x a day which makes me sick and running to the bathroom every 5 minutes (woo hoo!) I have terrible pain in my feet as well as neuropathy which I take gabapentin 600 mg 3x a day I recently started taking Tramadol as needed. I have cut my sugar almost completely out diet sodas, sugar free drinks (Ocean Spray sugar free Grape Cranberry is my favorite) sugar free cookies occasionally. I started at 250 in Mar and as of Jun1 is was down to 222, I haven't weighed since. My blood sugar is still between 170 to 110 it is 124 for the most part. I don't know if that is good or not. I do know that this site has scared me even MORE…amputation, organ failure my doctor didn't tell me any of that. I would rather die then to have some aputated, I don't think that I am strong enough for that. I am having trouble finding a job because I cannot be on my feet all day with the pain in my feet. Is there anything out there that helps with the pain?

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Sue Turner
Sue Turner 2009-10-28 12:08:06 -0500 Report

I think that we are all terrified when first diagnosed with diabetes, I know that I was. The first thought that went through my mind was, "I am going to die!" However, I don't think that way anymore. I am educating myself, and treatment has come a long way over the years. This is a disease that can be controlled. People have lived and are still living with type I diabetes, which is what I have,well into old age. If you are a type II, sometimes type II can be controlled with diet and exercise. Mine cannot. I have to depend soley on insulin to keep me alive.

Just thinking about all the awful things that could happen scared me to death, but just because these things have happen doesn't mean that they will happen to you. You have got to constantly educate yourself,and take care of yourslef. Knowledge is power!!!!

Don't let everything you read or hear scare you. Think positively, and take control. Worring will only contribute to your high blood sugar. I worried so mucy at first, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I finally realized that I needed to take control of this situation before I ended up in a Mental Hospital somewhere. I am trying to take things one day at a time. Try to enjoy your family and loved ones as much as you can on a daily basis and try to think about and enjoy the things in your life that are fun for you.

Don't give up on this site. Keep reading, asking questions, and educating yourslef. Everyone is here for you no matter what you are going through. They are a wonderful bunch of people, and we have all experienced the same things in some form or other. Hugs to you, Sue

DawnFL 2009-08-11 23:16:50 -0500 Report

I was just diagnosed in July. We need to be scared so we do what is right. Exercise and eating right. I am disabled so the exercise is hard except for swimming. Lucky for me I live in FL. I too had 7.4 on my A1C. I am on Metformin but only one pill a day. My doc believes that exercise and diet are the key to controlling this and my high BP. He said don't focus on the numbers. I've got the numbness too and the pain but not sure which is from what anymore.

My best friend had her husband near death for the last couple of years. They went on a trip and he never told her he had a sore on his foot. He is in a wheelchair. Well short version…they came back from the cruise after 3 wks and he had his leg amputed to the thigh, later the other foot and he spends days in a hyperbaric chamber and getting dialysis. Yes, it is very real.

I don't know what all those other meds you take are but I am glad I am not on them. My one pill a day seems to work and I notice that empty, hungry feeling I use to have all the time is gone. Now I have to remember to eat my meals and snacks so I don't get dizzy etc. Make sure you take your Metformin with food in the a.m. I hope you feel better and I am thankful that I am where I am with this. You make me hopeful about the weight. I have really put it on and was told by a neighbor that she dropped 40 lbs after being diagnosed and on meds. It is a catch 22 isn't it? The weight causes it but also makes us gain weight. My biggest side effect right now seems to be swollen feet that are really uncomfortable. The doc says stay off them and prop them…oh yeah that is real exercise huh?

MHarris4now 2009-08-07 15:22:49 -0500 Report

I read a few of the posts here that suggest V8 and one that stated that it was high in salt.
Salt, being sodium is something that the body needs but also something that I must monitor because of my high blood pressure.
I notice that when a product looks good for me to use it is either low in carbs and high in sodium or low in sodium and high in carbs!
This can be sooooo frustrating!

MHarris4now 2009-08-07 15:22:47 -0500 Report

I read a few of the posts here that suggest V8 and one that stated that it was high in salt.
Salt, being sodium is something that the body needs but also something that I must monitor because of my high blood pressure.
I notice that when a product looks good for me to use it is either low in carbs and high in sodium or low in sodium and high in carbs!
This can be sooooo frustrating!

jancy773 2009-07-23 00:09:03 -0500 Report

Hi there! I just joined this site today and saw your post. I'm a T2 but I do know something about those foot pains and leg cramps. Most are caused because of low potassium levels. I was a swimmer in college and because of the strenuous exercise our coach told us to have an orange or orange juice or a banana before practice and it would help with the leg cramps. Potassium is involved with nerve function, muscle control and blood pressure. Potassium and sodium work together to regulate the water balance in your body. Your kidneys regulate those levels in your body. Low potassium levels happen when you exercise hard, are on extreme low calorie diets or have poor diabetic control among other things. Keep yourself hydrated—Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of foods that contain potassium and you should feel better. Some of those foods would be meat and dairy, fish (canned too) and plenty of veggies like tomato, celery, carrot, green leafy veggies (V-8 juice!), dry beans and sweet potatoes, nuts, bananas, oranges and cantaloupe. In other words a healthy diet; little or no processed foods. I hope this helps you. It did me.

Lydia2177 2012-03-27 05:04:26 -0500 Report

For years I have had the problem of low potassium and take 3 prescription potassium tabs a day plus adding foods high in potassium. Low potassium makes my muscles hurt and go into cramps. That with the diabetic problems can make you most miserable particularlly late afternoon and night. I am with jancy773, I would try to eat more foods high in potassium…it may make a BIG difference.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-23 09:18:59 -0500 Report

Hi, Jancy!! I am so glad that you found us! Your words make sense!! I went swimming, pushed myself to swim 30 laps without stopping, THEN tried to climb out of the pool, and thought that I was going to be there all winter!! Those leg cramps hit the back of my thighs, as I was trying to get out in the 5 ft water, went over to the 3 ft. and heaved myself out FAST as they hit again above water.

I THOUGHT I had overdone, PROBABLY NEEDED more water etc, but it is so great to HEAR those thoughts by someone who knows! (I am 77 yrs and this happened 2 years ago so now am taking it slower, and doing better, but do drink a big glass of water before I go. ( And for some reason, don't need to get out before my time is up! That is strange—-but OK )

Welcome again! Pat Roth

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-22 19:40:07 -0500 Report

If you think that you can stand a bit of humor re-my grandma and her red, fiery legs—-Her son bought her a new frige, a first back in the 40's for grandma, her legs were hurting and burning so badly, that she got a chair and sat with her legs stuck inside it!! I was 16 and startled!!!! Grandma! But she had little food and the powers that be saw fit to take away what little money anyone would give her in those days——so she might as well put her poor burning legs inside!! A site I will never forget, my Dutchy, liitle grandma! PR

sdboy777 2009-07-24 23:47:11 -0500 Report

That is a cool story Pat. I can just see that, leggs in the fridge. A photo would be so funny now looking back. I tell you though, sometimes with the heat and humidity, I have opened the freezer a few times and put my head in it while it is sweaty and while i just flipped on the a/c while it cools the place. It's so nice.

tabby9146 2009-07-21 20:19:20 -0500 Report

yes those are things that CAN happen, but if you manage your lifestyle, the eating and exercising right, and you get the BS under good control, the chances of all these things , any of these things happening, is greatly dimished as I learned in class, and on this site. I know it is hard to get used to this diagnosis. It was for me too. You will find many encouraging stories here. I know of two women in my small town who have had diabetes for many years, one of them over 40 years, and she has no complications whatsoever, and is overweight and has been as long as I have known her which has been all of my life, so about 43 years! She isn't at a good weight realy, but she watches what she eats and is on metformin, never has had to go to insulin. I know someone else who has had it just over 20 yrs and is on Metformin and slightly overweight, but doing great as well. These two people really made me feel better and give me hope of how well I can manage this and I just wanted to share that with you.

RHill371 2009-07-22 17:35:06 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing Tabby! I must say that I am feeling more positive then I was when I first posted this post. I'm feeling much better too. I am now concerned for my beautiful daughter (in the picture w/me) She is only 12 and is very sensitive about her weight. But she sneaks food when I try to watch what she eats. It's so frustrating because I don't want her to end up like me.

sdboy777 2009-07-19 04:26:33 -0500 Report

Welcome RHill, You are certainly moving in the right direction with your numbers and doing an EXCELLENT JOB. YOu really are. Keep up the great work. SOME times SOME people do have those things happen, and I am no DR, but it would seem to me you are moving in the RIGHT direction from that. I too was very nervous and worried the first 8 or so months of my diagonsis. And my levels were in the 500 range when I was first diagnoses. It's hard to say how many years that was going on. And even today they are still 160 to 190 range. And for me that is very good compared to what they were. Also my Trigs were also 700 before, and that was for years as well, but with diet and exercise and some meds, they are down to 280 now. You are doing an excellent job and should be very proud. Keep up what you are doing and I feel it will all only get better. Meeting with a Registered Diatician and Diabetes Education Class, at your local hospital, works excellent and will also help with any worries. They are just the best. I hope that helps some and again, you are doing very excellent. Carl L.

RHill371 2009-07-22 17:32:06 -0500 Report

Thank you Carl. I appreciate your positive words. I am trying to do the best I can without insurance. That is really painful! LOL If the pain stays down in my feet (fingers crossed) I am hoping to find a job real soon. I'm to the point now that I don't care what it is.

sdboy777 2009-07-22 23:06:55 -0500 Report

God bless you. It's good to have you here and you have all our support and prayers and we will all get through all this together.

Joy Jones- McGlothlen
Joy Jones- McGlothlen 2009-07-19 03:57:34 -0500 Report

Hi every one I'm new to the site, excited to have found it. Looking forward to more information and learning new things

Lydia2177 2012-03-27 05:07:25 -0500 Report

If this site helps you as much as it has me you are in for a treat. Lots of support, lots of sharing. I'm new to…already feeling better and more determined.

RHill371 2009-07-22 17:29:34 -0500 Report

Welcome Joy! I haven't been on here in a couple of days. I am so glad I found this site too, you will get a lot of support and help on this site. I hope to see more of you on here.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-07-14 14:25:30 -0500 Report

Just a quick reminder to be very careful when using sarcasm in an online forum. Sarcasm is a very hard thing to communicate without facial expressions and tone of voice. It can result in a lot of misunderstanding and hurt feelings. Please be careful as we don't want to drive people away from the site simply because of a misunderstanding.

Amy Tenderich
Amy Tenderich 2009-07-14 14:44:23 -0500 Report

I agree with John; we need to treat each other kindly, and carefully, here. This community is meant to offer support, and we don't want to be alienating each other.

Thanks all!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 19:19:56 -0500 Report

Amen, sorry if I have offended anyone! Best Wishes ,Pat Roth

KarenCee 2009-07-16 15:32:52 -0500 Report

This is the first time I've replied on here as I am very new to this site…but not new to diabetes - Type 2. I think when I started having all these leg pains and the numbness in my feet that I started getting scared too. So I do understand your fears. Reading through the possibilities is a frightening thing but I suppose it's good that you know…that we all know…so we can be more proactive, yes? I am also battling moderate to severe asthma and polycystic ovarian syndrome along with the diabetes. Exercising for me is not so easy because of the frequency of wheezing and coughing, which can lead to an asthma flare up. SIGH. I'm looking into yoga and swimming so that I can at least get some sort of movement going on. I think I'm going to like it here as I feel surrounded by a lot of people who KNOW what this is all about. I hope you'll like it here too. :o)

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-16 22:05:28 -0500 Report

Asthma is one of my stumbling blocks too, so walking is almost out of the question, BUT swimming is so much easier and beneficial. Best of Luck to you! There is safety in numbers, no one is alone!! PR

Wendy Mac
Wendy Mac 2009-07-14 10:45:22 -0500 Report

Thank you remiglo, I thought it was just me the way I was responded to so I did not reply to centrider. I can not eat any tomato products due to an enzyme un-balance so V-8 is not a solution for me. My father did mention quinine did help his leg cramps though. LOL Wendy

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 19:18:59 -0500 Report

Everyone is different! I LOVE V8 BUT I have Gurd and the acid burns my inner mouth and tongue. That is why I can't do the vinegar either. BUT, this one will shake your socks—-I CAN DRINK DILL PICKLE JUICE to settle that burning feeling in my tummy, also buttermilk (which makes more sense!) Well, I think so—haha—most people go—arggggg when I mention that one! ha—PR

Schmitty23 2009-07-14 06:06:14 -0500 Report

Enjoyed reading all your comments. I am doing well with my diabetes now… but still have trouble at times with sugar dropping too low…especially in the morning hours. Have to be sure to take something with me when I leave the house…does make it hard to think when sugar drops… shaky too. Being a heart attack survivor too…have to watch fats and salt…have been on a very low sodium and low saturated fat eating pattern since the year 2000 … when I had my heart attack.

Lydia2177 2012-03-27 05:13:09 -0500 Report

That is the scarest part for me too when my sugar drops too low. Especially in the middle of the night. In one of the articles I read to keep raisins when you are in that situation. So I bought some small boxes to carry in my purse. Still eating regularly is the best defense as we all know.

cavie2 2012-03-27 05:45:44 -0500 Report

If you have low BG you can take some Orange Juice or Lucozade around 100ml or Dextro Energy Tablets with vitamin C (different flavours) are better for you if your BG (blood glucose) drops too low. I take 5 tablets. But have not needed to do that for 9 months. They lift it back up to a safe level very quickly. I get tremors down the right side of my body if my BG drops below 5 mmol/L (90mg/dl) I get tremors in my right knee and can't stand properly. if it drops below 4mmol/L (72mg/dl) the tremors progress to my right arm and hand, if it drops below 3mmol/L (54mg/dl) the tremors go up to my shoulder and I know then it is getting serious. You have to listen to what your body is telling you and go by that feeling. Most diabetics get tremors but not all of us do, some have no warning at all and that is when you should be extra careful about when and what you eat. I always have a pack in my living room, on my beside cabinet, and a pack in my handbag as well a 2 spare packs in my cupboard as well as Lucozade in my fridge. In the UK doctors tell us a fasting test first thing in the AM should be between
5-7 mmol/L (90mg/dl - 126mg/dl) after eating it should be 10 mmol/L or less (180 mg/dl or less) The US reading may vary slightly. Doctors all have their own opinions that is why we always get conflicting opinions. No wonder we are all confused as to which version is correct.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 19:16:01 -0500 Report

Hmm and I am the opposite, even though I am not a severe ( about 120 to 140 or so—must eat too much too late in the day but am trying to NOT eat after 7 or 8 pm—we have late suppers as I am usually watering the gardens. So will try to adjust my schedule a tad! Best Wishes, PR

Nan H.
Nan H. 2009-07-17 18:56:18 -0500 Report

Your morning highs may not be your fault; many people have what is called a "Dawn Phenomenon," where their blood sugar rises between 2-4 am and stays up sometimes until 9-10 am through no fault of their own. You can ask your doctor to have you wear a continuous glucose monitor (most doctors can "rent" them to you for 3 days; you wear it and it collects data all the time), and it will show if that is happening to you. If so, there are ways to deal with it.

Debe Pendice
Debe Pendice 2009-07-14 00:01:19 -0500 Report

I love life everyday to the fullest. I have been diabetic for 46 years soon to be 47. I was 6 years old when diagnosed. I been through everything youve mention and still have the will to go on. Now it is time to face reality. Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence. If you learned how to get it manage it will be a new lifestyle change for you. I am an amputee, did dialysis and had a kidney transplant. I still a few my problems to deal with and I am doing it to the best of my knowledge. I no my limits and try to stick to the plan. Give yourself time to learn the new lifestyle you may need to have and go with it. Diabetes is so different these days than when I had it 46 years ago. Take a deep breath, you will not be a 1 day change. Do changes and make them stples in you life now. We are all here to help you get through those bad days. I to this day will try to handle everything thrown my way. I have so much I want to live for. My first suggestion is to change your attitude and get on the program with the rest of the friends here on this site. Wonderful people here on the site will get you through this. Be patient, I know you will do great. I just would like you to know I did go through alot and concider myself a SURVIVOR. I am here for you…Debe

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 09:17:52 -0500 Report

Wonderfull, I am so PROUD of you and your positive attitude!! Continue on with our BLESSINGS!! PR

GabbyPA 2009-07-14 10:36:15 -0500 Report

Debe is one of the best! Her life can either scare you or inspire you. So I suppose that it is really up to what you want to get out of life. I know that fear, as John said, can be a good motivator, but what I find is that I just refuse to let it win. I find out how my enemy works and I learn how to combat it. You will do fine, don't let fear paralize you, let it get you moving.

As for the feet, exercise, ALA, and good care will help. You are getting your BG under control, and that will help too. It is something that bugs a lot of us. Some people also take pain meds, but I try to avoid that. Also well padded socks and good fitting shoes are important. That helps a lot with the standing and walking.

Welcome to the site. Don't let us scare you, let us educate you. Someone said that the doctors don't tell you everything, they are right. You go and educate your's kind of fun. LOL!

RHill371 2009-07-16 12:05:52 -0500 Report

Debe! THANK YOU. I am a very emotional person and writer. Like I said earlier I spoke with a double amputee this week and he was so positive and wonderful. After shock wore off I did some soul searching and decided that all the bad things WILL happen if I do not change my attitude and start being more positive. Like I said earlier I will rule the disease not the other way around. I am anxious to go find the herbal supplements mentioned on here because I prefer herbal to medicine anyday. I take 2000mg of cinnamon today and it has helped as well. Thank you, you are all inspirational.

Mkc 2009-07-13 22:28:37 -0500 Report

I feel for you! I have been Diabetic since 1995 and I too have Neuropathy. I take Lyrica and at night wear compression hose which press all my nerves and frees me of pain for the night. The hose also make the following day bearable. Find a desk job and prop your feet up while you work.

I know you are scared. It's good to be scared because it means you are fully aware of what COULD happen if you don't follow your treatment plan. 124 is pretty good for your blood sugar. Stay aware of everything and become knowledgeable about every aspect of Diabetes.

Good luck and you are free to email me and let me know how things are going. I'm trying hard to keep my numbers down and stay focused. I lost my focus and had a heart attack 4-1-09 because of pain meds for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am healing but reeling from it and dying twice. Stay focused and take back the power on your treatment plan.

RHill371 2009-07-22 17:28:13 -0500 Report

Mkc I hope you are doing okay. I really appreciate your post. I have been looking for the hose but I don't know if I want to wear them at night that sounds uncomfortable but like I said before I will try anything ONCE, Twice if I like it. LOL

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-22 19:35:49 -0500 Report

When I worked in the hospial, and also for myself, I was advised to wear support hose during the day, as your blood goes down your leg arteries, but has trouble circulating back up, so hence the hose.

Then at night we always removed the ted hose etc, from the patients, and myself, to rest the legs, then in the morn, back on, ususally elevated the legs at night.

This is just a suggestion.—-PR

Usha K
Usha K 2009-07-13 21:32:13 -0500 Report

I can very well empathize with you for how scary it would really be.You are still young and have good chances to live a lively and happy life!This is to let you know that there are options that are available only you should be able to decide and stay determined to it. My natural consultant has prescribed GYMNEMA sold at Vitamine Shoppe. I take 2 everyday!Ihave observed it has made a difference in my sugar level.I have type 2 Diabetes. Also eat one time oatmeal one time only salads (not the restaurant style or size but buy what you like and in bigger quantity). I like cucumber , grape tomatoe, baby spinach , broccolli.It is going to take some time for you to get adjusted so stay the course and be happy that you are doing something so as your motivation level changes to adapt to these changes in your diet. Drink gatorade G2 that's the best!

Also go to the website Institute of Integrated nutrition by Deepak Chopra and Jashua Ronthal.They are pioneers in nutrition education. Try to grow your own vegetables thereby you get the best farm fresh quality garden. I have the topsyturvy tomato planters I have 4 plants and they have started to bear fruits in 3-4 weeks time!
ENJOY and keep rest at GOD"s feet he will ansere all your troubles!
Have good fun!


Antique-Dave 2009-07-13 21:40:08 -0500 Report

Gymnema works for me too

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 21:59:04 -0500 Report

What is that, Dave? So much to learn—-I am a bit discouraged to night as my BS was back to 155, but got a bit careless as I had several good days (for me—-less than 130—-Good Night, I am going to bed and FORGET the whole thing, for NOW! best Wishes! Pat R

Antique-Dave 2009-07-14 07:57:51 -0500 Report

Gymnema is an herbal supplement its not very expensive. One of the things I look for in the supplements I take is that they help me with getting the spikes to come down quicker and stay down as I want more flexibility in diet choices.

I'm trying to work in a half hour of exercize eveyday but it comes at different times in the day, no routine yet but I think the supplements are giving me more insulin senstivity.

I'm getting what I want as I've had some fairly carby meals and I come down below 140 within 2 hours and during the day I've had a lot of low 100 and even below 100 readings.

I let my meter tell me when I can push the envelope so to speak.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 09:15:47 -0500 Report

Thanks for the info—I will write that one down, just in case! I am not sure at all where I am headed, thought surely that I could handle this on my own, more or less—-but it SEEMS more stubborn than I first thought that it would, but maybe I am not giving my body enough time to recupperate from my emotional breakdown, which had been torturing me forever—-But after reading all of these neat and informative posts, I will keep trying. It does help to put my situation into a better prospective! Thanks to all——PR

RHill371 2009-07-16 11:56:46 -0500 Report

Thank you Usha! I will look into Gymnema.

RHill371 2009-07-22 17:26:22 -0500 Report

Still looking for the gymnema. I did find and buy a Diabetes support pack made by natures bounty. It has a multivitamin with lutein, Alpha lipoic Acid, Cinnamon and Chromium Picolinate, Selenium, Folic Acid, Co Q-10, Vitamin C. It is in little packets and a 30 day supply. They do help! I still have some pain in the feet BUT at least I can wear shoes…my feet haven't been swollen in over a week and I have been sleeping at night. THANK YOU ALL for suggesting some vitamins

cyncyn 2009-07-13 16:23:00 -0500 Report

First of all, Sorry we scared you! Didn't mean too. Glad you come to to site. Welcome. You are among great friends here. We will be here to help you, be it a simple question, or something more in depth.
This site will give you insight, to diabetes!! Have you been to a Registered Dietician? If not, have you dr, refer you to one. They can teach you about meal planning. Such as when to eat, how much to eat, and what to eat. They can inform you, about how much fat, carbs, protein, calories,etc., that you should be consuming per day. It really helps you, get on track. I hope this helps you some. Again, welcome.


Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 18:43:25 -0500 Report

Hi—Personally I would like to know more about the amount of carbs etc are safe—I have no idea—I read labels and just choose the one that is the least—but it might still be too many. I am finally ready to read and try to remember, more. Thanks—PR

RHill371 2009-07-16 11:53:26 -0500 Report

Thank you Cyndi. After reading my post I sounded a little pathetic (sp?) I will look into a dietician. I am sure they will be able to help me. I really haven't worried about the fat and stuff just the sugar but I should worry about the rest because my father's side does not have good luck with cholestrol and heart problems and I already have the cholestrol problems (woo hoo). Thank you for the advice

cyncyn 2009-07-16 14:53:06 -0500 Report

You are welcome. If the dr. refers you, usually, the insurance will pay for it. If the coverage is Medicare, they will pay for 2 visits, with the dietician. Glad you are here.


John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-07-13 16:17:15 -0500 Report

It's true that amputation, kidney failure, blindness are very serious complications. And very real possibilities for those who don't take care of themselves.

However, for those who take the steps to monitor and control blood sugars and keep them in a healthy range, the chances of these serious complications go way down.

But use whatever motivation works for you. If a little fear is what it takes to help you be healthier, then that's great. If the fear causes you to freeze up and try to ignore the problems, then it's no good.

Just my two cents.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 18:41:38 -0500 Report

I liked your 2 cents, John—a good concept of the word, fear! That can apply to any life changing situation! Thanks! PR

RHill371 2009-07-16 11:49:41 -0500 Report

I like your 2 cents too John. Thank you for responding all the information has been very helpful. I'm not freezing up I can not let the disease rule me I will rule the disease!

DawnFL 2009-08-15 14:23:32 -0500 Report

I am sorry if I had been too honest but we should be scared so we do what we need to for ourselves. Too many people turn a blind eye to what is going on but this is a silent killer if you let it be one. A blind eye or two is what really can happen. My A1C was 7.4 and my doc put me on Metformin 500 mg 1X daily. I will take this warning and learn from it. As I said to someone, I don't want to wake up DEAD! If you do what you should and keep your doctor informed with any issues you run into then you need to be wary not terrified as I first was. What a difference in a month for me. Eating right makes all the difference as well as the meds. For the last year or so I have been so exhausted that I could sleep 24/7 and I mean REALLY sleep. Now I have energy and doing things I only had thought about these last two years. Remember that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER so educate yourself. I know some people have diabetes severely and no matter what they do right they may still have serious problems. I am talking about people like me who had become sedate and ate what we wanted to eat. Since reading labels this last month I have to say that I am horrified at what I am reading. The govt is so worried about us being obese? Then they need to get after companies who promote so-called HEALTHY food. I normally prefer frozen dinners but as I read every brand made for losing weight during my shopping trip, I put everything back. If it is not carbs it is sodium and sugar…it is in things that do not need sugar and high amounts of it. The pickings are slim to none in my 3 major chains here when it comes to catering to people with high BP, diabetes etc. The only way I feel safe with my BP and sugar now is by cooking. Is it a pain, well more than using the microwave, is it hard? NO! And if you cook yourself you can have more food…pile those veggies on…deck of card size protein, same for carbs and you will feel full. I am a carb junkie so if I can do it then anyone can. I once could have eaten a half of loaf of bread but now find it tasteless. My cravings have cut way back and I find myself full now. Before the meds I could chew my arm off.

Please don't be afraid I guess I should tell you but be worried that this is serious if you do not take care of yourself. You cannot ignore what can happen because there are too many unfortunate people who thought they were smarter and have paid for that thought. As for me, I want to live, I want to see, I want my limbs and will do what I can to hold onto what I want.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-15 21:34:03 -0500 Report

I agree that good eating can become a good habit!! I was so emotionally upset that I ATE to OVERCOME< and all I OVERCAME was my dress sizes!! If I too, can avoid carbs, without too much problem, anyone can with a little time and study!! Best of LUCK!! Pat R

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 15:59:55 -0500 Report

Oh, MY!! Fear is not what most of us intend to promote! But a person just needs to be aware of WHAT can happen, consult a good Dr, and also try your own approaches, knowledge is the best weapon for fighting fear, at least it sure has helped me, and the bad consequences just helped to shake me out of my denial rut, and LEARN what I can do to prevent side effects!
I was given Lyrica for that horrible pain in my hands and arm from Stinging Nettles, and it did help- for 4 years, day and night—-since there was no known cure—-at least no one that I knew had a true answer!

I am not familiar with any of your meds, except the Metformin 750 a day, so you can see that mine isn't too bad, just a warning. I am finding just developing better living habits, styles, get in touch with your own body, does help, gives one a sense of control over such an unpredicatable disease. Once you get over the initial shock , check out your own body, compare with others—"Well, I am not that bad—" I think that the fear gradually subsides! But I can help you in advising you to continue with this site as these are such wonderful people, and there is so much information, recipes, and HOPE that you can improve your own personal situation. You will find all kinds of advice, just check through it and see what is right for you, with a good Dr's advice too. Your new friend, PR

RHill371 2009-07-16 11:47:44 -0500 Report

Pat think you for responding. You give me a laugh in a lot of your post. I always appreciate your advice. You are right once the initial shock wore off I was able to think clearly. Amputation is not the worse thing that can happen…It also helped to speak with someone who was a double amputee at my husband's doctor appointment this week. I am determined to fight this thing head on. Lyrica is a wonderful drug for feet, however, my doctor does not want to prescribe it to me. Looks like I need to find a new doc or a diabetic specialist.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-16 13:58:19 -0500 Report

Thanks for the appreciation of a laugh, it sometimes doesn't go over too well, but it has been my main defensive all of my life—a wall, of sorts.

I think that as you communicate with others, amputees and all, you will begin to find your spot in this issue and become more comfortable with your own diagnosis, learn what works for you etc. As for me, I didn't hit the "over the edge" point untill 3 years ago,(77 yrs) denied it, "I could, OVERCOME and GET OVER THIS " After all, I was JUST a pre-diateic for over 50 years, I USED to LAUGH that I was 74 yrs and I was NOT going to develop it any further! Wrong, I am still not in a bad place, but have the GOOD FORTUNE to be forewarned and now am laughing out the other side of my mouth! I guess the TOO MUCH SUGAR, MILKSHAKES I drank, just once a month or 2 etc, to help ease me out of my depression, finally let me know, You had better cut back while you still can, and am FINALLY ACCEPTing it, and getting into a better habit of watching what I eat (I THOUGHT THAT THAT WOULD BE THE LAST STRAW, AS I HATE TO DO THAT___been in Tops for years and always refused to go that route!!!! To go without my sweets simply dipped me DOWN emotionally!!

Well, here I am, gradually accepting, glad I found this site, and am complying with what is best for the long haul—it isn't so hard now to follow a better diet plan, as there are so many others that are, that are still sweet spirited, so I CAN TOO< PAT!! I am lucky to have been forewarned, NOT PICKED ON like I originally thought, haven't I endured enough?? I am so tired, but others are helping to get me out of my rut and to accept! Go ahead and let your true feelings out, it does help, as my own BS, after my inner turmoil of yesterday, was 108 this morn so guess venting does help——That was a pretty good, but sad, test! Best of Wishes to YOU!! PR

Antique-Dave 2009-07-13 15:49:33 -0500 Report

try something like metamucil, make sure it is sugar free and don't take it within 2 hours of your medications it should help greatly with the GI issues, the only time I eer have issues with the Met is if I don't take my fiber

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 16:03:56 -0500 Report

With Metamucil you need to MAKE SURE you DRINK LOTS OF WATER!! Or it will set up like cement, "been there done that" My Dr. would not suggest it for me, but I had taken it before and knew why—A person just needs to tackle one problem at a time, as we are all wired together, interacting—one part affects other parts/ like finding the end of a ball of string—-and pulling gently to just get started! lol, PR

Antique-Dave 2009-07-13 15:47:01 -0500 Report

I had some pretty nasty shooting pains in my legs and feet pre dx for diabetes, I think the alpha lipoic acid has been good,the pains ae gone and my feet feel better every day. I had thought I might have had RLS as well but once my glucose levels well leveled off it stopped completely.

There are a lot of things Doctors don't tell us, thats why you need to be your own best advocate and learn all that you can so that you can make informed decisions about your health and to know what questions to ask your Doc.

RHill371 2009-07-16 11:43:55 -0500 Report

Thank you I will try the lipoic acid, I think I saw that at Wal-mart the last time I was there. I will try and choke down some V8 too LOL I hate the stuff but if it will help I will try anything!

Wendy Mac
Wendy Mac 2009-07-13 13:51:47 -0500 Report

Welcome Newly Diagnosed, I joined this site last week and have found it very rewarding to read so many things and learn things that I have ignored for too long. My feet are really bad also. I have been taking Lyrica for about 2 years and it has really helped me. I have RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) as well as horrendous cramping. Good luck!

centrider 2009-07-13 14:57:56 -0500 Report

Well, here I am again responding to a response. So, I'll only do this once here:

For that, as it is called on TV (done to simplify and make you run to your dr. for meds) RLS. Here's my non-med cure. In a word: V8.

Twenty-four ounces or so of the stuff to treat the symptoms works for me.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 16:12:19 -0500 Report

Hey, Centrider, your opinion and advice are as sound as anyone elses! Keep posting! All probably don't agree with me either, but I only suggest what has worked or not worked, for me! We are all different! Some may not agree to making a poluice from a cut Irish potato or an egg white either, but I have tried both, got the directions from an older, wiser RN that I worked with years ago! I had a sore between my toes, the red was going up onto the top of my foot, it was a holiday week-end and I did not want to bother the ER (I would NOT advice that decision for everyone) but I put whipped eqq white on it, and the next morn I was still alive, and the red and soreness was all gone! So, at least for me, it worked.( I did consider Salmonella, but They must have been happy chickens! )lol, PR

Celia - 38478
Celia - 38478 2009-07-14 14:59:15 -0500 Report

I am always several days off when I get to most of these discussions. I like your sense of humor. It sure helps. I am so thankful to have found all of you. Your tips are all very helpful. I have learned a lot from all of you. V8, egg whites. wow. You all keep giving advise and tips. THANK YOU

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 19:07:07 -0500 Report

You are welcome, I love to laugh and sometimes I have to laugh at myself, my best target! ha-I was thinking, V8 and egg white—-hmm—-just don't forget what you are putting—where! Probably shouldn't mix them, I do wonder what would happen..

When we were first married, (58 yrs ago) I had terrible bronchitis and cough. My new husband so sweetly and knowingly mixed up his mom's home ready of kersosene on a spoonful of sugar! You know what? He didn't know the AMOUNT of kerosene to add ,so just SOAKED it!! I was so trusting and dutifully TRIED to swallow it, choked and if anyone had lit a match within a country mile, I would have gone up in flames, about like some of our town last week! We laughed together as his mom patiently told US the proper instructions—AGAIN—but for some reason, the occassion never arose again, NOT that I quit getting bronchitis—! Ha I decided I had better go to the drug store instead, but we still laugh, these many years later! ha—PR

Anngelia 2009-08-06 22:01:03 -0500 Report

I've got some neuropathy in my feet and for that I take Lyrica. But I also have the RLS. I drink a small amount in the morning of the V8 Fusion. I love that stuff. Do you think that would work as well as the regular V8? Well I'll let you know in a week or so, lol because I am going to try it!

remiglo 2009-07-13 15:08:12 -0500 Report

I'll give another vote for Lyrica, it seems to be a fairly decent pain reliever for legs and feet. It really helps me get through the day. My experiences with Tramadol (Ultram) were not good at all. It gave me a real jittery feeling that was not pleasant and was a pretty ineffective pain reliever in my opinion.

I also have also have long standing ruptured disc in my back that compresses the nerves and produces a burning sensation in my left leg thats almost unbearable. Lyrica has also helped somewhat with that.

V8 vegetable juice as a cure all for nerve pain..I didn't notice that written on the label last time I bought some. I'll have to get on my Dr. for not having fridge full of V8 Juice to let patients with permanent nerve damage take some home. Maybe he could just provide coupons for the grocery store.

centrider 2009-07-13 17:06:08 -0500 Report

Sorry, Rem - V8 is not a cure for anything. However, it does relieve those symptoms.

After riding a bike for 60 miles or so, I've gotten leg cramps at night along with leg muscles spasm. The V8, taken either during my ride, or after - as I said around 24 oz. worked for me. What also worked was quinine (now off the market because of its off label use) and quinine water. However, for me. . . FOR ME was the V8 was about the best because if for no other reason I could carry the V8.

For leg cramps. Get a couple of cans. Try it. Maybe it works for you, maybe not.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 18:36:58 -0500 Report

I doubt if any juice works full time for EVERYONE, but if it offers RELIEF it sure would be worth a try, and I just got a bottle of it last week to supplement my craving for flavorful drinks. I think it is too hot to eat chewing food—
A friend, plus my hubby, say that Gatorade helps them, calms severe leg cramps etc, not sure if it is total relief, but like you said, any RELIEF can be WONDERFUL!
I have had some trouble, but not a lot—-However, last year, before I had been to our Wellness Center and "gotten in better shape" I went swimming, pushed myself in swimming 20 laps, dog paddle style—went to get out of the pool in the 5 ft water, and COULD NOT GET OUT!! Those muscle cramps hit my back, mid thighs every step I took, when got out of the water , BANG and I could NOT take one more rung out! It was at the end of the day, the poor little lifeguard just looked at me in bewilderment—a young man stood there too—powerless to help, of course, I got a bit frantic—what was I to do??!! One finally suggested to go over to the 3 ft. water, and wo-la, enough water was present to help lift me out! The cramps HIT again as I was coming out and over—I gritted my teeth and lunged ahead—and GOT OUT! I was determined to NOT stay in the pool for a permanent fixture!

So, look around, there is usually a different method to get where you need to go!! lol, PR

centrider 2009-07-13 20:16:06 -0500 Report

I do use Gatorade when I ride. Maybe because I don't drink enough of it.

A story here: Several years ago I was on a bike tour from Windsor, On. Canada to St. Catherine (the other side of Canadian Niagra Falls.

About 60 miles into the ride on a hot day I started cramping. Coming across a convenience store, I went in and looked over its refrig case and seeing the V8 I bought 2 cans and knocked them back. Cramps gone.

V8 is heavy on the salt, so that might well be the reason why it worked for me.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 21:50:23 -0500 Report

Hmm, well I do not exercise to that extent, in any way, so sippping on Gatorade would probably NOT be enough to help you. I was talking about a more sedentary life style, so I bet that you need more professional help as I have nothing to contribut to that extent. It does make sense that the salt in the V8 would be beneficial with THAT strenuous exercise. But it seems to me that with that stong exercise program you would need more water, Gatorade, can you find out how much fluid that you would need on a trip like that? My guess is that the amount you are drinking just isn't enough, especially if it is as hot there as it is here. For what that is worth, just my opinion. I wish you the BEST! Thanks for listening, Pat Roth

remiglo 2009-07-13 21:33:55 -0500 Report

Centrider - What I found objectionable was the way you dismissed the person who said they had "RLS and Horrendous Cramping".

You said about RLS: "For that, as it is called on TV (done to simplify and make you run to your dr. for meds) RLS. Here's my non-med cure. In a word: V8

If someone says they've got RLS or anything else…you don't have to trivialize them, their condition, or diagnosis to make your point.

That's all I was trying to say.

centrider 2009-07-16 15:59:02 -0500 Report


It's Pharma that's trivializing these conditions by hanging simple letters out there.

I probably have the same condition. Leg cramps and ants crawling under my skin as I go to sleep. I have successfully dealt with it using V8. It is not a cure. For me it is a palliative. It gives me relief from the symptoms.

I have no idea what Pharma has in store when they advertise that particular med. If it needs to be taken as if for a chronic condition, than V8 seems a good alternative. I assume the underlying cause is the same as mine. Ask your dr. what he/she thinks.

For Pat, it seems to me your cramps resulted from exercise which was the cause of mine. So, perhaps you can take Gatorade and or V8.

You're correct in assuming also that I was dehydrated on that particular ride.

Anyone reading this post who is concerned about over-medication and takes tons of supplements to avoid taking diabetic meds, well you might want to try V8 and toss your supplements.

After all, you're a walking science fair experiment.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-16 22:01:15 -0500 Report

Of course, I admit that I was just out of shape, nothing to do with diabetis, and I do drink V8, have to be careful, but it really helps to drink WATER also! I guess any fluids should help! My husband is NOT a diabetic but has restless legs, that CRAMP big time—he took quinine for some time, now Gatorade seems to help. As for me, I am lucky to NOT have them too often, if I stretch out my legs, that is when they sometimes hit, but it is not a big problem for me, usually, just need to be careful in not overdoing at the pool then trying to climb out! thank heavens. I have a friend who swears by Gatorade too, she is not a diabetic, but doesn't eat too healthy and is pretty frail, so —-to Each His Own, the same things don't work for all, that is why I mentioned drinking Butter milk or dill pickle juice for funny tummies, to show that not all respond to the same suggestions. I don't take much extra vitamins, or health stuff, not saying that is not right, I just don't have any access to a Health store—etc—Good Luck and God Bless!! PR

Nan H.
Nan H. 2009-07-17 18:48:58 -0500 Report

Often, though not all the time, symptoms that initially look like RLS are actually from a lake of potassium (found in banannas and V8). If either of those relieve your symptoms, its usually because you either don't get enough in your diet, you use it when you exercise, or because you take your multi-vitamin on an empty stomach (the potassium does not absorb well if your stomach is empty). If it doesn't work for you, then you have another problem. It's a cheap and easy fix, either way.

I am sorry to hear you are more scared by what you have read here. The potential for complications under poor care is there, and it is large. However, with good care, almost all of them can be avoided. I am a type I diabetic, and have been for 34 years. I have no complications, and have successfully carried a very healthy little girl. I have always felt that it is important to know what could happen; it's a good motivator to keep it from happening.

Pardon me for saying so, but if you don't know if the numbers you have are good or not, you should be more pushy with your doctor. They have an obligation to tell you where you should be and what you should be seeing, doing and feeling. If they are not telling you, or listening to you, *FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR*. It is really important to have someone you can talk to, who listens and is not judgmental. The CDC recommends fasting blood glucose (before a meal) of 70-130, and post a meal at less than 180 (this is typically done 2 hours post). AIc recommendations are < 7.0.

I hope that helps! Good luck to you.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 19:10:47 -0500 Report

I am stuck on that 60 miles in one day! Man—Your legs must be thin and compact! I admire YOU!!! We have a man biker in our small town, that rides extended miles, when really far, his wife takes their car behind him with water etc. He is 80 yrs old and rode 80 miles to celebrate! Personlly, I have rocked 80 times in probably 20 min, a record—-Well——maybe not——PR

kristyns way
kristyns way 2009-10-28 10:26:58 -0500 Report

Hi in responce to nerve pain..regardless of what diagnostic reason its prescribed for…yes it works…i have non reversable nerve damage and i take lyrica…it does take lots of the pain and discofort away.. i had tremedol in the past… with the same results.. horrible… and a few others as well… finnaly yrs later came opon the lyrica… best thing yet.. kristyns way

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-10-28 14:18:46 -0500 Report

Lyrica worked for me too, in easing the burning pain of these stinging nettles acid in my fingers and arm. I have about decided that as we age, there is always going to be SOMETHING that vies for our attention!!! Enjoy these Fall colors!! Hugs, PR