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Biker Chick
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Hello. I joined this site yesterday because I just need some support and understanding.

I am 38 years old and the product of diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia in four great-grandparents, three grandparents and my father. I always assumed it was a matter of "when" rather than "if" I would have issues. I have been trying to stay in control of these conditions since I was eighteen,…and did a grat job until two years ago when all the numbers just suddenly skyrocketed.

I have always been very active,…running, biking, sports, etc. I am 5'10'' tall and until two years ago was a very, athletic and muscular 180 pounds. Despite my best efforts of working with my dietician sister, and endo and my gp, my weight rose with my glucode, bp and cholesterol and I now weigh a depressing 220 pounds. I still bike 20+ mile day, count my carbs, calories, ect religiously and have adopted (to the dismay of my husband) a diet without red meat, dairy, oils, butter, or salt. Without a huge description, my sister wholeheartedly agrees with my diet choices.

The weight alone is enough to keep me depressed. However, in the last week, I was bombarded by three medical professionals. My (now former) pharmacist confonted me with the classic "eat less, move more" after I rode my bike 12 miles to even get to his store! A physical therapist told me three minutes after I met her that my recent falls MUST be due to neuropathy because being dibetic means I OBVIOUSLY don't take care of myself. And lastly, despite the fact that my physical just came back with a bp of 109/75 and A1C of 4.8, LDL of 65, HDL of 45, my doc got angry because my number are not near low enough and wants to double all my meds.

I am just frustrated because it seems like the harder I try, the worse things get and the more people critize. Argh!

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Lin Bigknife
Lin Bigknife 2010-07-14 15:29:05 -0500 Report

Hey! Biker Chick, I was wondering if you found a new doc and how you are doing? can't help but wonder if your situation has improved or not. Was very concerned about your depression over your situationa dn would like to check back and see if you are still following the post. Write back and take care, Linda B.

jigsaw 2009-09-17 15:52:56 -0500 Report

Biker Chick—-Talking about bikes, I bike from 60 to 100 miles per week both with a bike club and on my own. My #s have been improving quite a bit since I started biking. My endocrinologist, intern, and gp all say my #s are very good. My #s however are not as good as yours, but I wish they were!!! 16 years of diabetes and shooting for #s as good as yours! Keep up the good work!!! I hope to match your numbers soon:-)

jigsaw 2009-09-17 16:00:53 -0500 Report

Biker Chick—I just read your comments about your MRI! I hope and pray that all works out for the best!!!

jigsaw 2009-09-17 20:10:35 -0500 Report

Biker Chick—Read my discussion reply to an unscientific survey to neuropathys and triglycerides. I think you'll find it interesting and you might relate to it!!!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-08-04 11:09:17 -0500 Report

How are you doing now, Biker Chick? Sure hope that you have found the type of support that you were searching for! It sure has helped me, even if some thoughts were different, they all speak of experience! Best Wishes PR

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-20 22:14:56 -0500 Report

Oh, waiting for 3 months??!! That is so nerve wracking, but know that ALL of us are right there with you, praying too! At least they found something to watch! -God Bless you! PR

Biker Chick
Biker Chick 2009-07-20 20:08:19 -0500 Report

My doctor from U of M called today. The last rounds of MRI/MRA revealed a mass in my pineal gland. We don't yet know if it is a cyst or a tumor. They want me to wait three months and then have another round of imaging to determine if it is growing. right now it is a little more than one centimeter, which is large enough to be symptomtic. Now I guess I just wait. But at least we know what it is!

cakeybakes 2009-07-14 23:11:35 -0500 Report

Welcome, Biker Chick! I hope you find this site as encouraging and supportive as I have. We all have different views and opinions and advice.

As for your numbers…What the heck is wrong with that doctor of yours?! You need to get a second or third opinion. Don't just take one man's word for it. Find someone who knows diabetes and knows how to handle a patient with grace and dignity, not criticism and hostility.

ASK QUESTIONS! And don't you dare let him leave the room until you get answers or a path to find the answers you need! I'm going through a really difficult time right now and have INSISTED on getting medical attention to find out what the problem is. And I won't stop until I get a full diagnosis and a plan to treat or cure. At 41 years old I have learned WAAAAY too much about how to handle the medical "professionals".

Unfortunately, those of us with diabetes have been labeled as people who do not take care of themselves. Some of us have other medical conditions that make it extremely difficult to take the weight off once it's gained over the course of time with no explanation as to how you gained it in the first place. My hypothyroidism went undiagnosed for a very long time. So did my PCOS, and a number of other things. In spite of a lot of dieting and excercising I still gained 80 pounds!

So, ask, ask, ask, and pester some more until you get answers. And if the doc doesn't know the answer tell him to be honest with you and direct you to the person who can find it so you can get on with your life!

Good luck, and my prayers are with you!

PS-Have they looked into neurological problems like MS as far as your falling is concerned?

Biker Chick
Biker Chick 2009-07-15 07:45:10 -0500 Report

My hometown neuro initailly had concerns of MS or Parkinson's. Instead, he found that I have a persistant primative artery. The big, fat, basilar artery (which supplies blood to the back of my noggin) did not form correctly and all my posterior blood flow is instead via a small artery that shoots off from my carotid. The theory from my hometown neurologist was that the small artery is sometimes causing a compromised flow to the sensory processing area of my brain, thus making my vision and balance ocassional go all kittywhompas. I am currently being seen at The University of Michigan hospital and the docs there are not so sure that this is actually causing the falls. I go back this Saturday for another MRA.

I just want this figured about as well. It is hard to do any other kinds of exercise when you have a tendancy of falling over. LOL

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-15 11:01:09 -0500 Report

Oh, my, how discouraging for you, hang in there and know that our thought and prayers are with you! PR

roger 2009-07-15 17:47:33 -0500 Report

i think a lot of our first dr messed up my first told me all i had to do was stope eating sugsr ! and i would be fine then found a pa that used a pump her self i think se saved my life ! i new nothing about counting hang in there hope you find a new dr soon and to Pat Ray (the Pa) thanks fore my life!

cakeybakes 2009-07-17 20:53:26 -0500 Report

So sorry to hear that kind of news. I am going through a battery of tests myself at the moment and will get some of the results on Wednesday. Let's hope it's an actual diagnosis this time and not just a guess and a blow-off.

I had been a patient at U of M and worked there as a patient sitter during college. You are in good hands! I'll say some prayers that you get some answers soon. God Bless!

my_jasnkiki 2009-07-14 19:50:33 -0500 Report

I am glad you posted this, because I felt the same way with the doctor. One doctor told me to lose weight and walked out like that was all he should do. Instead of making me feel motivated in lowering my blood sugar by guiding me the right way into a healthy lifestyle, he made me feel low. That's why I agree with the other replies, get a second opinion and keep your head up. You are doing great with doing your part by exercising and healthy diet.
I need to learn from you.

Biker Chick
Biker Chick 2009-07-14 14:45:17 -0500 Report

I just want to thank everyone for all the support,…it is what I really need right now! I am trying to not get upset over this and try to stay focused, but all of the sudden all my years of hard work just seems like it was for nothing. I don't enjoy much of my life because I spend HOURS each day exercising, and weighing and counting food. I hate all the exercise and meals have become a chore. All this and it still is not considered good enough.

Maybe I just need a few days to get my attitude straightened back out,…but right now I have just a huge ol' attitude problem. :(

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 19:23:57 -0500 Report

Take a deep breath and back off for a bit—When you are exhausted is not a good time to confront all that lies ahead of you! That is my opinion and one that I learned the hard way, but we are all different, that is why I LOVE this site, the differing ideas and personalities!! Yeah for ALL of US!! PR

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 09:07:32 -0500 Report

I read your "numbers" again this morning, and I still can't understand why a Dr. would be so cranky over them. That isn't the right approach for change anyway—I stand by what others have said, get a new Dr. No wonder you are so discouraged!! I would be too! Best of Luck—-PR

PAT L 2009-07-14 17:36:42 -0500 Report


Mkc 2009-07-13 22:15:46 -0500 Report

I understand your frustration. I have Marfan's Syndrome which caused the numerous conditions I have, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, Seizures, and of course…Diabetes. My doctor sometimes feels so overwhelmed I can feel his frustration from across the room. I have become knowledgeable about all my conditions and know more than him. I do all I can to survive and my Diabetes worsens. I even had a heart attack 4-1-09 and kidney failure. I'm still here.

Focus on what you are doing right and keep your eye on the horizon. Because if you look down and focus on your current circumstances you are certain to fail…again and again. Arm yourself with all there is to know about Diabetes and its accompanying conditions. Take the initiative to guide your treatment where you know it should go. Knowledge is definitely power. And the power should be yours…not the doctor's. They almost killed me with medication so I know what I'm saying is true. Fight for your life.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-14 09:10:52 -0500 Report

MKC, hang in there!! So much wrong—and yes, some Drs do care to the point that they too feel overwhlemed!! So why wouldn't the patient! I agree with arming yourself with the knowledge to help Drs help you. I really know that mOST care and do try, and some are just short on patience—-period. It is just their nature, a Dr or not! Take care—-PR

Antique-Dave 2009-07-13 21:37:23 -0500 Report

" I just think your Dr is nuts."

What Daniel said

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 22:15:37 -0500 Report

Ha, me too, but then I have already said that! Shame on me! But as I come up and out of this depression, I hear so much that proves that I am a better and more sensible person than most would have believed me to be! Surprise for ME> I always thought anyone knew more than I. Now I have decided that things arent really right or wrong, just all in your perception, based on your own past experiences, which are NOT like anyone elses' Drs. included! Bless their tired, busy souls. Our oldest son is a PA so I try to be more understanding. But this one still sounds nuts to me. Best Wishes! PR

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 18:50:37 -0500 Report

I just read the whole post, and NUTS to the DR! Sorry, but my own history with DRs should NOT color your own perceptions. It is just that I used to put all Drs on pedestals, but after working with them for 40 years, some are good, some are patient, some barely made it through school then put their own twist on info and the poor patient is at a loss to know what is what! One good reason, let your body warn you, if it doesn't sound RIGHT, get another opinion, maybe the name of one a friend uses. I think word of mouth re-Drs. works pretty well, at least in THIS community it does! Best of Luck!! PR

Usha K
Usha K 2009-07-13 22:04:50 -0500 Report

Hello! Welcome aboard.I would like to know since how long do you know the Dr. before we all make any assumptions.Maybe he is right maybe he is wrong. I am totally surprised that you are so acitve and energetic to ride a bike for 12 miles!I had this hobby in my young days and I cannot even remember how I rode the bike! Keep up your motivation! There is another twist to the point you should try to change your acitvity like for e.g. if someone was doing Yoga after a while it has no effect.It just is an activity and gets stagnated.If that person starts doing Thai Chai a different excercise then the body starts to respond greatly. Same is true for any other sports or activity like switch from walking to running or bike ride to mountaineering or always do something different.I tried to go to Yoga it was o.k. for a while then I tried to do indoor exercise which was great.I tried to listen to classical music and felt good mood! I do transcandental meditation .It worked ! Do your best!

Like our friends pointed out it is hard to communicate with these Drs. Next time write down all your questions and you will see a difference!
Usha K

Lin Bigknife
Lin Bigknife 2009-07-13 14:42:29 -0500 Report

HI! Biker Chick, I too am new here but after 25 years of chronic pain, I already feel qualified to offer you one piece of advice: The most important part of your health care is that you have a doctor who can talk to you and to whom you can talk. You, my friend, need a new doctor! No doctor should be 'angry' over someone numbers (not mentioning that yours are stellar!)

Please try to find a new physician. Of course you will have to work within your insurance, but I would recommend only going to someone who is strongly referred by other doc or by friends or both. This can make a TREMEMDOUS difference in your life.

I have a endocrinologist who takes care of my disbetes treatment and she has been super supportive and my numbers are triple yours across the board. She has worked with me to gradually change my diet, expecially carbs, and I am doing gradually better a little at a time.

I too was gaining weight - a little each month until it was 35 pounds! This new doc has taken me off of Actos which she says causes "creeper" weight and has put me on Beyetta and Metformin, both which cause small weight loss gradually in addition to controlling BS.

The Byetta has made a TREMEDOUS difference in my numbers and I lost 3 pounds the first month on it (some people don't think that is much, but at that rate I would lose the entire 35 lbs. I have gained in only one year!!) Byetta only comes as an injectible but the needles are extrememly fine and do not hurt at all.

I would recommend you discuss these 2 drugs with your NEW doc and see what he/she will recommend. Good Luck, Lin

centrider 2009-07-11 23:28:15 -0500 Report

Wow! An AIC of 4.8? I'd ride a century a day if I could get that low.

If you can, find another endo.

Irrespective of what they think, it sounds like you're doing everything right.

My only suggestion would be to increase your riding distance around 10% per week. You have the potential to become a top rider.

Stay with your program.

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-07-12 18:57:32 -0500 Report

I have high BP and wish that my numbers were that good.
As far as your A1C it is great, I just think your Dr is nuts.
You are doing everything you should and it is working. I
also think you should find another Endo. And welcome to
the community we enjoy having you here. Dan

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-13 16:17:08 -0500 Report

Hi—-I am so onery—-BUT I feel so muc better when I read that NOT ALL DRS know all of the answers or have the patience to deal with it, Like they say, shop around and find one, I KNOW that one can get so TIRED it doesn't seem worth the effort, but it is. Ask a fellow diabetic in your town for personal suggestions. I have found that "word of mouth" can be a better reference!! Lots of luck and Love, Pat Roth

Turtle 2009-07-11 23:08:45 -0500 Report

Hi Biker Chick,
Your numbers seem great. Maybe your doc forgot to take into acct. your height?

Welcome to the family. I think you will find support and friends here.

cyncyn 2009-07-11 21:51:57 -0500 Report

Biker Chic,
As Wendy and Sheila have said, people are always ready to judge others. And not all drs. listen, they just get out their little script pad, and give you meds.(sad and shame on them) Pleasedon't take their judemental words to heart! They apperantly, don't know you!!! Your sister, being a Registered Dietician, would know how to steer you in the right direction, and with excercising, to your extense, sounds lie maybe another underlying condition! I would ask my dr.,to check this out!!!! Maybe the thyroid! Good luck, and keep us posted.


cyncyn 2009-07-11 21:53:38 -0500 Report

Also, I almost forgot, Welcome to the family!!!!

redmon130 2009-07-14 15:26:13 -0500 Report

New here also, I was diagnosed w/ hyperthyroidism first then was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetis. Before I was diagnosed w/ thyroid problems, I kept gaining weight and kept asking the drs why, they would just say that I need to check into weight watchers then I finally asked if I could be tested w/ thyroids. Sure enough I had hyperthyroidism. See if your dr. would test you. Good luck.

lipsie 2009-07-11 21:18:27 -0500 Report

Wow, you are very impressive to me also!! Don''t let them all get you down and out, and definately don't give up. You sound like you are doing EVERYTHING YOU should be doing and MUCH MORE may I say!! WOW! I only dream of riding a bike again let alone traveling the miles you do. Do you have neuropathy or did she assume that, I was confused there? And you doctor is expecting a hella lot it sounds, but I am not a doctor or him so I can't really judge there, just your numbers don't sound all that bad to me personally. You are inspiring to me, I am over 400 pounds myself, can barely walk places, scared to know my numbers right now, and yeah the neuropathy is BAD!!! But…you have come to the right place, DC is a great place to vent, meet people, learn new things, recipes, about book reviews, articles, etc. We are a team, and to some a family..a family more so for me. But ANYTIME you want to talk, please msg me…keep up the great job!! *HugS* Sheila

Wendy Mac
Wendy Mac 2009-07-11 19:38:47 -0500 Report

Hey Biker Chick, Welcome aboard for support and discussion. I wish I had your willpower to exercise like you do. Unfortunately, some docs just don't know how to listen before they pass judgement. They look at what is before them and assume the worst of someone. Please do not become discouraged, I think you are my new hero! Bike 12 miles, never in my lifetime! Wendy

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