Pump-maker Asante Closes its Business

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You may want to check your pump and talk to your insurance company. It seems one maker is dropping from the scene.

Other pump companies are offering assistance to anyone who has one of the the Asante pumps.

Animas: For $99, Asante users can transition to the Animas Vibe or OneTouch Ping.

Insulet: $0 to obtain the OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager and 10 free pods. More information is on Insulet’s website.

Medtronic: A recertified MiniMed 530G insulin pump will be offered at a discount price of $1,200, which can potentially be reduced to $0 by taking surveys, uploading to CareLink, and other unspecified terms.

Tandem: A trade-in credit of up to $400 will go towards the cost of a t:slim or t:flex.

Read the whole article and get the links to the other companies here: http://diatribe.org/pump-maker-asante-closes-...

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Copperchef 2015-06-02 13:07:36 -0500 Report

Diabetes care is a business and in business, ideas are wonderful, but money still dictates ones success. They tried to generate a buzz about the snap pump, but in the end it just proved to be to big a financially hill to climb. Just my opinion from what I read. Unfortunate but true.