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By msann Latest Reply 2009-07-05 10:58:30 -0500
Started 2009-07-04 22:00:43 -0500

hey guys hope all are doing well, last month went to educator she got me doing 34 units insulin at nite , 6 am, feel so much better, remember if at all possible please get your dr. to get you appointment with one, anoyone else , learning like i am have great day

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lipsie 2009-07-05 10:58:30 -0500 Report

This is great inspiration for one! I myself played phone tag with a educator and just did not keep bothering…now I am going to pick that phone up and try again, this is a great point to show how important one is.
I am also proud of you and VERY happy to hear you are feeling better!! *HugS* Sheila

2009-07-05 09:52:39 -0500 Report

This is great news that you have gotten the help you need. Keep it up.

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