Undiagnosed Diabetics

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I want to consider a group we may rarely even think about. The undiagnosed diabetics who may never be diagnosed or else are misdiagnosed.

According to the National Institutes of Health the Prevalence of Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Diabetes in the United States, All Ages, 2007:
Total: 23.6 million people—7.8 percent of the population—have diabetes.

Diagnosed: 17.9 million people

Undiagnosed: 5.7 million people

That means 24% of the diabetics in the USA do not know they have diabetes. Many of them may never know. Approximately 1 of every four diabetics do not know what is wrong with them. For some of them it may be that they do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay the doctor bills. There may be other reasons too but I think about this a lot and I find it very depressing.

Any thoughts on this matter?


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Avera 2009-07-05 00:00:20 -0500 Report


This past May, some research was posted that said that Undiagnosed Diabetics are spending in the BILLIONS for health care that much of which could be avoided if they knew they had the disease.

*Education* is the key to helping those that are undiagnosed. Many city Health Departments have started campaigns to help by educating those people that they have contact with.

Recently there has been much talk about using the A1C test to diagnos. This is faster, cheaper, and easier. With new tools on the market, that test can be done right in the Health Department or doctor's office without sending the patient elsewhere for a more costly test.

NOW…All that remains to be done is to kick start doctors to help out. Upon examining a patient, they can tell if a person might be a candidate for developing or even having the disease. If they feel an A1C should be given, then they should do it.

If they would, the Federal and State governments could initiate broad campaigns to EDUCATE so people would ask for the test. If city Health Departments were granted the money, the test could be just like the free shots they give.

The TIME is right for this to take place, BUT the question still remains…

**Will our governments help?"

lipsie 2009-07-05 09:49:53 -0500 Report

Absolutely right Avera…just getting these doctors to get a kick start n work with this as well! Great point! *HugS* Sheila

Richard157 2009-07-06 09:28:08 -0500 Report

Thanks for your reply Avera, I certainly agree with what you wrote.

I have posted this topic on several diabetes sites. One lady said her friend took part in a free screening at a drug store and found he had very high blood sugar. Then he went to a doctor and was diagnosed. I wonder what would have happened to him if there had been no free screening.

Another person thought she was diabetic but did not see a doctor until she had insurance coverage so that it would not be a pre-existing condition and her application for insurance would be denied.

lipsie 2009-07-04 19:41:55 -0500 Report

You are right, it is very depressing that so many do not know or those that can now afford medication, etc. I also feel for the people.*HugS* Sheila

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