Swimming helps me to lower my BS

Pat Roth
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I was diagnosed with diabetis 3 years ago, when I had my second knee replaced. I fought that diagnosis as I had been border line for 50 years so why get excited now? IT was the one thing I NEVER wanted to have to watch my diet for, as just in losing weight, I rebell, But if it is for health reasons, and trying to PREVENT worse things happening, I decided that I had better pay attention!

My energies are sorely limited, coming out of a breakdown, could barely get out of bed for four years, so my exercise plans have to be limited. I joined the Wellness Center a few months ago and that seemed to help a bit, along with a little more food restrictions, noting that potatoes upped my BS 50 to 60 points, 2 hours after a meal. I went from Metformin 500mg, to Metformin 750 mg daily, and with even more sugar cut out of my diet with little results, although it hasn't been over 190. Still not too bad, I tried to console myself, but what was really happening was I was giving up, I really can NOT make a difference by being sloppy in my program. My Dr. offered NO help, put me on Metformin as a SURPRISE, didn't know it until I went to the drug store and picked it up, then asked, "What is this??" One reason I was mad, I guess——

But slowly I decided I had better quit being so contrary and try to do something more in the way of exercise, even with my limited energy. Well, I learned to swim when I was 62 yrs., I can do a STRENUOUS dog paddle. haha—but I went for an hour, 3 times last week, (at 77 yrs of age) half-heartedly checked my BS and it was down to 100! That is the first time it has been that low for 3 years!

I was elated and wanted to share with the rest of you who walk, run, do such strenuous exercises with little result—-try swimming and maybe you will be as fortunate as I and it will show a marked drop in your BS>

However, I am finding that I must keep it up as I haven't been swimming for 4 days and my BS are back up to 150 to 170, still on my Metformin 750mg, but there has been enough of a marked difference to encourage me, if even for a few days, an exercise that is easy on the joints and body—float, use empty one gallon milk jugs filled with pool water, to help float, flop and flap, and hopefully you too will begin to notice a drop in BS.

Now, if the pool was just open after summer! I also garden a lot, spading, hoeing, so this winter may bring a whole different outlook on the subject, but for now, why not give swimming a try? Best of luck to all of you!
Pat Roth

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Avera 2009-07-01 23:36:41 -0500 Report

Thanks for sharing this with us. It sounds as if you have been doing a wonderful job with this type of exercise.

I used to go to Water Exercise classes last year and enjoyed them so much. This year, they changed them to 7:00am in the morning and I just cannot make this time. I am looking for another place that might offer the class, but now that you posted this, I might just get a YMCA membership and start swimming instead.

Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-02 09:04:16 -0500 Report

Thank you for your reply! I was so elated over my BS drop after swimming, that you would have thought that I had DISCOVERED swimming! hah—-Well, the dust has settled and I found that it is an activity that I need to PURSUE more often to keep those BS down! I do just love it though, wore a big, floppy hat from Wal-Mart, and dark colored glasses, as I had cataracts removed from both eyes in May and june and my eyes are still a bit sensitive. I could not find my bathing suit, so wore a heavy, purple
T-shirt, for obvious reasons, and black shorts! I forgot the way my attire must have looked, the kids stared, I smiled, the young man looked at me kindly and said that i just needed to pay $1,for the adult hour, instead of the $3 for the afternoon—-I think he thought," The poor soul, must be a bag lady and needs extra help!" Whatever, I floated and did my infamous "dog paddle" and had a ball! See you in the water—-Pat Roth

Avera 2009-07-02 18:19:25 -0500 Report


Sounds like a wonderful swimming outfit to me. I use a black regular bathing suit bottom and a flowered sleeveless tank top. lol

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-06 22:33:33 -0500 Report

I ordered me a swim suit and wore it last week, BUT my shoulders got chilled—had to laugh as my heavy T-Shirt must have protected me from the cool water changes! My new suit is black with white flowers on it, and actually is big enough to go over my blubber! Avera, you sound more colorful than I! ha PR

Mom and boys
Mom and boys 2009-07-07 07:52:42 -0500 Report

Pat, now you need to look for a swim shirt. My youngest child wears one every day (not sure why but even in 90 degree weather). It all started while he was swiming year round this winter and the pool water was a little cool for him.

Water exercise is a lot of fun! I did it through my 1st pregnancy. After that point … not much time for my self. I may have to look into it now that both kids are in school & make it a priority!

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-07 08:12:49 -0500 Report

Dear mom and boys, You know, I didn't realize that they even had swim shirts till looking for a suit at JC Penneys. Their site was set up so it made shopping much easier and quicker, had sizes sorted, the 2 pieces, one piece, etc, divided out. I may just put my purple T-shirt back on over my regular suit—Dorky? Oh, well, at 77 yrs who cares?? ha

Besides it is dark purple with rose and white Bleeding Heart flowers on the chest, rather purty, I THINK! ha Yes, if you can make time for yourself, swimming is the way to go, more bang for your buck, relaxing and good, non——what is the word—-banging—no—well, less stress on your joints! Have a great day! PR

Sarguillo 2009-07-01 11:56:30 -0500 Report

Congrats. Any type of exersize is benifical. Glad you found somting you like to do. As for your knee replacement, Dad had both done and loved the work they did. Mom had one done and nothing but pain. Went to another doc and found out that they didnt align the new knee correctly and that issue is known for causing pain. Now we know pain is a killer for us trying to control our Blood Sugars. How did your knee surgeries go? Knees alright? Swimming is an excelent exersise since it doesnt stress any joints nor do you have any pounding like running. Good luck.

Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-07-01 15:36:07 -0500 Report

Thanks you so much for your info—I had the right knee replaced in Jan. of 2006, then the left one in Oct of 2006, got along great with both, EXCEPT for my breathing problems, tension, asthma results of a breakdown—-too tired to get out of bed for 4 years, barely could walk across the floor, was trying to care for my 98 yr old mother and cranky husband! A large part, I think, of my nerves problem—inability to relax and SLEEP!

I was on oxygen for 3 months after the second replacement, but as far as pain, I guess I did OK—-was given the diabetic news as I AWOKE from the recovery room—after the second knee replacement—-I was in NO MOOD to hear of other problems, they also MENTIONED that I had an abdominal hernia and when was I going to have SURGERY on THAT??!!
Lets just say, that my depression took a nose dive! Cheezzzz-

I am glad that I vented this incident as it helps me to have more patience with myself on why I fought this diabetic dx so strongly! I took the usual pain meds OK< refused to check my BS, I just could NOT face anything more at that time, so I really don't know! I guess that will be one more issue I will have to face as I emerge from "my SNIT!"

My left knee was so worn that they had to replace some bone so it would meet and join my new prosthesis—-"Why didn't I have it done first??"! Hhahaha—-Well, for starters I was NOT the Dr. who are you supposed to believe! Some Drs kept telling me that they weren't bad enough yet, kept putting me off for years, although I could hardly walk!!! Then they were "Too BAD"? Well, I had better get off of that subject!

I can say, that both knees are Great and no bother when I walk! My breathing is improving, getting so I can walk a block without gasping too much, why I am limited in exercising. My BS was 168 2 1/2 hours after eating a small meal,today, BUT I had FORGOTTEN to take my Metformin 750 mg at noon, like I usually do. So, since it has been 4 days since I last went swimming, I am headed for the pool, shortly! Trouble is, if it is something I have to do every day to keep my BS under control—-what do I do after the pool closes? I still can't exercise much, even walking—-about one block, then what!
Well, I guess there is no need to borrow trouble! Thanks for your input—-it does help me to VENT! PR