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Hi all
I am so confused I have been taking my BS the last 24 hrs and here are my numbers
4-29 breakfast 166
lunch before 183 and after 208
dinner before 113
and after 157

and 2 hrs before bed was 200

before breakfast was 118 after 158
lunch before 162 and after was 186
I do not have dinners just yet but can anyone tell me if these numbers are good. And tell me if I am testing the right times
thank you in advance

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Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-06-30 18:48:12 -0500 Report

I am newly diagnosed too, just 3 years, but only checking like I should for a few months. (Was in denial!)
I worked in a hospital for 30 years and our routine was—

fasting, first thing in the morning before you eat one bite.

THen 2 hours after each meal
and before bedtime, usually 2 or 3 hours after supper.

But since I am just learning too, I may eat one food, such as potatoes (It increased mine 60 points on that one food—-)and take a test 2 hours after eating that food. It helps me to be aware of what specific foods to stay away from and gives me a better sense of control—I HATE to be a victim!
Read the available articles at this site to determine how different levels of BS can harm your body, the blood vessels, kidneys, organs and nerves, to help AVOID the side effects. Currently I have none that I know of, but am trying to AVOID them! They have new recipes too, that help to get over the boring diet of "rabbit food" and I can never have "goodies" again. A recipe for failure, in my book. Maybe one bite of chocolate in the eve if your BS stays within the limits set by your Dr. Mine is to keep the BS's 2 hours after meals, 150 or LOWER> even a few hours of above that, can harm your body without you knowing it at the time, but it adds up. So I have a new respect for the BS limits set, and can now try harder since others support and understand the struggles of supervising our eating, so strictly.

I hope that this helps—-we are all here to help each other and to learn to accept this disease, and to know that "You are NOT alone"!

I am on Metformin 750 mg a day—
and with diet restrictions and increased activity (added swimming last week and THAT helped lower it to 100—-I was shocked—-it can be done!!)

My fasting BS—-about 120 to 150 (too high)
2 hours after dinner—130 to 180 (too high_ but NOT REAL HIGH, but it doesn't have to be, from what I read—

If I forget my Metformin, usually take about noon when I am UP and eating, am a slow getter-upper— it jumps to 190 at night—just eating rabbit stuff—-frustrating!!(fortunately mine hasn't gone higher, that I know of—)Best of luck, and again, you are not alone! Pat Roth

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