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I was in the book review area and you know how one thing leads to another…Well I ended up on reading reviews on books that say not only is Aspertame basiclly poision, it also included Splenda in that. I ordered a book and a DVD to learn more. Is this true? I thought Splenda was safe, now I am afraid of anything that says "sugar-free" on it. I use Stevia but it is really expensive. What do you guys know about this?

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GabbyPA 2008-06-22 03:18:16 -0500 Report

I have not received the book or DVD yet, but I was reading the reviews on them in the Diabetic Community on It really concerned me! I started checking all the things that have Aspertame (like my sugar-free gum and mints...I am still going thru my frige. I have been trying to kick the diet soda habbit, now I really am, Splenda and all. Once I read the book I will post a review for everyone to check it out.

These are what I ordered:

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World DVD Cori Brackett; JT Waldron

Sweet Deception: Why Splenda, NutraSweet, and the FDA May Be
Hazardous to Your Health

JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-06-22 04:23:19 -0500 Report

I've recently discovered that even regular gum like Juicy Fruit and Spearmint from Wrigleys has aspartame in it. Who woulda thought that? Read labels!!

GabbyPA 2008-06-22 04:27:16 -0500 Report

Geez...I have become a lable reader. Or so I thought. Good grief, now I know why I like the farmers market more each day. We are even thinking of growing more of our own at home. Ultimately, getting back to nature is the best way to go. Whole foods, home made items with home grown goods....I guess I better bone up on canning and get my bread book back out!

JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-06-22 06:42:31 -0500 Report

3 cheers for label reading… I believe very much in buying local food because of the term 'circle of life'.

The local farmer plants seeds to grow vegetables and raises them along with animals without antibiotics and chemicals, grass fed, free roaming animals, he has fresh healthy food for his family and sells what he doesn't need at the local market… The teacher buys local, veggies, fruits and meats from the local farmers market and the farmer has money to buy his kids shoes and school supplies so that they can go to school and learn all they can from the teacher!

JP - 14811
JP - 14811 2008-06-21 12:28:39 -0500 Report

Shouldn't get me started on Aspartame as it was a bad bad experience for me. I don't know enough about Splenda because it hasn't been around long enough to know if it is bad for us. I am trying to stay away from all artificial sweetners after my experience. Read on!!!

My story (short short version) - I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 years ago after several years of suffering with the throbbing pain and fatigue which was originally diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. Went through 6 months of painful physical therapy (no help), and two years of water therapy (no help). Stopped eating processed foods in general thinking the chemicals in processed food could be a problem, except diet flavored teas, sugar free syrup etc… because of the blood sugar issues. Finally decided to believe the aspartame stories I've read and stopped consuming it 2.5 months ago. Happy Ending - Fibromyalgia is 99 % gone, I fell fantastic, rheumatologist is excited to see proof and is surveying his other patients to see if they consume diet sodas, teas, etc.. regularly. New diagnosis - Neurological condition, mimicking Fibromyalgia AND Multiple Sclerosis caused by Aspartame Poisoning. Follow up notes on my chart: see patient annually for follow up to evaluate permanent damage from Aspartame Poisoning.

I say stick with the Stevia or learn to eat things without sweetening. !!!

OK not so short.. LOL sorry
Website with lots of information

*Judy (JP)

jupton1 2008-06-21 18:15:30 -0500 Report

Fact: Johnson & Johnson claims that "Splenda is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar". Johnson & Johnson wants consumers to think that it is natural sugar without calories. The truth is that Splenda is not natural and does not taste like sugar. The sweetness of Splenda derives from a chlorocarbon chemical that contains three atoms of chlorine in every one of its molecules. The manufacturer of this chlorinated compound named it sucralose. The improper use of “ose” in the name creates the illusion that sucralose is natural like sucrose which is the precise name for table sugar. Johnson & Johnson wants consumers to believe that the taste of Splenda is due solely to natural sugar, that is, due to sucrose. However, the manufacturer has patented several chemical processes for making the chlorinated chemical compound it calls sucralose. The patent literature illustrates that sucralose can be chemically manufactured from starting materials that do not require natural sugar. In one patent, for example, the manufacturer constructs sucralose from raffinose by substituting atoms of chlorine for hydroxyl groups in raffinose. Raffinose is a molecule found naturally in beans, and onions and other plants, but unlike natural sucrose, it has very little taste. In another patented process three atoms of chlorine are substituted for three hydroxyl groups in sucrose. The end product of both of these manufacturing processes is an entirely new chlorocarbon chemical called sucralose. Each molecule of sucralose contains three atoms of chlorine which makes it 600 times sweeter than a natural molecule of sugar which contains no chlorine.

LeighG 2008-06-22 02:34:46 -0500 Report

i am glad you posted all this stuff everyone i thought splenda and sugar free things were ok.i am alittle lost about it they are not so good right?what do you drink besides crsytal lightand diet soda?i use splenda in my morning coffee and ceral if i have it.

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