week 2 and its going good

By chea Latest Reply 2009-07-04 10:15:15 -0500
Started 2009-06-27 10:52:05 -0500

I have decided this summer i am going to make a lot of changes to become healthier and to take better care of my diabetes. I have got to get healthier and I need to lose weight and improve my diet and take better care of myself.

I am lazy. I admit it i hate to exercise. The last two weeks I have been going on 2 hour walks with a friend and his dog. Every morning I wake up and i think to myself "I DON'T wanna walk, why can't I be fat and happy" but i get up anyway. I am still not motivated in any way to walk alone and I am greatful that my friends have a high strung dog that has to be walked everyday.

I was thinking of adding yoga at least 3 days a week to my workout. I was also thinking of adding in a walking dvd at least 3 days a week as well.

I don't want to burn myself out to the point i make excuses or rationalize not doing some kind of exercise. I'm hoping that over the summer i will get into a groove that I can continue even after I pick back up in the fall with classes.

If anyone has an ideas, tools or ideas to help stay motivated I would gladly take some advice. I haven't been taking my diabetes seriously in the last year and a half and i know without a shadow of a doubt that attitude has to change.

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lipsie 2009-07-04 10:15:15 -0500 Report

It is encouraging hearing this from you, it would be nice to hear how you are doing also. Keep up the great work! *HugS* Sheila

GabbyPA 2009-07-01 19:39:11 -0500 Report

We would love to have you share your days, goals and efforts with us on the "Diet and Exercise July" post. There we all try to keep each other motivated and encourage us when we have bumps along the way.I know it helps me a lot to have people looking out for me.

apanda 2009-07-01 18:28:09 -0500 Report

Another idea for you would be to volunteer at your local animal shelter as a dog walker. It sounds as though you don't mind walking when you have a 4 legged friend to motivate you. The local humane societies around here are always looking for people to come in at all different times of the day to take the dogs out for walks around the grounds. It would help you and help the animal shelter as well. There's nothing like a furbaby to make you smile. I know that here, we can come and go anytime during the open shelter hours and walk as many or few as you want for as long as you want. They are very greatful for any help. Keep up the great job.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-07-01 17:14:02 -0500 Report

What a fantastic accomplishment you've already achieved! Two hours a day, every day for two weeks is great.

I think deep down we're all lazy to some degree. But you're breaking through by sheer willpower right now. That's a good start. From my perspective, the people who are able to stick with exercise programs are able to change their focus from "I DON'T wanna …" to "This is what I really want!" Not saying that you'll change the way you feel about walking (although that may happen too), but focus on what you really want. Is it that you want to feel better? Have more energy? Connect with your friend or with nature? Be there for a grandchild's graduation? Etc.

For me, that's when the real motivation kicks in. When I connect the activity of the day with what I really want most.

Avera 2009-06-30 20:42:40 -0500 Report


You have written some wonderful ideas yourself. Congrats on coming up with such a great plan.

I too, hate walking alone. Try calling your local Senior Citizens's Center and volunteer to walk with any of the members that want company. Not only will you get some exercise but you will give a lonely person a very special day.


Pat Roth
Pat Roth 2009-06-30 19:44:30 -0500 Report

Me too, bad knees which limits my walking, but when I added swimming for an hour, 3 times last week, I was amazed at how my BS dropped—-clear down to 100—I am also on Metformin 750 mg, TRYING to eat sensibly and got to the Wellness Center doing chair aerobics 3 times a week, which seemed to help a tad, But the swimming really made a difference! Now if we just had access to a pool in the fall, winter etc—-

I too had been in denial as I was BORDERLINE for 50 years, so why get excited NOW??!! But at 75 years, when I was having my 2 knees replaced, it popped up to 170. I tried to reassure my Dr. that it would go back down as I healed—-"don't worry about it"! Thank Heavens he did worry—put me on metformin 500 anyway, and as my AIC wasn't coming down, upped it to 750, then I stated checking my BS more often and did NOT like what I was seeing—-it was persistant in staying up to 190.

Now I know that 190 is NOT That High, compared to some, BUT after reading some articles on this sight, and believing in myself as a more stable person, NOT listening to well-meaning friends who seem to sabotage evey issue I mention——I am feeling more in control of myself, and my new diagonsis—-It seems that the Dr. knew what he was talking about, this time! haha—So, I am a bit skeptical, I am softening to pay attention! After all, it is MY body and mind—-I have learned that NO ONE ELSE can possible know you and it is wise to NOT trust what they say! Well, some folks anyway-just gotta learn the diff. Pat Roth

2009-06-27 11:02:41 -0500 Report

Keep up the good work. I know from experience that the first few weeks are the hardest, but in the end it is worth it. Also, after a while it becomes a habit and you just won't think about it, you will just do what is right. I have lost over 100 pounds and I have done that without being able to take walks because of arthritis in my knees and I cannot walk for long distances. Keep it up, I'll be rooting for you.