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Jibber Jabber
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I think that now that I have pretty much become comfortable with my diet choices…and exercise routine…I have pretty much become comfortable with my diabetes…The last ten days or so…I haven't been checking my BG as much, as a matter of fact I ran to the market this morning and realized I didn't take my fasting number…good lord..a while back that would of drove me nuts…today I was like "oh well"…I use to check my BG in the morning…before and after every meal..before I went to bed..and even if I woke up in the middle of the night…now I take it in the morning…and after dinner or lunch…and if I try a new food…and trust me there are not that many new foods left I can have…I think my initial diabetes mania served a purpose…I learned so much about how different foods and routines effected my BG numbers…but now..5 1/2 mos in…I have reached my sweet spot…not just about numbers…but about my entire health approach…much can be said for just saying.."oh well"…even the other day when I ate that artichoke and I went up a little more than I thought I should…after a couple days of reflection I realized that in the grand scheme of things it wasn't a big deal…and a few points on a meter traded for the nutrition and pure joy of eating that artichoke was well worth it…I think a big part of my slow (and it has been slow) transformation…has been the realization that I want to be healthy..not just have normal BG readings…and being healthy means relaxing..being comfortable in my own skin…and eating for overall health and not just BG levels…I have found my zone both mentality and physically ..and for that I am grateful…

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veselina 2015-04-08 05:35:28 -0500 Report

We are the creators of our own reality.
I am glad to find this network… and to be honest highly entertained.
I was diagnosed only 2 weeks ago with A1C off the chart and BG going up and down.
Reading all the discussions made me realize that adding laughter to my new diet can only burn some calories and help me focus on the good that comes with my new illness.
It worked like an instant switch in my head.
After a couple of hours of tears and fear in the hospital … It only took a second to pull all the strength in within and convince myself that this curse is actually a blessing.
In seconds I could see the promises I made to myself and never kept.
All the New Years resolutions that lasted just
a month or never even started.
But when you face yourself and have the 1on1 you have postponed for a while.
You have a choice to make. Embrace yourself and the condition or keep the old routine that made you ill.
It's still a battle and I know I will have the ups and downs , but with my heart open for improvements and my head determined …
Yes I can live with this condition may be even better than I did before.
I don't fall in any of the stereotypes of a diabetic- I am skinny, my bones have never had the luxury of carrying fat. I have always kept it moving …
Is it the stress?!? Sleepless busy days and nights!?!
Eating on the go - whenever and whatever .
Well I must say it's been a blessing to take the time and read each and every label on the shelf.
Then calculate my daily intake and document it all.
My dog is sure happier than ever to run instead of same old boring walk…
I hope to reach the state of balance and gain confidence in living my new diabetic life !
~ V.

jayabee52 2015-04-08 10:58:04 -0500 Report

Howdy V
Life is filled with ups and downs. With diabetes moreso.

sounds like you have started well on a long journey

Praying it continues well

Pegsy 2015-04-05 17:35:39 -0500 Report

I'm taking quite a bit longer to get comfy but I am getting there. Health is also my goal, not just low BG readings. My struggle has been more with conflicting information and personal goals that don't mesh with my doctor's goals for me, than anything else. I am gradually learning what does and doesn't work for me. I'm still putting my personal plan in place and I think it will constantly change throughout my life, as I learn more. I don't know if I will ever be comfortable as a diabetic but I will eventually relax into the lifestyle that works best for me.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-04-06 13:03:12 -0500 Report

You're a work in progress…and working on goals..which is a far better place to be than sitting in the complacency chair not working on things…

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-04-04 23:08:14 -0500 Report

Hi Jib Jab,
So happy for you and all the good choices you have made for yourself.
It took me awhile too to come into my own as far as having diabetes goes and all that that entails. I wish you continued happiness and a stress free life as far as diabetes goes.

jayabee52 2015-04-04 21:13:18 -0500 Report

Howdy Jib Jab
I am concerned that being in your "sweet spot" (talk about double entendre!) you may get complacent and start ignoring your diabetes.

Praying for your continued health improvement without the stress


haoleboy 2015-04-04 14:09:09 -0500 Report

It's a great feeling, isn't it? Up until the reality changes. I've had to make modifications a couple times but been on a pretty steady course for about the past year … of course I am always making small tweaks here and there. Considering adding a second 24 hour fast in the mix but will probably hold off until the next labs in May.
The "Health Epiphany" is key … the realization that you are making a lifetime commitment to a healthy lifestyle and not just going on a "diet" to treat your diabetes.
It's a long journey. Settle in and enjoy the ride.


Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-04-04 14:31:59 -0500 Report

I am sure I will have ups and downs…life is a ride from beginning to end…diabetes or no diabetes…but yeah it is a nice place to be…

debcox 2015-04-04 13:33:08 -0500 Report

Good job. It is best to have a good attitude and not freak out because you ate something that think you're not supposed to. I don't put things off limits but my taste has changed and I don't want some of the food that I use to eat.

GabbyPA 2015-04-04 12:28:34 -0500 Report

This is so well said. I know that the way I eat now and how I exercise is night and day compared to what I was doing before diagnosis. I am still in a quest, as I have not found my sweet spot yet but the point is that I am still working at it and I have not given up. I used to really get nuts too on my testing and while I still test 3-5 times a day I try not to let a bad number mess with my head. I am the closest I have ever been to good stable readings and you are right. I do just have some "oh well" moments.

Food journalling is going to be for life, just like my carb counting and daily walks. I'm okay with that, and I suppose that is all part of accepting it.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-04-04 14:37:23 -0500 Report

Most of life is a quest Gaby…for one thing or another…and you will hit your sweet spot..because you are looking for it…I learned reasonably quickly that some people with diabetes live and die (literally) by what their doctor tells them…and if their labs say they are good…well then they are good…they never search for that sweet spot where THEY are comfortable…and THEY are happy…YOU are searching…I think it is all about feeling back in control…taking back your life…it is the difference between being…The Diabetic (capital D) named Catherine…and Catherine, the person who just happens to have diabetes.(small d)

GabbyPA 2015-04-06 13:29:47 -0500 Report

You have really inspired me in so many ways. I am so glad you are here and feel like we are on the same path in the trees of diabetes.

rickperkins 2015-04-07 07:30:29 -0500 Report

I'm just been too busy to chat this too much I am alone at home right now how are you how are you doing my diabetes is doing really good

Marjeta 2015-04-04 12:06:34 -0500 Report

Hi Jibber Jabber. I like it when you say 'In the grand scheme of things'. The transformation that you mention was quite long for me, a few years. Just when I thought I had it covered something new popped up. Tackled that, it was quiet for a while, then something new. Again and again. With time you realize that is the way things work and you learn to accept it and grow because of it. Even now I still learn and I know I always will. In the grand scheme of things one should just be doing their best job to leave a healthy and meaningful life and not make a big deal if every now and then things get a bit out of control. Every storm always has an end.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-04-04 14:42:38 -0500 Report

Doesn't make a difference how long it takes …only matter that you arrive…I have bad back…so if I need to do something physical and I am not 100% that day…it will take me a little longer than most to accomplish it…but damned straight I WILL accomplish it…we are all it goes without saying that some will "get there" faster than others…I am glad you are in YOUR spot…it is much more warm and secure than when you are outside of it…and YES..I am not a dumb chicky…I know I will MOST LIKELY have issues in the future..but every storm does pass…

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