What to do when sick?

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How do others handle sick days? How does it affect you? I am just recovering from the flu and I am just wondering if anyone has helpful tips for times likethese?!

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Sarguillo 2009-06-26 14:49:17 -0500 Report

My sick plan.
Have lots of fluids in house.
Have soft foods that wont upset stomach.
Have saltine crackers on hand for snackage (peanut butter or sugar free jam).
Test more often.
Dont worry about spikes unless they are over 200-250 for more than 2 days.
You will spike when sick.
If over that BS, then call doctor for advice.
Might mean emergency visit.
Rest. drink fluids.
Make sure you dont have to leave the house.
Catch up on TV, reading and Resting.
This is viewed as a T2.
Again, you will spike, dont forget to take your meds. Dont panic.
When we are sick, we tend to spike.
Good luck.

daniel velazco
daniel velazco 2009-06-26 19:00:56 -0500 Report

Thats a good advise to follow, I'm dealing with Breathing problems myself. This weather is giving me problems with my C.O.P.D. Hope you start feeling better soon
Char. Dan

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