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Hello everyone! My name is Alexander. I am from Russia. I have 10 years of diabetes type 1. I want to meet people, make friends, and learn how to live with diabetes in the country. What are the challenges. How to calculate the amount of insulin at meals, according to how much you can eat. I want to understand the units. Who is engaged in any sport, etc.

I learn English. I apologize for the clumsy sentence. I used Google Translate. Write. I will be glad to communicate.

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Type1Lou 2015-04-03 14:33:24 -0500 Report

Hi Alex! Usually meal-time or "bolus" insulin dosage is calculated by using a carbohydrate to insulin ratio that is suited to an individual's particular metabolism. It also takes into account an individual's insulin sensitivity which may vary greatly. I am highly sensitive to insulin with an insulin sensitivity factor of 100 which means that one unit of fast-acting insulin will lower my blood sugar by 100 mg/dl. My carbohydrate to insulin ratios (I have more than one based upon time of day) range from 25 to 27 grams of carbohydrate to 1 unit of insulin. Because I use an insulin pump, I only use fast-acting insulin and my "basal" insulin needs (over the 24 hour day) are covered by very small amounts given to me by my pump throughout the 24 hours. The amount of basal insulin needed is also very individual. Those who do not use an insulin pump must take an injection of a longer acting insulin to provide for their basal insulin needs. There is no easy answer to you question since dosage must be tailored to your body metabolism. I've found it admirable that you've reached out in a language unfamilar to you. Do you consult with a doctor about your diabetes?

jayabee52 2015-04-03 04:52:21 -0500 Report

Howdy Alex
Curious as to what you mean by "in the country"? Did you intend to say in the rural areas? or in our nation, as in the USA?

Here as to how much to eat and how much of what kind of insulin to inject is something one works out with one's Dr.

Really to contact someone on DC one needs to be a friend. I just requested you to be my friend. for your own safety you should not post contact information on a discussion. It is against the terms of use to which you agreed when you signed on to DC. I will report this and ask the administrator to remove the facebook and the instagram links.

God's best to you Alex