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Amy Tenderich
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If you are out and about and someone else with diabetes happens to notice that you have it too, do you appreciate being approached? Or would you rather they just left you alone?

I'm kind of torn on the issue myself. Sometimes I love the "connection," but other days I just don't want to launch into a big diabetes conversation.

See this post I wrote on the topic today:


Thoughts? Feelings?

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Sarguillo 2009-06-26 13:11:14 -0500 Report

Ok, last night I was in a pharmacy looking for a syringe vault. One with a coolent pack. They didnt have one, but they did offered an idea from another diabetic. Use a glass case, the small thin ones for reading glasses. With my syringes, it can take 32 units and still close and keep the syring stable. Now back to this disccusion, While I was there, another person was asking about Meters. A clue, she must be diabetic or a caregiver for a diabetic. See, Im not a dumb as some think. LOL. After She finished talking to pharmasist, and started to walk away, i waited for her at the end of the isle she was walking down and asked her if she had internet acess. She does. Told her that OneTouch.com is offering a free Mini meter if she would send them her adress and answer a few questions. She thanked me. I showed her my mini meter that I just happen to have on me at the time. I left feeling good. I hope I didnt intrude on her parivicy. I dont think I would mine of someone noticed my kit and started to talk to me. Thats just me. Good luck all.

zobel 2009-06-26 22:18:35 -0500 Report

good tip on reading glass case

this is off track of discusion. my solution for syringes is to score and break the plungers off. this gives me up to 55 units to use as needed(use old full length plunger with rubber removed to depress broken plunger) and it fits in my meter belt pack (freestyle flash kit) i use two insulins. the long term one i break off at the exact amount so i can tell the difference

this methode keeps my pockets empty for other things and they are harder to loose.


Dietbeeties 2009-06-26 23:15:16 -0500 Report

I was thrilled when I got my pink mini meter!! (just mad that insurance won't cover my strips!! I've been quoted $1 a piece!)

zobel 2009-06-26 01:50:03 -0500 Report

i'm always up to exchange and learn of others experiences. also being aware can help if some situation goes bad and you or the other person needs help from someone who is sure of the the others conditions.

i live in a small world.

vgarrison 2009-06-25 22:46:35 -0500 Report

I'm always up to meet new diabetics…whether it be to discuss doctors in the area, to places that have classes to whatever. There are some really great resources out there, and maybe someone else I bump into knows some that I don't.


Antique-Dave 2009-06-25 21:28:31 -0500 Report

As a T2 no one is going to notice unless I whip out my kit to check my BGL :^)

But there are a few people that I know well enough that when they asked how things were I told them I was dx with D this spring.

comments range from "I'm sorry" or since I'm on the pill "you don't have it too bad" or "welcome to the club"

no one really has been comfortable talking about it including other diabetics that I know. So I would not approach a person I did not know and strike up a conversation about D.

mamaoak 2009-06-25 17:56:04 -0500 Report

well i do not mind gives me som insite on how other people cop with this. and they give me information that i can take or leave.

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