Jitters wioth high and low readings

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I am on both long lasting and fast acting insulin and my numbers can be anywhere from 50 to 200. My A1c is at 6.2 so the overall average is good. I get jitter sn headaches with numbers below 80 but also any number over 150. I bascially ignore the daily numbers as chasing these would drive me crazy. I get something to eat quickly when numbers are low typically some oreange juice and cheese.I have to keep the numbers for the VA as they have me on a program that takes my readings and blood pressure each day which are phoned in once a day. They call me and tell me how to adjust the insulin for the day. Since being on the Aspart I am having problems keeping my weight down which I don't like. The doctor says it is because the glucose is no0w going into the cells in my body and are functioning properly.

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debcox 2015-03-28 18:04:44 -0500 Report

While on insulin I had a problem losing weight. Now, I have been off any insulin for almost 2 months and still having issues losing weight. I eat 2K calories a day and exercise so that I expend between 3.5K to 4.5K but still not losing weight. I am losing inches so I am happy. My doctor said that it is difficult to lose weight while on insulin.