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Watching the online Diabetes Conference has had me intrigued to say the least when it comes to certain topics…When listening to just about all of the interviews you hear a recurring theme of "listening to your body"…When I was first diagnosed I followed the "common advice" to eat every three or four hours to maintain stable blood sugars…I have since changed my approach..I eat when I am hungry..and tend to go 5 or 6 hours in between meals…and I rarely snack at all…sometimes going weeks without a snack…( when I do snack it tends to be a hunk of cheese or a palm full of nuts)…I am curious as to how other people approach this…do you apply the listen to your body approach…or do you find yourself on a strict eating regime to make sure you consume a small amount of food every few hours even if you are not hungry??? Also why do you follow the approach you do???

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haoleboy 2015-03-30 17:41:14 -0500 Report

I eat only from 2 pm to 9 pm keeping total carb intake to under 50 total grams. Unprocessed foods. High fiber.
I eat about 2000 calories a day, macro breakdown is 10% carb, 20% protein, 70% fat.
Once a week I fast for 24 hours.
It is my understanding/experience that this eating "pattern" improves insulin sensitivity.


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Jibber Jabber 2015-03-30 18:01:21 -0500 Report

That is my understanding as well…I wish more people would become concerned with improving insulin sensitivity and over all health and NOT just keeping their numbers down by any means necessary…I use to be "one of those"…but education is a beautiful thing…

Pegsy 2015-03-30 13:24:13 -0500 Report

I have experienced an interesting transition in regard to my diabetes dietary habits. When I first learned that I was diabetic I was referred to a dietitian who had me eating all kinds of carbs which, of course, increased my need for medication. After some time, I realized that this method was simply not going to work. I began to research other options. I read a book called The Diabetes Miracle by Diane Kress. I joined her online community and attempted to follow her program. I found it difficult to follow and very unforgiving. While she advertises on her website that she will coach you personally I found that experience to be very stressful and one size fits all. At one point I was following her plan very carefully but found my A1c going up. When I consulted with her about this she became very angry, insisting that I had somehow failed to follow the program correctly and that I should be more grateful for the results I've had. Her plan is a program that doesn't adjust to the individual and promotes a lot of prepackaged foods.

Being on her program set in motion a system if habits that I have grown so accustomed to that I find it difficult to change. After listening to many speakers on the Diabetes Summit, I realize that I am still consuming too many carbs and out of habit from following her program eating every 4 hours or so has me eating way too much. She is adamant about the bedtime snack as well as waking in the middle of the night in order to snack. The is supposed to prevent the liver from releasing glucose during the night. This habit caused sleep issues for me and I found myself with rising numbers when I get up in the morning. Add the stress of not meeting my coach's expectations and being chewed out for it, I needed to find a better way.

Dr. Fung convinced me to stop the snacks and just eat 3 meals per day. I am also going to consider some fasting. After just a few days of following his advice, I have lower (not yet ideal) fasting numbers in the morning and my post meal numbers are significantly lower. I am pleased so far. I am still listening to his videos on and learning a lot. I am considering consulting with a natural nutritionist online that was one of the summit speakers. I am learning that this doesn't really have to be as hard as following Diane Kress made it for me. Will I ever be able to get off medication? Perhaps not. But I will likely be able to reduce it and even if not, I will be healthier and a lot less stressed. Dr. Fung's advice is allowing me to r.e.l.a.x.!

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Jibber Jabber 2015-03-30 13:35:13 -0500 Report

WOW!!!!…and what great news…so happy your fasting numbers are coming down..and YES there is a very big problem with the one size fits all approach..we are all individuals and need to find our own comfort zone…I LOVE Dr. Fung…he cuts to the heart of the matter and does it in a way that is very easy to understand…and I encourage everyone who Missed his lecture to watch it tomorrow as I am just about certain that his will be one of the "most popular" ones that they give a repeat access to…and please keep us informed as to your fasting and how that goes…I know that my fasting numbers have gone down (and my all around numbers) since I have started fasting…I was concerned because there is mixed information out there about fasting in women and how its effects differ from men..but again..we are all individuals…so fasting may work in some and not in others…have a great day..I am smiling a lot reading post of DC today!!!

Pegsy 2015-03-30 17:13:23 -0500 Report

I have a lot of Dr. Fung bookmarked on to watch. I am overwhelmed and truly on information overload from the Diabetes Summit. Some of the speakers just make me dizzy but there are a few that make tremendous sense and are easy to follow and comprehend. Some, like Dr. Fung make it so simple. Others seem to make things more complicated than they need to be. Overall, the info has been great. I just need to visit websites, sort through it all, take what I can use and put it into practice.

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Jibber Jabber 2015-03-30 18:04:49 -0500 Report eyes glazed over when listening to a few of them…they were not difficult for me to understand it is just that no one person can do everything…or your entire life would be consumed by diet, treatment and exercise…lmao…chicky needs a little fun too…a little too much for me now..I am still a newbie…maybe when the things I am doing now become "second nature"..I will add a few more of their recommendations…

GabbyPA 2015-03-29 11:03:02 -0500 Report

My husband is very much an intuitive eater and I am trying to be more like that. Eating only when I am hungry and stopping when I am satisfied is really the purpose of eating. I have gotten much better at it and can often go about 5 hours between meals. Not too bad for a food addict. I still do snack, but its generally sunflower seeds or something. I used to do the every few hours thing and I ate too much and got too many carbs.

It takes a lot of retraining in my head. Just like removing the starch from my plate at a meal. That was the hardest thing...every meal was supposed to have the veggie, meat and starch component growing up. Just like cleaning your plate and cereal for breakfast. The way I was raised is part of why I am diabetic today. So now I have to change all of that.

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Jibber Jabber 2015-03-29 11:36:11 -0500 Report

Yes!!!..The traditional plate…I think we all grew up with it..My daughter still cooks like that..BUT she cooks with brown rice and other whole wheat grains…But we NEVER make the kids clean their plate..we tell them finish your veggies..try to finish your meat..and you don't have to eat any more of the rice/grain…education is a lovely thing

sweetslover 2015-03-28 20:04:55 -0500 Report

When I was diagnosed, my doctor advised me not to eat every few hours unless I wanted to gain weight. I try to limit myself to 3 meals a day, but some days I am just hungry and need a snack. When that happens, I do try to make it a low carb one. THAT IS SO HARD. I love carbs—I crave carbs. My motivation to not chow down on them is to think of the diabetic complications I already have—works every time.

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Jibber Jabber 2015-03-28 20:44:05 -0500 Report

Wow..I am impressed..seems like you have a doctor that gets it…every time we eat we either release insulin (type 2) or need to cover with insulin (type 1) and from everything I have been learning lately it is my understanding that you want the least amount of insulin in your body that you can get by on…so yes..I am impressed…that is sooooo NOT what most doctor's tell their patients…

sweetslover 2015-03-28 20:51:10 -0500 Report

My doctor is not really up on diabetic complications, but he seems to have the nutrition aspect down pretty good—thank goodness.

Pegsy 2015-03-28 18:30:40 -0500 Report

What a coincidence! I went to bed thinking about this very thing last night. Were you reading my mind? I have much to share about this but not much time right now. I'll respond later with details. I do know this is something I need to change up.

Steven T
Steven T 2015-03-28 13:05:51 -0500 Report

This was hard for me, I listened to the talk, and my body is telling me to eat chips, fast food, and lattes. So I am not sure when the time will come when I can trust my body.

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Jibber Jabber 2015-03-28 13:12:31 -0500 Report

Carb cravings are hard…and I think we all know we cant give in to them and maintain good health…I wish I could remember the name of the Dietician that addressed how to deal with them effectively…If anyone else does please chime in…but we crave carbs for both emotional reasons (comfort eating) and for physical reasons…such as craving chips when out bodies need sodium…The best approach is to make sure you are meeting your daily vitamin and mineral needs.and other nutritional needs..because that should do away with the physical cravings ..leaving us with only the emotional ones…my only vice is coffee…and I do know that contains a great deal of pollutants so I try to replace half of what I drink with organic coffee..but at 18 bucks for 12 oz it is difficult to completely correct..