Extreme Itching.

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Does anyone on DC have to deal with extreme itching all over their body 24/7 ? I have itched so badly that I have broken my skin and managed to make my skin bleed!
No new medication or a change in my diet, soap. I've cut my nails really short and right now I am using, TRICALM and Curel Itch Defense and some lotion from Goldbalm ! These seem to work temporarily.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, Calayx

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Nikita007 2015-03-17 11:50:49 -0500 Report

Hi Calayx-

Not sure about the reason for your itching ( I don't have this issue), but after trying a host of OTC medicines, I stumbled upon a natural cure for my seasonal "yard rash" when I garden in the Spring. Nothing could "cure" my itching. The doctor thought I had "Christmas Tree" rash, which was incorrect. After spending a small fortune on all the stuff you mentioned buying, I found Emu Oil was the ONLY thing that worked for me. It's 100% natural and attacks the inflammation and crawling itch symptoms. It also heals the nail scratches. It costs more than the OTC treatments, but trust me, a little goes a long way and it's worth every single penny. You can find it on Amazon. I use it whether I have an itch or not on my skin in the winter months too. Of course, this is a topical treatment. As others have mentioned, you may have thyroid, nerve issues, or your meds may be giving you problems. Consult your doc. In the meantime, hope this helps.

JoleneAL 2015-03-15 09:26:47 -0500 Report

Try oils instead of lotions, Argon is the best. Also, cool bathes/showers. Evening Primrose oil has also been recommended in capsule form for dry skin. And lastly, have your doctor check your thyroid levels. Dry skin is also a sign of a thyroid issue. A TSH over 3 is hypothyriodism.

Pegsy 2015-03-15 08:26:58 -0500 Report

Is your skin very dry? Perhaps lotion would help. I think they make lotions that are anti-itch. I was experiencing itching for a while and discovered that it was caused by Niacin. I was surprised because I had been on the Niacin for a while. When I stopped the Niacin, the itching stopped.

suecsdy 2015-03-14 22:49:11 -0500 Report

I wish I could help you. Yes, I have had itching so bad that I have scratched myself raw, but mostly on my feet and lower legs. It has been much better since I have been on insulin and my bg is controlled. When the lotions and cool water doesn't help, I pull out the antihistamines.

calayx 2015-03-15 00:39:07 -0500 Report

Yes, I forgot to mention that I also take Allergy Tablets. Some
one told me to take lukewarm baths, everyday. Another one told me to stop taking so many showers and baths. If someone sees my arms, I get so embarrassed, cause I have to hide them.
Thank you for your support!

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