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Really, I need to consider putting more fish in my diet. I like shellfish, but the scaley ones not so much. Tried salmon a few mos ago and did not care for it. So tell me about other fish and how you like to prepare it. Breaded or battered would be nice, but we all know that is not good for me, soooo…tell me what you like.

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GreatGranny68 2015-09-03 18:45:54 -0500 Report

When I was growing up, and staying at my granddad's farm, we would go down to the lake and fish for Blue Bellies, lake small-mouth bass, and perch. My favorite were Blue Bellies, because they were so crunchy on the sides and soft and sweet on the inside, when mom or Aunt Jessie fried them in farm,-fresh butter, with a little salt and pepper. Perch was good, too, but a small bone got stuck in my throat, and that was the end of perch, for me. We weren't too successful catching the bass, though, so I honestly can't say I remember what it tasted like. Oh, one other thing about Blue Bellies or Blue Gills, is that the fins are kind of wide, and they can be fried, with the fish meat, and eaten like a "chip"…really good!
Every Friday, my husband and I have our fish dinner, and we have salmon, ( which I prefer thinner sliced), tilapia, tuna, ( steaks or canned in spring water…hate the oil!), & cod. Rarely, halibut, which is my most favorite of all fish, or we might splurge and either by shrimp, or canned clams. My husband makes a simple, but wonderful, Manhattan Calm Chowder: 18-20 cans of clams, 10-12 bottles of clam juice, tomato sauce, paste and diced tomatoes, some garlic, onions, potatoes, and seasonings. He makes a 16 quart pot, so that we have it all through the weekend, and into the next week…nothing better, served with salad, crackers or biscuits…YUMMY!!!

wojciech 2015-03-16 19:33:19 -0500 Report

Cod, haddock, mackerel good source of omega 3 most sea fish are good the oil is beneficial tuna in spring water or brine but not in oil.dont buy basa aka pangasious and river others scare stories about whats in the fish they come from rivers of veitnam dirty rivers .try baking fish in foil bit of lemon juice ir herbs on them boiled is ok but fried in batter great but so much more unhealthy the fat content. Eel got a strong flavour pike salmon bass various bream done a lot of fishing in my time and eaten a lot of what ive caught. Check out story of pangasious on the web make your own mind up.

suecsdy 2015-03-14 21:04:10 -0500 Report

Wow! Everyone has such good suggestions. It's going to take me a while to work through them all. Thanks everyone.

Jarney 2015-03-14 20:02:41 -0500 Report

I eat Mahi Mahi, Cod, Skate, Monk, Trout, and Salmon. I have lemon pepper that I mostly use. But when I get tired of that, I use soy and coconut sugar with a little Splenda. Butter capers and dill is also a lovely flavor profile. I either pan braise or grill in foil. I never put fish directly on a grill as I have had any success with it. Cedar planks soaked in water work great on the grill or under a broiler. Don't give up on Salmon you might just need a better preparation. I used to turn my nose up at fish only choosing shelled varieties but now I'm up to try any. Ones I don't like are Flounder, Basa and Swai. Catfish nuggets are also really good. Other seafood options are squid (Calamari) and Octopus. Sorry I don't have recipes as I cook by taste. Hope this helps!

rhett t
rhett t 2015-03-14 07:21:48 -0500 Report

we eat a lot of tilapia or swai fish. they are both white meat. Add your seasoning and it 's not bad.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-13 17:46:08 -0500 Report

Hi Sue.
I can honestly say I'd rather have a steak to fish. But, I am learning g to eat fish fried. My favorite so far is fried catfish. I can honestly say I love it. That's. My dinner tonight. Catfish and salad with a small side of coleslaw. I'm ready now. LOL. Hugs, VL

sweetslover 2015-03-13 21:48:18 -0500 Report

I also prefer steak to fish, but sometimes a girl just has to have a change. If you like catfish, then you really should try the grouper. Delicious!

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-14 02:58:38 -0500 Report

Hi Sweets,
Thanks for the tip. I'll try grouper. So will Do you fix it the same way? If not how do you fix it? Like I said, I'm new to fish. But I'm determined
to eat it once a week or so.

sweetslover 2015-03-14 06:37:19 -0500 Report

You can fry it, broil it, bake it, wrap it in foil with butter and put it on the grill—all kinds of ways. Personally, I only like it rolled in corn meal and fried in oil.

suecsdy 2015-03-13 21:23:31 -0500 Report

Given the choice Val, I'd rather have steak too, but fish is supposed to be good for me so I'm going to give it a try..

sweetslover 2015-03-13 15:18:33 -0500 Report

I love grouper—lightly rolled in corn meal and fried. Yep—I said fried. That's the only way I will eat fish. Consequently, I don't eat a lot of fish anymore. LOL
I also like some good fresh water bass and specks—cooked the same way.

haoleboy 2015-03-13 14:55:51 -0500 Report

Being from Hawaii and having been a deckhand on a charter fishing boat I LOVE fish (saltwater only, please). I have eaten more than my share of Sashimi (raw fish) so most any means of preparation works for me. Unfortunately decent quality fresh fish is simply not affordable so in order to get the benefit I eat canned tuna, sardines, anchovies and kippers often and take fish oil supplements daily.
In that you don't really like the taste of fish I'd suggest you stick with fried fresh water varieties as (IMO) they have no taste … but understand that they are also lacking in many of the nutritional benefits (Omega-3 fatty acids, in particular) associated with eating fish.


Pegsy 2015-03-13 13:35:02 -0500 Report

Tilapia is a nice, light fish. I brush it with oil and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese and bake it. Quick, easy and tasty.

suecsdy 2015-03-13 13:56:25 -0500 Report

Tilapia is very easy to get and they sell it pre-seasoned locally. Going to have to check what other fish they have on hand.

MarkS 2015-03-13 12:53:36 -0500 Report

Hi suecsdy, So, while I love fish I understand that not everyone finds it as tasty as I do. I would suggest that you start with a lighter fish, something like a rainbow trout or walleye. I always cook fish outside on the grill (my wife has a very sensitive nose and doesn't like the "fish smell" in the house after cooking on the stove), which is a propane weber. The easiest way for the two fish that I've mentioned is to place some foil on the grill (get the heat to about medium (e.g., about 350 degrees F), sprinkle with a bit of olive oil so the fish won't stick, and just lay the filet on the foil. A thin filet like rainbow trout or walleye only takes about 15 minutes or so (the meat will flake off). Usually the only spice I use on a light filet are a bit of pepper. I would recommend that when you eat the filet you do not eat the skin (though some people do; however, it has been documented that heavy metals collect in the skin). Salmon is a heavier, meatier fish that requires longer time on the grill (about 20 minutes or so). If you ever want to give it a try again, I have a fantastic cream/dill/Dijon mustard sauce that I prepare, which I would be happy to share the recipe with you. If you like shell fish, its easy to put shrimp/peppers/tomatoes/mushrooms/onions/zucchini (or whatever veggies that can be roasted that you like) on a skewer, sprinkle with a small bit of olive oil and grill them. Very tasty!

GabbyPA 2015-03-13 12:38:44 -0500 Report

Fish is a mood food for me, and I usually am not in the mood to eat it. But I have found fish stews are a great way to get around that. I have done it via chowder with cream or via veggies with an Italian fish stew that the family has really enjoyed.

I have a neat recipe that has mayonnaise and cheese and you put it on chicken or fish. I replace the panko with almond meal. Not bad at all, but you need a meaty fish for that. I like baked fish like tilapia or flounder with veggies and some butter and dill.

I just used coconut flour and arrow root (both contain carbs though) to do fried chicken that the family loved. It would work well on whiting or cod as well. I fry it in coconut oil and its great.

Any fish you can get fresh is always going to taste better than frozen

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-13 10:34:52 -0500 Report

You can get any fillet and fry it without adding carbs..get some pork rinds and grind them in a blender till they are the consistency of bread crums add some parmesan cheese…presto change..fried fish no carbs..just make sure you fry them in a healthy oil (wink wink)…also works for chicken…steak fillets…and as a bread crumb replacement in meatballs/meatloaf…

jayabee52 2015-03-14 01:12:38 -0500 Report

The thing that turns me off about that is there is a great deal of sodium in pork rinds, and now that I am on dialysis I gotta limit my sodium

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-14 14:29:04 -0500 Report

The bag has the sodium grams on them so everyone is free to purchase or not to purchase…people on keto diets such as myself do not have sodium limitations (unless they have a specific health issue to deal with ) because salt is our friend..much like fat is our friend…

haoleboy 2015-03-14 14:56:14 -0500 Report

I have never tried using them as coating … they were my solution for a high protein zero carb snack and the sodium content was a bonus

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