Lantus vs. Levemir

By lily54 Latest Reply 2011-05-18 21:59:21 -0500
Started 2009-06-24 14:14:58 -0500

I currently take Levemir insulin. Can anyone compare Levemir to Lantus? I read the posts about Lantus and was wondering if anybody has an opinion of one over the other as far as BS results.Thanks!

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AngelV 2009-12-23 15:57:45 -0600 Report

Angel takes ten units at night of Levemir, and every four hours (if needed) will take three to four to five units of Humilog (sp) if his number jumps over two hundred or more. Plus he takes 1 500 MG Avandemet each day. That Avendamet is 150.00 per bottle but it seems to work well and the Medicaid pays for it.

patti 2009-06-24 22:18:43 -0500 Report

I have been on both. Lantus is once a day versus Levemier I need to take it 2x a day. My new endo is going to put me back on the Lantus in august along with a few other changes dont know what they are yet. He doesnt understand why my old endo changed fom lantus to levemier. why add another shot? I know they are both long lasting. At the time of change I was on steroids for a back injury with a split dose given 2 x a day I had better control. Thats all the info I can give. hope this helps

joann4999 2009-11-07 03:59:19 -0600 Report

I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THE LEVEMIER, BUT I LIKE THE LANTUS, it works good for me i have been on it for a few years now.

alison052579 2009-12-01 14:03:47 -0600 Report

okay so I have been on both and the levemir has helped with weight loss, and btw I was twice daily on lantus and my endo said lots of type 1's end up twice daily on 24 hour regardless of whether its lantus or levemir

R Brach
R Brach 2011-05-18 21:59:21 -0500 Report

How much effect on weight loss? Is it something very noticible when switching from Lantus? I have been fighting it for the last year I've been on the Lantus and the Levemir sounds ideal in that aspect. Thanx!!

mamaoak 2009-06-24 18:16:03 -0500 Report

sorry dont know any thing about levemir. i really like lantus , i dont do insulin shots any more i am on the pill metiforim now.

Ladyhawk317 2009-06-24 18:31:59 -0500 Report

I only know about Lantus. I really like the fact that my diabetes is under control with only one injection daily.