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Hello everyone, I would like to said I am a type 2 diabetic for 15 years into my 60"s. I have found out that doctors only know what they read and try to get info to their patients. I want to find a doctor who is diabetic, that way I know doctor knows the feeling of what we are exposed to than someone reading from the journal or Internet. I often see reviews about pills and reading materials on getting off diabetics. What is missing is Info about the person when they taking the pills and feeling the effects of their A1C. In most bottles it says to consult with your doctor before taking the pills. I talked to 5 different doctors who has no knowledge of the product. Could they want U to take their pills and or insulin by the medical plan. I am with Kaiser and they have no research info on outside articles, products and opinions. I go to Diabetic Expo to learn more info and have introduce them to Kaiser, who have slightly change for the better. What is missing is people doing reviews and not mentioning if they are on insulin or pills. Bottles says to consult with doctor prior to taking the med's. It's hard to review when people does not fully say ALL the details. So I am requesting that reviews come with all details…

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Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2015-03-14 13:51:08 -0500 Report

As James said people do not give all of the details and often do not respond to the questions asked of them. You can request all details but people are only going to reveal what they want reveal and if it means leaving out details, so be it. There really isn't anything anyone can do about that. People simply do not want all of their information out there. You can ask for clarification but it is still up to each individual to clarify information they reveal. Odds are you are never going to ever get all of the facts.

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Hodwy Silver
I had been with Kaiser for several years when I lived in CA with my (now late) wife. I had a really good experience with them as did my (late) wife.

Your point about having all pertainent details be posted, I also ask for folks to do the same when posting new discussions as well. Far too often a lot of details are left out, and to find out the needed information we have to ask and far too often the person doesn't answer.

God's best to you and yours

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