Glyburide vs Byetta

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So…maybe a year ago I called my doctors office as it felt as though I was standing in a fire and tested at almost 600. My doctor was away so they had me in to see whomever was available. The doctor I saw put me on 5mg/1xdaily Glyburide. When my doctor came back he wasn't happy I was put on that, however I saw a reduction in my BG's and didn't want to stop. I did cut back to 2.5mg/1xdaily because I was getting low too often. I don't see 300's very often any more. I suck at eating well. Saw my doctor and I went from 7.0 A1C to 7.8 and there was some evidence of (bear with me here)…sugars spilling from my kidneys or into my kidneys…? Yea…I'm not good at this…years later. Anyway…my doctor wants me to consider changing from Glyburide to Byetta. Has anyone here done this transition or are using Byetta? Don't know what to do. Love to hear from someone that's using it and possibly even changed to it from the Glyburide. Oh and I'm a big guy (6'2" / 285lbs) … need to lose weight … started a boot camp class twice a week and he says the Byetta helps with weight reduction.

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