Patients and Physicians Views on Online Health Information

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Hello, my name is Akash Patel. I am a student at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. I am currently working on my thesis on the use of online health communities and their impact on enhancing patient-physician dialogue. I would like to gather data on how the abundance of health information found online has changed the dynamic in the traditional patient-physician relationship and gather the views of both patients and physicians on online health information. It would be appreciated if patients, physicians, and/or anyone who looks for health information online can take a 7 to 10 minute anonymous and confidential questionnaire. This is purely an academic project. I would be happy to share a summary of the results with those that are interested. If you have any questions, my contact email is small. The link that will take you into the questionnaire is:

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Sopies Grandma
Sopies Grandma 2015-03-10 19:58:00 -0500 Report

i can only tell you about how the web works for me. My doctors are all in the same group and they use a thing called mychart. It's my medical history and test results and its contact between me and my doctor. And I love it. if I have a question about something I only have to get online and open mychart and put my question in, its so simple compared to calling and being put on hold and maybe they won't forget I'm on hold :) And I can look at my test results any time and as much as I want. it's really great. I can even set an appointment with my doctor on mychart. I will go see about your questionnaire now…hope this helps :)

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Howdy Akash

Just finished and it was OK. Nothing too personal.

Praying success on your thesis. I did my thesis nearly 30 yrs ago now.