Maybe the ADA Will Find Themselves in the 21st Century

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2015-03-23 11:41:48 -0500
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Good news, there is a new CEO for the American Diabetes Association and he is, well…a diabetic (though he still calls it pre-diabetes) Kevin Hagan's family history of the disease made him interested in going from running "Feed the Children" to the ADA in February of this year.

DiaTribe did a good interview with him and you can read it here.

While he is not all familiar with what he is getting into, he has some interesting ideas I'm sure that will shift and change as he gets more involved. This is our chance to let him know what we would like to see come from the ADA and how the money can be spent that he is going to raise. I know I am not a fan of the ADA overall, but it does have a place in it all. Maybe the new blood will inspire us to also be involved and get one of the original voices for diabetes to get caught up with the times.

I plan to write a letter welcoming him in, offering some ideas based on my experiences with the ADA and encourage him with support.

American Diabetes Association
ATTN: Kevin Hagan CEO
1701 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311

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RojoAlmighty87 2015-03-21 23:56:36 -0500 Report

And what can change the course for us diabetics? Because the only thing being fostered is complacency, save for myself and assuming there are others who feel as I do. Every forum I read, every site online or any piece of information brings the slap of reality to the face. It's enough to make someone sober relapse. And does anyone believe the "gub-ment" gives a damn about us? If the doctors and the pharmacists don't, what would the odds of the government doing so be? Just saying.

GabbyPA 2015-03-23 11:41:48 -0500 Report

He is not government, though I am sure there are some ties somewhere there. He is with the ADA. Change will not come if we are complacent.
It's like when my husband tells me the dogs need the water bowl filled or the soap dispenser is empty. Don't tell something about it.

The well oiled machine may be hard to stop or change course, but all it takes is a little sand in those gears, not even a lot to get it to stop.

Michael_1960 2015-03-15 21:54:20 -0500 Report

Good luck, I don't understand what you are accomplishing, but as long as it's helping me and my fellow diabetics is all we need, is he willing to help us by overseeing what is being put into our food supply, and getting rid of or at least cutting back on the sugars, the fats and the sodium that's being put into our foods, and drinks? That's where we need to start, try writing a letter to our government instead and see what can be done in that retrospect. Or send a letter to the U.S.D.A. or the Food and Drug Administration. We can't even sit down and eat a healthy meal without worrying about what's being put into our food supply, no wonder there are so many unhealthy people in this world. So let's pull together and do something that is really going to help our people.

GabbyPA 2015-03-16 09:14:07 -0500 Report

Sadly, you have to approach the government to get that kind of action. I hope that he will look into it and do what they can from a business side, but the USDA and the FDA are not likely to care much. I did post another discussion where advocacy groups were going to Capitol hill last week. It was to encourage us to contact our representatives. Did you do that?

If you have concerns and goals, you have to speak up and share them. We cannot always leave it to others to do for us. I shared many of your concerns with my representative, along with finding ways to make healthy foods more affordable.

What I would like to see accomplished is getting the ADA into the current thought and research of diabetes. They have some great tools, but their guidelines are so out dated.

RojoAlmighty87 2015-03-12 06:36:04 -0500 Report

I hope Mr. Hagan will do tremendous work and break new ground in the fight against Diabetes. Having said that, here's where the reality shatters fantasy: No matter who's running the show in any of the organizations who allegedly are diligently working tirelessly to stop this disease dead in its tracks, that's the dream being sold, Why? Because there is no cure. Why? The pharmaceutical industry makes money off of us diabetics with insulin, glucometers, insulin pumps and so forth. So why would anyone want to beat the pavement to find a cure? Especially since it would ruin the gravy train. The sad fact is, no one really cares. So prayers, petitions, wishing and/or hoping wouldn't matter at all, let alone a letter.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-11 16:51:53 -0500 Report

Hi Gabby,
My letter goes out tomorrow in the post. I took several of your suggestions and that's what I wrote about. Thanks for posting this. VL

GabbyPA 2015-03-11 08:52:01 -0500 Report

My letter is going out in today's post. I really encourage as many as can to write a letter at the very least to welcome him in.

lilleyheidi 2015-03-11 03:22:36 -0500 Report

WOW, perhaps with a few letters (and by few, I mean a lot) we might get a bit of change. I hope Mr. Hagan is ready for the job he is taking on. He will be in my thoughts and prayers as he goes into this posititon.

jayabee52 2015-03-10 16:05:43 -0500 Report

I read the article to which you linked, This new head of the ADA sounds promising. Time will tell,

I pray that Mr Hagan will have success with each of his 4 buckets

Mallacai 2015-03-10 12:20:38 -0500 Report

I live in the Caribbean, my doctor says that the ADA guidelines for B/G level and A1c readings are higher than ours. The ADA says post eating B/G for a diabetics should be 180max our doctors say 140 max. ADA says A1 c should be 7 and under for diabetics, here it's 6.4.

GabbyPA 2015-03-10 14:12:50 -0500 Report

Yes, that is what I mean. Maybe with a new man in charge, we can encourage him to reevaluate the numbers they currently use. They also recommend 150g of carbs a day...way too much for many people.

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