Glucagon Emergency Kits Without Needles?

By GabbyPA Latest Reply 2015-03-11 08:48:42 -0500
Started 2015-03-10 09:49:19 -0500

I say YES! The Glucagon kits are intimidating and if you have someone not familiar with them, they can be ineffective due to human error. There has been talk of a nasal spray version for a while, but now it's in clinical trials (not sure I would want to be in THAT trial) and it could be available as soon as 2016 or 2017. Sadly, it will be available in the UK and Europe before here, but it could be coming here.

Here is the article on it, very positive sounding results.

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lilleyheidi 2015-03-11 03:24:20 -0500 Report

I love this idea. Wish it would be available sooner, but I know it has to go thru europe before it ever makes it to US.

GabbyPA 2015-03-11 08:48:42 -0500 Report

At least our members over there can be on the look out for it, and then let us know when they can get them.

debcox 2015-03-11 00:17:05 -0500 Report

What is a glucagon kit?

jayabee52 2015-03-11 06:04:32 -0500 Report

Deb, This from Web MD "This medication is the same as your body's own glucagon, a natural substance that raises blood sugar by causing the body to release sugar stored in the liver. It is used to quickly increase blood sugar levels in diabetics with low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) who cannot take a quick source of sugar (e.g., fruit juices, table sugar, regular soda) by mouth." ~

Type1Lou 2015-03-10 17:50:34 -0500 Report

I haven't needed to use glucagon since starting on my pump in 2011 but did use glucagon many times prior to pumping…or my husband did, since he is the one who would give me the injection. One thing we learned the hard way was to pay attention to the expiration date on the kit and discard one that has expired since it will NOT be effective. We still keep a kit handy, just in case.