Trading a BG spike for a little education..

Jibber Jabber
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My grandson is 7 and needs to do a science project for school..He is a bright little thing and has been asking 1,000 questions since grandma(me) was diagnosed with diabetes…So I am going to kick my own hiney out of ketosis and take a bad day of BG readings…so he can present a science project about diabetes…The plan..I go to my daughter house for the day…we both take our fasting BG levels…then we stay stuck like glue to each other until 2 hours after dinner…eating exactly the same things in the same quanties..and testing our BG before and two hours after meals…we are going to take photos of our glucose readings..meals..and anything else we can think of..and chart the results on a board…1) I am sure it will be the winning project…2) gives me an excuse to eat what ever the hell I want for one day…lmao…my grandson is very concerned about his mom and his sister..(no men in my family are diabetic)..but I am and his great grandma (my mother) is…he will have a second board up of all the, as he calls them "evil devil foods" that people should avoid if they don't want to get sick…going to be a fun day..and one crazy day shouldn't screw with my A1C too much…

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valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-10 20:51:09 -0500 Report

Hi Jib Jab,
What a wonderful idea. What a wonderful Grandma. This is such a great learning tool for your Grandson. Keep us informed how the presentation goes. I for one am anxious to know. VL

Type1Lou 2015-03-10 18:15:17 -0500 Report

You are super-Grandma! What a great way of educating others about what diabetes does! Please let us know how the presentation goes.

MarkS 2015-03-10 08:39:06 -0500 Report

Great science project for a seven year old. While I've judges a number of science fairs, I never heard of one for seven year olds before. The youngest was fifth grade but typically they were middle school. And based on projects I've seen, I think your grandson will get good marks on his idea to track a metabolic condition that afflicts his Grandma. Suggestions from a science fair judge: State his hypothesis up-front (e.g., I think my Grandmother's blood sugar will be higher than mine after eating because of her diabetes but will/will not be close to the same at other times of the day.). Make sure to test pre- and post-prandial and on the graph note the times of eating (I am sure you've already thought of that). Be careful about the "evil devil foods"; you may want to just include a "what is a recommended diet for a Type 2 diabetic" along with risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. Give his conclusion. I am sure that you've got all this covered, but as a judge, I often saw a lot of missed opportunities (e.g., missed hypothesis and/or conclusions).

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-10 15:07:40 -0500 Report

Lmao..he wouldn't put evil devil foods on the project…as far as a 7 year old doing science projects all of my kids and now my grandson had to do them starting in 1st grade..but they were/are all in the gifted program…My grandson also has till April to finish a biography(in book form)..of a person who has been important to his life…very advanced for his age…has to be properly paragraphed and include a reference page…which has to include the names of all people he talks to about this person..

rhett t
rhett t 2015-03-10 06:11:17 -0500 Report

What a good way to cheat! we'll do anything to help our grandkids. Very educational for all.

suecsdy 2015-03-09 16:24:25 -0500 Report

One of my grandsons should do something like this. They are older and already at risk from diabetes on their fathers side, and now from my side too. It might let them see what could happen to them if they don't start paying more attention.

GabbyPA 2015-03-09 16:10:00 -0500 Report

You should do a video and post it up on Youtube, then you can post it here and we can all enjoy it. That sounds like a very interesting idea. It will be equally interesting to see if it goes the way you think it will go.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-09 16:12:47 -0500 Report

Oh God of corse it will…I will enjoy every bite and not care because it will be such an educational experience for my grandson..and for the other kids in his class…and my BG will skyrocket…lucky for me I don't feel bad when I go high…maybe if I did I would of gone to the doctor sooner…oh well…

GabbyPA 2015-03-10 11:15:29 -0500 Report

I don't know, you might feel bad now. Specially since you have been in such a good range. A sudden nutty spike just might share a nice head ache with you or a good nap. We tend to not feel bad when we are high because we came by it gradually. This might just be a shocker. That part will be interesting to find out as well.

sweetslover 2015-03-09 15:56:24 -0500 Report

What a great science project. Maybe he will have something really gooey and sweet for you to experiment on After all, it is for science. :)

Pegsy 2015-03-09 15:40:46 -0500 Report

What a sacrifice! You're an awesome Grandma.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-09 15:55:09 -0500 Report

Well it IS FOR SCIENCE…hee hee…He just told me he wants to pick the foods…this way I don't go "too high" and get sick…he told me in no uncertain terms he was in charge because it is his science project and they're will be NO CANDY…he said just regular :healthy" food like fruits and vegetables with rice or potatoes…boy is he going to be surprised when he sees what happens to me after eating a potato..and he says everything has to be measured on my food scale..( I think it is just an excuse for him to play with it..)…he is soooo serious I cant stop laughing,…

Pegsy 2015-03-09 15:57:56 -0500 Report

That is adorable! Were I part of his experiment, it would be the rice that shows him a staggering number, not the potato so much.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-09 16:01:11 -0500 Report

I am hoping for a sweet potato…I have already started dropping not so subtle hints…lmao…but we have to wait till next week because Monday is the only day of the week both my daughter and I are free all day to do this…

Mallacai 2015-03-09 15:32:55 -0500 Report

YOU HAVE A 7 YEAR OLD GRANDSON? BTW excellent way to illustrate how he should start eating healthy.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-09 15:35:31 -0500 Report

Yes…I am an old chicky…had my daughter when I was 20…she had her son when she was the math wink wink…

Mallacai 2015-03-10 07:10:43 -0500 Report

Oh! You are as young as my third wife. Please don't do like me and get too comfortable and continue to splurge after your science project.You know once you pop you can't stop.