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Started 2015-03-06 08:03:09 -0600

I have been trying hard to cut a few more carbs to maybe initiate some weight loss(hasn't worked so far), so I cut the snacks and introduced some smoothies. Last night I had a smoothie and then some natural popcorn(not prepackaged) and was surprised to see my bg up at bedtime. I think I might not be getting enough protein…would that make a difference? Please chime in with your experience and advice.

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Type1Lou 2015-03-07 17:08:30 -0600 Report

Sue, here are the carb totals of the food you listed in your reply to JibberJabber: Yogurt-13 grams; ricotta-1 gram; 1/2 cup frozen peaches (I'm assuming no syrup)-7 grams; 1 tbsp flaxseed-3 grams; 2 tbsp unpopped popcorn (yields 1 quart or 4 cups popped)-24 grams. Total carbohydrate grams: 48 grams. Were you aware that it is that much?

suecsdy 2015-03-06 08:57:45 -0600 Report

I didn't freak about it too much because i know it is getting into the realm of obsession, so I'm trying to take a deep breath and let go. But when you are first dx, they kind of pound it into you about getting your numbers down. That, plus everyone tells me eat less carbs, so I'm trying. Also have too much time on my hands to fret about it. Lol

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-06 08:08:07 -0600 Report

well what was in your smoothie and how much popcorn did you eat????…protein does help..but it can only help so much…

suecsdy 2015-03-06 08:46:50 -0600 Report

Smoothie was very low carb. 1/2 c low fat vanilla yogurt..13 carbs, 2 tbs ricotta..1&1/2 carb, 1/2 cup frozen peaches, 1 tbs flaxseed, 4 oz pineapple-coconut carb; then about 2 tbs unpopped corn, very little salt and no carb butter flavored spray.

Pegsy 2015-03-06 13:00:07 -0600 Report

This smoothie alone would have spiked me. That much yogurt combined with 1/2 c peaches is too much carb for me all at once. Followed by popcorn would have spiked me even higher unless there was at least two hours between when I had the smoothie and when I had the popcorn. I rarely eat popcorn but when I do, it is only 3 cups popped. Any more and I will spike.

GabbyPA 2015-03-06 09:27:59 -0600 Report

Smoothies without protein are not in my menu. They end up with too many carbs. Are you sure your pineapple coconut water had zero carbs. Usually both have some. My coconut water has about 5 carbs for 4 oz unsweetened. Peaches may have quite a bit as well.
Also, maybe adding some real butter to your pop corn or coconut oil, quite yummy, would have helped with the rise?

For me, if I have about 15g of carb and at least 9g of fat before bed, I am finding I get better numbers in the morning.

How were your numbers the next day?

suecsdy 2015-03-06 09:54:58 -0600 Report

Yes on the pineapple-coconut water. I checked before I added it. We'll see what happens today, but I started out good. What kind of fat do you have before bed. I usually have my nuts then and think they really help with my morning numbers. If the take my nuts away, don't know what I'd do. Lol Does coconut oil really taste good on popcorn?

GabbyPA 2015-03-06 10:07:42 -0600 Report

Wow, what brand is your coconut water? I use that a lot and finding a zero carb one would be great.

Right now it's either sunflower seeds or a frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate rolled in peanuts. The latter was an accidental find, but a yummy one.

I like coconut oil in a spoon, so I might not be the right person to tell you. But if you sprinkle it with some salt, melted coconut oil and unsweetened coconut, it's very yummy. I have added crystallized ginger (just a very small amount, as it's pure candyish delight) and that combination is great. At least to my taste buds.

suecsdy 2015-03-06 10:34:56 -0600 Report

Just checked the bottle, It is actually just a flavored water, so absolutely no nutritional value at all. I picked it up cheap at Big Lots, but didn't like it on its own. Thought it might be good in a smoothie and it was Brand is Arrowhead and says limited edition, which is why it was at Big Lots in the first place…and cheap.

GabbyPA 2015-03-06 10:38:47 -0600 Report

Oh okay. No...I like the value of the coconut water, specially in the summer here. I use it instead of drinks like Gatorade, for the electrolytes.