rye bread

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I have been eating 100% whole wheat bread. I heard rye bread is better.

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Fefe12 2015-03-08 03:23:15 -0500 Report

Bread. Love it! Don't eat much of it now. Body doesn't like it. If I do eat a slice it's usually sourdough. My hamburgers are only lettuce wrapped now. Maybe one slice to make a peanut butter sandwich, my fav. But not often. I grew up with a baker. Never had store bought cookies , cakes or pies. Bread, well that was always a surprise. My favs were her cottage cheese bread, blk and green olives with anchovy butter, yumm. Oh I do miss those days! But remember them fondly.

Dok Di
Dok Di 2015-03-07 08:57:25 -0600 Report

I'm in favor of all things in moderation. I alternate healthy high fiber breads at home. My fav is German sunflower seed bread which comes packaged. If you can't get it locally, Amazon.com always has obe brand or another.

Sybursu 2015-03-05 18:57:07 -0600 Report

My cardiologist says, "Go gluten free," so I am. Wheat these days has 10X the gluten content it once did. I never eat it any longer and always check the carb count.

JoleneAL 2015-03-05 13:18:17 -0600 Report

I've just started using Rye bread. Frankly, sandwiches are the easiest for me to do for lunch at work. I can bring many different things for the sandwich and keep in our fridge here. Keeps me out of the fast food restaurants.

GabbyPA 2015-03-05 13:01:59 -0600 Report

The only way to really tell is to test and see how your body responds to it. I prefer rye over anything but pumpernickel. But now that I am not eating gluten, they are things of the past....except on rare occasions I just have to have a Ruben.

tabby9146 2015-03-05 13:48:01 -0600 Report

when I was newly diagnosed I tried rye and it was okay as far as taste, not crazy about it, but need to try it again, it has been a long time and see how I respond now. my numbers were good back then after eating it and I have always eaten 100% whole wheat bread, the lower carb kind. I did not like pumpernickel either Gabby! Oh sourdough does not make me spike much either and I like the taste of that.

haoleboy 2015-03-05 11:57:06 -0600 Report

I avoid rye bread simply because once I start I can't stop … hands down my favorite bread.
but … my experience is that rye and sourdough are "less worse" than most other breads.

jayabee52 2015-03-05 12:02:44 -0600 Report

when I was eating bread I really enjoyed Pumpernickel. It didn't seem to raise my BG as bad as even rye. But I had problems with not being able to stop with that too.

haoleboy 2015-03-05 12:58:03 -0600 Report

the ultimate Rye!
my mom's favorite sandwich was cream cheese on pumpernickel with catsup … I kid you not

MarkS 2015-03-05 12:30:22 -0600 Report

Did you know that the German etymology of pumpernickel is "devil's fart"? Just a bit of trivia.

jayabee52 2015-03-05 19:11:01 -0600 Report

LoL! Those Germans always talking about breaking wind! I studied the works of Martin Luther in grad school and he was constantly referring to farting at the Devil.

jayabee52 2015-03-05 10:06:15 -0600 Report

Howdy Fluffy
Yes rye bread is better for those with diabetes than wheat breads of any kind Look at this from whole foods ~ http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=food...

That being said, Rye does have a deleterious effect on one's BG (blood glucose) levels and for that reason I avoid consumption of all grain products in any form.

God's best to you

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-05 07:31:34 -0600 Report

From what I understand Rye bread IS better…I have heard that and read that in several different places…I never really studied why or paid much attention because I don't eat bread..replacing the wheat bread you eat with rye ( If you feel you MUST have bread)..is a good idea..but remember it is still bread..so don't eat extra just because it is rye…and make sure it is REAL rye bread. Much like other food items rye breads vary in quality .commercially produced rye breads are not always made from 100% rye flour…most of them still contain wheat..sometimes white wheat flour in higher quantities than the rye flour…

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