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I've been a diagnosed type 2 diabetic since dec of 2014. My blood sugar has always been boarder lined. My mother is a type 1 diabetic. I'm on oral meds now . I'm trying to get the eating thing down better but hey my glucose numbers are ranging 110 to , on a bad day , 280. Any advice will be much appreciated . I'm a paramedic by trade and understand the importance of taking care of myself .

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RLC33 2015-03-04 00:38:31 -0600 Report

Thanks my dr wasn't happy with my A1C initial it was 11.9 but I'm doing better just still trying to get things adjusted but thanks for the advice. I didn't know if I needed to try the Adkins diet or what

lilleyheidi 2015-03-05 04:58:18 -0600 Report

Atkins is certainly not a bad diet at all, and several members here on DC have been successful with getting the BG numbers under control as well as their weight down. There is definitely nothing wrong with it. I'm a strong supporter of anything that is lowering your carbs and increasing your protein and fat. So ya that is basically what Atkins does, but you don't have to follow atkins to do that. You can do it on your own as well. Good luck.

jayabee52 2015-03-04 13:01:10 -0600 Report

Howdy RLC
I would highly recommend Atkins meal plans as my fiancee "Valentine lady" here, has been on it for some time and has reduced her insulin injections down to once or twice a week. She does the best she can as she does not have control of her meal plans as she is in a nursing home temporarlily. She has lost 80 lbs over the time she has been on the plan.

I also follow a high protein, low carb meal plan for 3+ yrs now and I had initially lost 65 lbs,over 5 mo stopped taking my twice daily injection of NPH insulin, kept my BG (blood glucose) levels in the vicinity of 80 to 130 mg/dl and achhieved an A1c of 5.5%
I have written up that meal plan and I offer it to anyone who asks.
It has been desribed as an Atkins-like meal plan but I didn't know of Atkins when I started doing what I am doing now.

Praying you get your BG levels under better control somehow.


lilleyheidi 2015-03-04 00:35:33 -0600 Report

Welcome to DC. If your a paramedic, you already know that 280 is too high for a BG, so I sure am not going to lecture you. As far as advice I'd say you need to watch your carbs. Try to see how many carbs you eat in a day and cut that number down. 110 is great, so keep aiming for whatever your doing on those days. Stay away from sugar and processed foods, white breads, etc. You can do it. good luck on your health.

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