Do I really need to be in coma before my health provider would understand my Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes prior to dignosis?

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Thanks to all the group members, your posts and replies have been of tremendous help to me in dealing with my diagnosis. I got diagnosed after suffering from coma and dehydration, as result of untreated diabetic hyperosmolar syndrome. My blood sugar was 680mg/dl. It was a miracle that I survived. My earlier symptoms were attributed to eating order and my health care provider never cared to check my glucose until I ended up in the emergence room. For those that got diagnosed earlier, how did you get diagnosed of diabetes type one, and what were your symptoms prior to diagnose?

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Fefe12 2015-03-11 01:19:22 -0500 Report

I'm a T2, but unfortunately I also went into a coma. I was told my BG was over 1000 but I never checked the paperwork myself. Leaving that in the past. I'm blessed to be alive! Looking back the symptoms started before I went on a trip to CA. But on the trip I went to the bathroom alot, of course I was drinking alot so that's why right? Couldn't see anything when the sun started going down. That was scary but still didn't dawn on me anything was wrong. It was my glasses, right? Got sick as a dog, but i was eating at every fruitstand, washing fruit in dirty bathrooms, anyone would get sick from dirty bathrooms, right? For 2 weeks I ate 2 meals, the rest of the time was fresh fruit. I'm in CA, what else do you eat, right? Always tired, but I'm driving 1300 miles, so of course I'm tired, right? I collapsed when I got home. Was in hospital for a month. Which is why I have no issues with being a diebetic. I'm alive!!

Type1Lou 2015-03-03 07:48:29 -0600 Report

At age 27, I lost 13 pounds in two weeks (going from 120 lbs to 107 lbs), was constantly thirsty and urinating to the point where I was getting up every 5 to 10 minutes at night. I had grown up with a diabetic Dad in the 1950's-60's and he always had literature about the warning signs of diabetes, so I suspected that what I had when I saw my doctor. He did order a Glucose Tolerance Test at that time (1976). Because I was an adult, he initially tried diet and exercise but within a week or 2, I started using insulin.

gifmac 2015-03-03 15:02:38 -0600 Report

Thank you Type 1 Lou for the reply, now that I understood diabetics more, I shall be able to prevent what helped to me from happening to others.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-03-03 06:16:37 -0600 Report

Sorry things were so difficult for you..I am type 2 but my Nephew Micheal is type 1…he noticed one day while at school that his tongue and the inside of his cheeks were white..(yeast)…he is still in grade school but his mom has multiple serious medical conditions so he knew that anything out of the normal should be checked..he went to the school nurse and then to the ER where he was diagnosed…

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