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Started 2015-03-02 02:12:22 -0600

How long can am bg be wacked out, if you are sick? Is the high reading caused by the illness, or by the treatment? My numbers have been all messed up for 6 days… and my doc said, not to worry about it. I was only wondering how long this might go on for.


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RebDee 2015-03-02 18:44:37 -0600 Report

While you are sick, remember that your blood sugar will be high due to symptoms and treatment. I had a shot of cortisone on Thursday and still today my BS is high (caused by the cortisone). I expected it as did my doctor.

Type1Lou 2015-03-02 11:41:31 -0600 Report

Most illnesses will cause your blood sugars to be higher. There are also some medications that cause BG spikes. Make certain you stay hydrated and drink lots and lots of water…it'll help flush some of the sugar out of your system. If you're suffering from a cold, try to get sugar-free cough syrups or cough drops so you're not adding sugar to an already stressed condition. Hope you feel better soon!

??SCARED?? 2015-03-02 10:15:18 -0600 Report

I hope you feel better. Im new to having diabetes, still on no medicine. Twin Lakes just sent me a thingy to take my blood, but I don't know what's high? Would you happen to know the numbers?

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-02 22:26:01 -0600 Report

Hi scared,
Normal blood glucose ( bg ) runs from 70 to 130. Your "thingy" is called a glucomidor I''m not for sure on the spelling but this is close. Hugs, VL

??SCARED?? 2015-03-03 07:44:06 -0600 Report

Thanks Ms. Valentine. My name is Kara. I appreciate your answer. My BG is a lot higher 230 2 days ago. I'm afraid to take it again. I know I should, but a PA here in Texas said she wants me to take it once a day, but she didn't tell me that she told Twin Lakes that. So should I take it before I eat, or after? Also what kind of fruit can I eat? Still no medicine!

GabbyPA 2015-03-03 08:52:32 -0600 Report

Once a day really doesn't help much. If you take it first thing in the morning before you eat anything that is good. Then at the very least, take it before you go to bed. I try for 3-5 times a day.

Here is a goal to look into. If you are having high numbers. If you test before a meal then about 2 hours after, if your meal causes a 40 or less rise, then you have a good meal. So as you keep working to get your numbers lower, this is a good guide to keep in mind.

??SCARED?? 2015-03-03 09:13:37 -0600 Report

Thank you so much. Do you know if I can eat brown rice? Or what fruit I can eat? What do people that have diabetes eat for a side meal with their dinner, besides the meat and salad?

handmashed 2015-03-05 01:01:53 -0600 Report

Mashed Cauliflower, or Mashed Parsnips can give you that 3rd item, and look like the potatoes you are used to seeing!! I had a really hard time with that "blank" spot on my plate, UNTIL I switched to smaller plates. My goal in this journey is to reverse the type 2 process, each of us here has a different goal, having each other to motivate, encourage and stimulate thoughts means we aren't alone!! I highly recommend the recipes here, they are AMAZING!! As are your new friends. Welcome!!

GabbyPA 2015-03-03 09:47:21 -0600 Report

I don't put a starch on my plate anymore. It was a hard habit to break, but none of the ones I put on the plate helped me.

So now my plates are protein, veggie or salad. Seeing only two things on the plate took some getting used to.

As far as what you can eat, that is where you test after a meal to see what happens to your glucose. If you get a huge rise in your numbers, you have to look at the meal and re-evaluate either what you ate or how much. It takes time to figure those things out. That is why keeping a food diary really helps.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-02 03:27:55 -0600 Report

Hi Debs,

Although you didn't' mention if your still ill or how "messed up" your bg is. Is it up or down ? You did say your dr. said not to worry about this. So I can only assume your still ill. In which case it can stay " messed " upper the duration of your illness. The illness itself can cause your bg to be high. But if your on antibiotics or cold medication that for sure will up or in some cases bring down your bg. That goes on for as long as your on medication. Hope your feeling better. Hugs, VL

handmashed 2015-03-02 18:26:36 -0600 Report

I am on antibiotics and decongestants and ibuprofen. I should have explained what I meant when I said Messed up… greater than 20% increase in bg. SO FRUSTRATING!! Being sick is hard enough, never mind having such high numbers again. darn

GabbyPA 2015-03-03 08:53:47 -0600 Report

At least you know what the cause is. Something that can help it taking in some extra fluids.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-03-02 22:17:02 -0600 Report

Hi Debs,
Yeah girl your high due to what your taking. Not to worry. Its nothing your doing on purpose to cause your bg to go wacko. Its. not your fault. Don' t get so discouraged. You' ll be fine. Hugs, VL

handmashed 2015-03-03 02:25:54 -0600 Report

VL… somehow you always find just the right words to help me thru.. I am so thankful for your friendship.

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