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Is anybody here using the insulin pump?

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Dan K.
Dan K. 2015-02-27 13:49:29 -0600 Report

Is a pump necessary for type 2?

marysuya 2015-02-27 17:11:27 -0600 Report

Hi Dan, the reason why my Dr. told me about the pump, was because I was not doing my insulin shots how I was suppose to. You should ask your Dr. my readings were always over 250

jayabee52 2015-02-26 18:37:54 -0600 Report

Howdy Mary
I do not but there are several here who do.
There are a lot of T 1s who use the pump.

Did you have a particular question about the use of the pump or anything else about them?

God's best to you

marysuya 2015-02-26 19:04:05 -0600 Report

Hi James. Thanks for adding me as a friend, I really want to know more, I do have a mentor, but I wan people to tell me more. I am having a hard time counting carbs, I am new in this of counting carbs, And I don't know if I am doing it right. How much you know about counting carbs? Thanks

jayabee52 2015-02-26 19:50:23 -0600 Report

Howdy Mary

There's a lot of discussion on DC re: carb counting. Here is a page with a lot of links from DC on it. ~ Happy hunting.

Here's an artiicle from Lilly corp which gives the basics ~
If you'd like a video on the subject ~

I pray this is helpful to you

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