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Cat Weaver
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After my release from the hospital after being admited DKA and my diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetie my instructions were to monitor my blood glucose levels and take insulin to correct as well as a Long acting Insulin twice a day… my concern is I was never told to or told about Ac1 levels. I have never tested this at home and have no idea what my levels are or what they were when I was in the hospital. Should I be worried about this? How often should this be tested and should I say something to the hospital about them not mentioning this? Very confused and worried about this as so many people talk about their levels and so many websites/news articles/ logbooks mention it, Please I'd like to hear what your opinions on this matter are!

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Cat Weaver
Cat Weaver 2015-02-27 15:25:50 -0600 Report

so my doctor got did my AC1 yeasterday I don't have the results yet but she said she couldn't find it in my hospital records… kinda annoys me but I can't change it, thank you all for the information!!

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jayabee52 2015-02-26 14:28:55 -0600 Report

Howdy Cat
I don't beleve that A1cs are done in the hospital (unless a Dr orders one) Usually such a test is left for your regular Dr (or Endo) to do.

God's best to you

Type1Lou 2015-02-26 09:01:20 -0600 Report

My endo requests an HbA1c blood test every 3 months. The HbA1c gives him a reading of my average blood glucose over the past 2 to 3 months, making it impossible for us to fool our doctors or ourselves that we might be in better control. I don't feel the need to home-test it but I do test my BG on average 8X daily. A good book to learn more about managing diabetes with insulin is Gary Scheiner's "Think Like a Pancreas". He has a chart in it, indicating what the HbA1c translates to in average blood glucose levels. For example, my last A1c was 6.9 which means my BG averaged about 150 mg/dl (or 8.3mmol) over the past 3 months. I have room for improvement but I'm happy to still be under 7.0. I keep copies of all of my blood work and track my HbA1c's. Ask your doctor whether he/she will be requesting any HbA1c results at your next appointment ..I can't imagine that they wouldn't…and ask for a copy of the results of any blood work that is done on you.

sweetslover 2015-02-25 21:27:09 -0600 Report

You can check your BG levels at home, but your A1C is done by a lab. Your BG that you check at home shows what your sugar levels are at that point in time. Your A1C gives you an average of what your glucose levels are over approximately 3 months. Check with your Dr. to find out what your current A1C is and also ask him what he would like your A1C to be. This will give you a goal to work toward. Your A1C is important because it gives you a true picture of how well you are controlling your levels over a period of time, not just for 1 day. Normally, your doctor would check it every 3 to 6 months, depending on how well you are doing.

RebDee 2015-02-25 17:49:31 -0600 Report

Cat: Ask your doctor what your A1c levels were while hospitalized and how often he/she wants you to be checked for A1c. This is not an at home test. I am tested every three months. Meanwhile, I take my blood sugar via meter before and after meals and snacks.